Most Commonly Asked Questions About A Cybersecurity Career

February 26, 2021

Cyber security has become all the rage today. A lot of students are contemplating a career path in this field because of the extremely high promises offered by this profession. Cutting straight to the chase, there are hundreds of questions that go around in the mind of a cyber security enthusiast who has their eyes set on a CEH course or a network security course. Below are the most commonly asked questions about this field and their answers:

1How many disciplines does cybersecurity have?

Cybersecurity has a lot of different areas because security is a multi-layered process. You can roughly categorize the entire field in three major disciplines that are defensive, offensive, and forensic cyber security. While defensive cyber security contains things like network defense, mobile application security and web application defense, offensive security deals with ethical hacking, penetration testing, and so on. Lastly, forensic cyber security has to do with post-attack scenarios for example incident handling or forensic investigations.

2. What is the future scope?

The future of cyber security is quite bright and promising. There are millions of cyber security vacancies unfilled around the world and they will remain so for years to come. So, from an employment perspective, cybersecurity professionals can expect a wide-open scope that will not disappoint them, unlike other jobs.

3. What is the way to go?

To become a cybersecurity professional, you need to enrol for a course like an ethical hacking course, for example, and then pass an exam that will get you your cyber security certification in the field of your choice. After that, you can become an official professional cyber security professional ready to work in the industry of your choice, anywhere in the world.

4. How hard is it to learn cybersecurity?

The field of cyber security is pretty technical but anyone with a good technical aptitude can excel in this field if they enjoy learning new things and staying on top of industry trends. Learning computer languages or how networks and websites work at the backend is not rocket science and with the help of the right mentors, these things can be easily understood at a fundamental level.

5. Will they ever run out of a job?

Even if the technology landscape becomes super futuristic with time, we can be sure of one thing and that is: cyber security professionals will not be running out of a job. As long as digital technology exists and humans are making them, they will always have loopholes and will need to be protected from the evil elements of society and that is why we will never stop needing information security professionals. In fact, in the coming future, as we become more and more dependent on, integrated with and surrounded by technology, cybersecurity will become an even highly demanded profession than it is now.

6. What are the perks in a cybersecurity career?

From amazing salary packages to growing employment demand and crazy job satisfaction, the perks in a cyber security career are practically endless. You get to upgrade your skills from time to time and work in an extremely exciting environment every single day.

Hopefully, the major questions have been answered to your satisfaction in this article. However, if there are still any more questions in your head then don’t wait to do a quick search on the Internet and find out as much as you can about this golden field. You can also read some studies and surveys that have been conducted by experts to understand where the future of cyber security is headed and how it looks like in the present. If you got anything of value from this article, then don’t forget to share the information with your friends and peers who might be looking out for similar career advice.

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