Tools Needed To Change A Battery

December 29, 2020

So, you try to use your keyless car remote to start your vehicle, only for nothing to happen. After poking around a bit, you discover that your battery is dead and you need to install a new one. Fortunately, you can replace a car battery quite easily if you have the right tools. However, if you would prefer not to change your own battery, there are services like DingGo that can find someone else to do it for cheap. Nonetheless, if you decide to replace it yourself the following are the steps you should follow:

How Ro Remove Old Car Battery?

While you can bring your car to a shop for assistance with battery replacement, you may run into issues if your car will not start. The good news is, removing a car battery is something any vehicle owner can do with a little know-how. In fact, here is how to remove an old car battery in six steps.

  • Gather Your Tools

A few bolts need to be loosened before you can remove the battery, so make sure you have wrenches on-hand. There is also a risk of contact with acid if the battery is damaged, so you also want to get protective gear. Fortunately, you can get googles and face masks at AutoZone.

  • Make Sure Your Vehicle Is Off

If your vehicle is running, electricity will be flowing through the cables connecting the battery to the car. To ensure your safety, make sure the vehicle is off before you start poking around under the hood.

  • Open The Hood

Now that you are sure the car is off, go ahead and lift up the hood. Different models have the battery in different places, so you may have to look around to locate it. You can also consult your owner’s manual.

  • Take A Look At The Battery

Now that you have found the battery, take a look to determine if it is damaged. If the casing is cracked or warped, there may be leaking acid, which requires careful cleanup. You also want to identify which terminal is positive and which is negative. These are indicated with a plus and minus sign, respectively.

  • Unbolt The Cables

The connective cables are bolted to the battery, so you will have to remove them using your wrenches. To prevent damage to your car’s electrical system, make sure your wrench only touches one terminal at a time. To ensure you don’t accidently connect the circuit, don’t leave the wrench sitting on the battery, but instead place your tool on the ground when you’re done.

  • Remove The Securing Clamp

Many batteries have a securing clamp to keep them in place. You can easily remove this with a socket wrench. Once the battery is free, you can lift it out of the tray. Now that the old battery is out of your vehicle, you can drop it off at a designated recycling center or at a store that has a battery recycling program.

Which Battery Terminal To Take Off First?

Because you are dealing with a circuit, it is important to remove the cables in order. Start with the negative cable and make sure you actually remove it — not just loosen the bolt — before working on the positive cable.

Now that you gave removed the old battery, where can you get a new one? You can purchase many things, from a lead-acid car battery to a car remote battery, at your local automotive parts store.

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