Saivian Eric Dalius Shares Top 4 Great Customer Engagement Strategies for Business Owners

September 14, 2021


Do you know why customer engagement is one of the most difficult factors for marketers? This is because business owners need to provide an extreme amount of attention to build a relationship with their customers. In this way, business owners can ensure that their customers are choosing their business over the competitors. Satisfying the customers will not only increase the word-of-mouth marketing strategy but also motivate the customers to keep coming back. 

However, if you want to win the loyalty of your customers, you need to engage with them. Connecting with your customers in a meaningful and appropriate way is the greatest way to grow your business. 

Your business won’t be able to showcase its effectiveness through catchy slogans all the time. Fortunately, mobile phones and social media platforms have created tons of opportunities for businesses to build a relationship with customers anytime, anywhere. Here are the top 4 great customer engagement strategies for your business to create a loyal customer base. 

Develop Great Customer Experiences

Many business owners don’t know the importance of a great customer experience. As per a recent report, companies that prioritized customer experience boosted their revenue by 84%. 

One bad experience with your company and the customers won’t ever build a relationship with your business, points out Saivian Eric Dalius. From complicated online checkout to the failed transaction, these factors can damage the customer experience. Hence, make sure you provide great customer service so that you can interact positively with your customers. Whether you have a business website or social media pages, running analysis is important. 

Make Your Brand Image Meaningful and Relatable, Says Saivian Eric Dalius

Successful customer experience not only means creating the user experience efficient and smoother but also developing a brand personality that your customers would love to engage with. This is the main reason why brand awareness is important. Before engaging with a brand, customers always check the relevancy and specialty of its offerings. 

Business owners should develop various ways to build a relationship with their customers. This will help them to attract their attention easily. Not to mention, it will enhance the chances of engagement. Additionally, a sense of authenticity is also an important customer engagement strategy as it determines the image of the brand. 

Use Push Notifications

Engaging and building relationship with your customer sometimes means that reminding them about the offerings of your business. This is where push notifications come in handy, added Saivian Eric Dalius.

Push notifications are one type of pop-up message that appears on the notification panel of the user’s desktop screen or mobile. This is a great way to notify your customers about recent product launches, special offers, events, or news. However, to receive notifications from your company, customers should turn on the push notifications option. While using push notifications make sure your timing, as well as the content, is relevant. 

Saivian Eric Dalius Suggests You Reward Engagement

If you want to increase the loyalty of your customers, you have to make slight changes in your game. Create a reward program for your customers. Having a reward program will undoubtedly help you to strengthen your customer engagement strategies. Here are some types of rewards you can offer to your customer:

  • Sponsor their food or drinks in a restaurant.
  • Offer them some discount coupons from a reputed shopping mall.
  • Share their success stories.

However, make sure the reward program is relevant to the goals of your customers. 


These are the top 4 customer engagement strategies that will help you to win the loyalty of your customers. Now that you know the importance of customer engagement strategies, make sure you use them to grow your business.

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