4 smart ways to buy the air switch for a garbage disposal

July 17, 2020

Garbage disposal air switch is a simple to use part that you can easily turn on and off after every use. These are highly popular in households and almost every family that owns a garbage disposal has an air switch. The product is simple to install and use. The air switches are generally compatible with almost every garbage disposal model. However, it would still be wise to check your model and its compatibility with an air switch.

The basic purpose of an air switch is to easily switch on and off your garbage disposer. Instead of the electricity, it uses the air pressure to activate your disposer. One of the major reasons why people prefer an air switch over electric switch is the easy method of installation that skips wall mounting and drilling work. 

4 smart ways to buy the air switch

1. Installation method:

One convenient way to buy an air switch is to check the installation method. If the switch is easy to mount and setup, your job of selecting that piece becomes easy. You certainly wish to stay away from those messy cables and wires on the cabinet or mount wall. One of the smart ways to buy is to check the installation method online and choose the easiest one accordingly.

2. Usage:

Check the number of times you would use the garbage disposal unit and how many times the switch would be used to switch on your disposer. It is important to know the level of usage so that you pick an air switch accordingly. Once you have the usage clear in your mind, it would be easier to select the model in air switches for your garbage disposal.

3. Safety standards:

Air switches provide safety standards so it would be good to check the safety standards of your air switch before buying it. Most air switches use air pressure only and thus, there are limited risks of electric shock. As a result, it reduces the risk of short circuits and shocks in your home.

4. Push button:

There are varieties of push buttons available for air switches. These also come in various colours to match your kitchen interiors. Some of the major brands sold in air switches are, Cleesink, Geyser, Insinkerator, NorthStar, and more… You may choose based on your needs and style. Similarly, there are various other features that you may wish to look at the time of purchase.

5. Budget:

Another smarter way would be to have a set budget to shed on the air switch check. You certainly don’t wish to go for a pricey brand if your disposer is a basic unit. Check this article for variants in prices and choose the most feasible that works along with your unit. Some products offer you warranty on the switch. The best advice would be to check all the models online, compare their features, check the price for all, and choose the one that fits your requirements. 

Do not miss to check the customer ratings and reviews of the air switch model that you like. It may help you take a rational decision.

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