10 tips for taking photos with your phone that you must know

June 14, 2021

Taking photos on smartphones has now become so easy when you just need to pick up the phone and press capture. But how to make your photos more beautiful, more alive, let’s learn with us today to learn android tips 10 photography tips on phones that you must know.

Over the past few years, phone camera technology has improved dramatically thanks to better sensors and smarter image processing. However, having a great travel camera is only one part, wanting a beautiful photo is the rest is up to the skill of the photographer. So let’s take a look at a few smartphone photography tips you should know. Also, find some great ways to save your money when shopping for devices to serve your photography passion

  1. Simple scene selection

When you take a photo, you will definitely aim for your subject and focus on it no matter what the scene. But the camera doesn’t, it captures everything. And if you don’t want the viewer to not understand what you want to capture or want to emphasize, cut out what’s superfluous in your scene and shoot.

Photography tips:

Bring the camera closer to capture wide scenes.

If it’s still life, remove extraneous objects.

  1. Fill in the gaps in the frame

This is a very common mistake that many people make and even myself. This comes from when you take a photo that leaves a rather large gap to one side or around, making the viewer feel confused as well.

Photography tips:

Bring the camera or the object or subject closer to capture.

Align the subject or subject to the center of the frame.

  1. Change the aspect ratio

It’s boring if your photos are still only in the familiar 4:3 aspect ratio. Try switching to a square photo with a 1:1 aspect ratio or a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio. Changing the aspect ratio will stimulate your creativity a lot.

Photography tips:

Adjust the aspect ratio in the settings in the camera app.

  1. Stay away from the center of the frame

This is a more advanced shooting rule when you are used to shooting conditions that bring the subject into the center of the scene. Putting the subject or object out of the center of the frame creates photos with more depth. However, taking such pictures you need time to practice requires you to have a better sense than closing your eyes and taking pictures.

Photography tips:

Just move the subject or object out of the center of the frame.

Choose the shooting angle, lighting conditions, surrounding scenery, etc. to best suit.

  1. Take advantage of the available guides

These guides can be railway tracks, fences, etc., and can also be curved or straight depending on the scene. Utilizing these lines will help direct the viewer’s view of a subject or object that you want to highlight. Or simply these parallel lines will give your photo more depth.

Photography tips:

Find the right camera angle to take advantage of parallel guides so that they converge on the subject or object.

  1. Take advantage of diagonal lines

Like above, we use straight paths, but this rule will be the same as the higher difficulty version of the above rule. The use of horizontal lines will make the image more stable, create a sense of certainty, etc. But if you turn them into diagonal lines, it will give a feeling of something loose, dangerous, or strong. stronger.

Photography tips:

Take advantage of straight lines and choose the right camera angle.

You can tilt the camera to take pictures if necessary.

  1. Leave some space

This rule is for you to capture moving objects. Of course, we will have to guess the direction of the object or subject and leave a little space before shooting so that when shooting, the object or subject is in the middle of the frame at the same time.

Photography tips:

Lock focus manually before shooting.

Adjust the shutter speed faster if necessary.

  1. Control the background

With smartphones that cannot remove fonts, background control becomes more important than ever. And no matter how good your device is to remove the font, you should also pay attention to the arrangement of your background.

The background here is the background behind the subject or object of the photo. If you do not control the background well, the photos you take can confuse, even confusion for the viewer. But if you know how to take advantage of the shooting angle, even the most seemingly ugly backgrounds can still create masterpieces.

Photography tips:

Change the shooting angle until you find the right angle.

Swap, align the object or subject to suit the desired shooting angle selected above.

  1. Get creative with color

It’s not just about mixing light and dark to create color contrast, you can also choose to mix colors with the same tone for your photo, etc. There are countless different color schemes to help your photos become beautiful. than.

Photography tips:

Try to be creative with the colors you have.

  1. Break the rules

Rules are necessary to help you perfect the skills you do not have, but when you have enough skills, they are the ones that hinder your creativity. Let your imagination fly further.

Photography tips:

Simply put, rules aside and leave the stage for creativity.

One of the ways that you can make your photos better is by using phones with good photography capabilities. Smartphones of different brands will bring different experiences, also with different prices.

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Above is an article with 10 tips for taking photos on your phone that you must know. Wish you will take beautiful pictures like that and choose to buy the supporting equipment at the best price. Don’t forget to share the article with your friends to practice together!


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