Kimberly Dalius – Success Coach

June 28, 2021
Kimberly Dalius

Kimberly Dalius

Eric and his beautiful wife Kimberly Dalius live together in Miami Beach 

Kimberly Dalius is a pioneer and consultant in all of her fields. She has worked in many specialties and has excelled and thrived in each of them. Kim is a health care professional, having obtained her MS in School and Mental Health Counseling from the University of Pennsylvania (2012).


Kim joined Albright College as an Academic Advisor after she got her MA from the University of Pennsylvania. She cooperated with many undergraduate students through this role. In 2012, Daliusbeganher runs at Pre Inc. as an executive coach. She offered life coaching and counseling classes to high-ranking colleagues and staff. Her objective was to increase the efficiency of the staff at Pre Inc., as well as their capacity to relate to/maintain relationships with clients and associates. Discontinued her work as an independent consultant through 2015. Kimcreateduseful tools meant to help entrepreneurs boost their motivation and productivity.  


From 2016 to 2021, Kimberly Dalius worked as a mindfulness/wellness advisor at Resoltz(located in the San Francisco Bay Area). Her job was to deliver coaching in success through a virtual platform to hundreds of students at Princeton University. Her class concentrates on initiating exercises that stimulated mindfulness to boost student’s kindheartedness. It also offered students ways to moderate stress and increase satisfaction.


Kim joined the KABC 790AM station as of 2018 in Los Angeles, California. Her role there mainly entailed working with two hosts at a radio-based talk show that focused on sports. She helped the hosts of the show track sponsorships, strategize for events, and advance approaches to deliver better marketing.


Darius has worked as a coach since 2018 at the Caruso Catholic Center(located at the University of Southern California). At USC in Los Angeles, she provides one-on-one coaching while also fostering group discussions for students and general attendees. She also developed a “Coaches Corner” – the first of its kind. The approach was intended to create role-playing situations. In these situations, college life is reenacted to imitate a life experienced with struggles like anxiety and depression to prepare attendees to face challenges in their daily lives.


Kim has served as an academic advisor for the Hospitality Center/Culinary Institute at Miami Dade College since 2019, and she even leads virtual learning for The Hospitality Club. She works collaboratively with students to provide hospitality industry resources to the greater student body.


As of 2015, Kimberlyfounded Mental Minutes Success Coaching. Through this endeavor, Success Coachingassistscustomersin managing their daily lives while dealing with any pressures and transitions that come up. At the commencement of 2020, Mental Minutes began developing two different apps. The first; an app to support the successful task completion of its audience. The second; a subscription-based app made to connect clients to coaches.


Daliusalso works with the Miami, Florida startup MuzicSwipe. Through this role, she organizes the weekly Muzic Mindset program, which is presented to the Clubhouse platform. She also collaborates with artists to help them pursue practices like sustainable mindfulness, and integrity, and accountability.

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