What Are The Best DNA Testing Companies

July 27, 2020

Many people are interested in the ancestry of their family and where they come from. As everybody knows, all of this data is registered in the fundamental substance in your body called DNA, which is a shortening for Deoxyribonucleic Acid. The way you look, the way you smile, the way you move, this is all registered in the DNA, and it comes as no surprise that people want to explore this field of biology to discover something unknown about themselves. There are even smartphone apps that help you determine what genes you have and their origin. To discover something you did not know about it, medicine uses DNA kits and once you do them, you will get more information from your DNA.

There are specific kits depending on what you want to learn from the test. There are ancestry-focused kits, DNA kits that help you learn about your health status and your predisposition to develop some diseases. By learning more about your health, you can adapt your lifestyle to avoid situations when you can develop these diseases. What follows are some of the best kits, the most reliable and the easiest to use that are the creation of some of the best DNA test companies.

My Heritage/AncestryDNA Are Tied

My Heritage’s kit completes the list as the most affordable option. It will not cost you more than 20 bucks. The value of it surpasses the expectations. This test gives you access to all data related to your DNA. However, it focuses on two things: your ancestry and shared genetics. The first focuses more on the ethnic background, while the second is more about locating your relatives. Thanks to the data results from this kit, you can connect with some distant relatives.

Ancestry DNA is a bit more expensive than My Heritage, but their database is far bigger than My Heritage’s. Over 15 million users are included in their network, so if your goal is to match as many relatives as possible, Ancestry DNA is a clear choice. Their privacy and security are also a bit more reliable than My Heritage. 

But, there are some areas in which My Heritage comes in first and due to the close results, we cannot choose a winner in this section. It all depends on your individual opinion. Luckily, we found a good My Heritage Vs Ancestry DNA comparison article which deserves a read if you want to learn more about both of these DNA testing companies. 

23andMe DNA Ancestry +Health Kit

There are two options for this kit that costs 100 and 200 hundred dollars. However, for a detailed health report, you will need to pay the more expensive version. When it comes to the health report, it can be very beneficial because it will help you learn about the predisposition of developing such diseases. Using this kit you can also learn about the genes that you have and how you can pass diseases to other people, which is very important when planning a family. Interestingly enough, spitting saliva into a tube will make you learn how much Neanderthal DNA you have in yourself. When the whole family does this kit, you can all learn each other how much of the same DNA you share. 

STK Paternity Test

When it comes to home paternity, this DNA kit is the best option. You can take this test in the comfort of your own home. Using this kit you can determine the paternity of a child within a day. It is a discreet system with fast results. Given the fact that this kit is very easy to use, you will not have any trouble getting fair results in a short amount of time. Getting paternity results takes less than a week and it only requires a swab of the children’s or parent’s cheek. According to the company’s info, customers get the result within 3 to 5 business days. The accuracy level will get you surprised — it is 99,999%.

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