Tips For Intranet Content Management

June 5, 2020

Internal intranet software helps in creating a secure and easily manageable and accessible intranet. This software makes the intranet accessible to both the in-house team and employees of the organization working remotely. It establishes smooth communication and makes it easy to collaborate on projects even when you have a scattered workforce. Your employees can easily share information and files in different formats.

The content management system is one of the best components of the internal intranet software. You can publish content to keep your employees informed, educate and even train them. Even employees can create and share their own content. 

If you want to make the best use of this component, here are some tips to manage intranet content.

Understanding The Life Cycle for Intranet Content Management

You have to understand the lifecycle of the content. A piece of information may become outdated with time. There is no benefit of keeping irrelevant content. Each type of intranet content follows the same path:

  • First of all, content is planned, created and approved.
  • After approval, the content is published and meta data is added.
  • In the final step, the content is reviewed to determine if it should be further updated or deleted.

Content Creation Strategy and General Guidelines

You have to create a strategy to create, optimize, publish, update and delete content. What kind of strategy will work for you? It depends on your goal of intranet content creation. Content creation strategy and guidelines make sure that employees are making productive use of the tool.

Selecting Community Managers

You need to select community managers to run the internal intranet software smoothly. Choose a group of people from among your social communities to manage content creation. They can play an important role in creating content strategy and guidelines. You can spread the important task of content management among community managers. They can also educate the other intranet users on content creation strategies and guidelines and the use of the intranet.

Keeping an Eye

Social intranet can become the backbone of efficient employee communication. You can reap the benefits of the intranet solution only when there is smooth communication between employees, community managers and the higher-ups. Community managers have to communicate on a regular basis to discuss the current situation of the internal intranet software. It helps to make sure that everything is going in the right direction. You can choose different mediums to communicate such as one-on-one communication, meeting as a group in the office or communicate through your intranet’s discussion platform.

Training Employees

You need to arrange quick training sessions to make the employees familiar with the process.

  • How can they access content?
  • How can they create and share content?
  • How can they optimize it and make it easily discoverable? 

Training sessions can boost confidence of your employees and increase intranet awareness. These sessions can be carried out in a physical office or remotely using mediums like video conferencing and screen sharing.

Making content Discoverable

The intranet software solution also allows the user to tag content that has been created. Using tags and optimizing it using keywords make the content discoverable.

Evaluating Content Management

It is necessary to evaluate and review your progress to make sure that the internal intranet software is serving the intended purpose. Evaluate the process of content creation, publishing and management. You can delete the content that you find irrelevant after evaluation. This makes it possible to get a better view of the health of your intranet. This also identifies the important changes you should make in intranet content management. 

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