Five Tips To Know Before Buying A Pressure Washer

September 25, 2020

The use of a pressure washer is becoming common. It helps you in maintaining and cleaning your home, car, garden, and much more equipment.

The quality of the pressure washer has increased with the affordable price. If you need to clean dirt, oil, algae, and grim quickly, effectively, and efficiently, buying the best pressure washer is the solution. If your time is precious, the pressure washer is best to help you in minimizing the time of your cleaning. But if you choose the wrong machine, you will be frustrated with a lot of wastage of time and money. If you will use it just once, it is advisable for you to rent pressure washers from sites like Hotsy Equipment Company. In this case, you won’t need to spare a space where it will be stored and you won’t need to maintain it. Here we are giving you some useful tips that you should know before buying a pressure washer.

  • Electric washer or gas washer

Electric pressure washer and gas pressure washer both pressurize water differently. Gas washers are usually louder and higher power whereas the electric pressure washer is quiet and low power. If you need to use it for indoor use, an electric pressure washer is suitable as it is quite also compact and portable. But if you have a larger area like driveways or deck then a gas pressure washer is best. A gas pressure washer is a little more maintenance and more cost to operate than an electric pressure washer. 

  • Hot water or cold water

Consider your sort of cleaning. If you want to clean dirt then select a cold water washer, but if your cleaning includes oil or grease then cold water washer is useless for you, no matter how many detergents or soap you use, it is all useless. Because, in oil or grease, soap does not work properly, only warm water can tide it up. Warm water washer can be cleaned primarily because it uses warm water. A Coldwater washer is less complicated than a warm water washer. It is portable. If you are a homeowner you should go with a cold water washer because it more relies on the pressure of water. Another benefit of a warm water washer is that it takes less soap and also it sanitizes much better than cold water. Warm water washer is generally used for a larger area such as industry or farm.

  • Portability 

The main thing you should consider is portability. The washer you choose is how much portable to you is the most important. If you choose a washer such that it is not portable to you, it becomes frustrating for you. First, check the surrounding wheels, it can be easily stored, and the most beneficial thing of portability is you can move it where you want also in traveling. You can clean the outdoor equipment also. If you have a natural gas source, then the gas pressure washer with permanent installment is better for you, it can also be effective in the cost also you will be freeing from refilling the burner again.

  • Power capacity

The power capacity is another main thing, you should consider before buying a washer. It tells you how much fast and efficiently your pressure washer does work. It comprises the following three units. 

  • The pressure generated by a pressure washer is measured in pounds per square unit (PSI).
  • The water volume produced by a pressure washer is measured in gallons per meter (GPM).
  • The cleaning power unit (CU) generally quantifies the ability of the washer. It is measured by multiplying PSI to GPM.

People mostly think that high PSI is better for them, but the fact is that the higher CU washer is more efficient for work. CU is the best unit for checking the ability of the washer. 

  • Warranty

Now another thing to consider is the warranty. You should see properly what warranty is providing the company. Most companies give the warranty of the body and other parts rather than engines and pumps. So, you should select the washer that has the engine and pump warranty.

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