How to Choose Garden Furniture for your Home

September 18, 2021

Choosing your garden furniture is an important task that needs to be done with a lot of thought and care. There is no impulse buying of a couple of daybeds and relaxed bean bags and placing them in random spots in your outdoor space. During the warmer months of the year, your garden becomes a place to host family and friends for long lunches, a place to relax while you bask in the sun and make plenty of memories. As such, you’re going to need to put in some thought into how you want to turn your outdoor space into your own joyful oasis. It’s important that you pick pieces of garden furniture that suit the available space, whether that be a city balcony, a walled terrace or a sprawling country garden. A small city balcony is no excuse to fall back when trying to explain why you’ve left it to wilt. Even the smallest outdoor spaces are worthy of stylish furnishings. 

In this blog, we’ll take you through a garden journey to hopefully inspire you to create your own outdoor oasis. Let’s face it, being in lockdown is the perfect opportunity to create a mood board and let your creative juices flow and start a new project! Let’s dive in. 

Garden Furniture for your Balcony

While living in the city comes with many perks, it usually means compromising on your outdoor space. If you’re blessed with a city apartment that has a balcony, it’s crucial that you take advantage of this. Foldable and stackable garden furniture is a creative solution to spatial shortcomings. A cute table and a couple of chairs can do the trick, providing you with the perfect space to sit and enjoy a summer cocktail in the sun after a long day of work. On the other hand, if you don’t have space for this, don’t give up yet, we’ve got another solution for you. A comfortable armchair in the corner or even a hanging swing chair can create the ultimate oasis to curl up with a good book and unwind. 

Also, don’t forget to make the most of your walls. You can add plenty of greenery to give it that magical feeling. Adding greenery will also make your small outdoor space look that much more welcoming and create a lush-looking focal point. 

Furnishing Your Small Terrace Garden

If you’ve ever walked past a Victorian terrace house or lived in one, it’s most likely you are familiar with their gloomy gardens and neglected side alley that runs alongside the house. Victorian terrace houses are so full of character but it’s often that the same can’t be said for their gardens, which is unfortunate. All you need to transform your garden is a little imagination and some classic garden furniture. Thinking of your garden space, you want to ensure every inch of space is used efficiently; modular garden furniture is perfect for this. You can add a sofa under that beautiful lemon tree and a combination of side tables and ottomans for extra surfaces. You could even place a main large dining table down the middle and extra seating around the sides. All of a sudden you have the dream entertaining space where countless memories will be created. 

Once again, don’t forget about greenery! Greenery can help create a sense of privacy and enhance the feel and look of your garden. 

Garden Furniture for your Country Cottage

Sometimes it may be hard to describe but once we close our eyes and imagine the classic outdoor country cottage it immediately brings feelings of joy and happiness. You’re probably imagining an overgrown garden filled with colourful wildflowers that create a haven for wildlife. They’re romantic, poetic and whimsical spaces. Hence, this kind of place requires furniture that complements the lush natural surroundings. Think of it as the garden as the star and the furniture as the audience. 

In this instance, natural materials such as stone or wood should be your go to options as they will blend in with the natural surroundings. Plus, they look even better as they age, giving it that fairy-tale kind of vibe. A metal garden bench underneath a weathered patina provides a picturesque spot for losing yourself in your favourite book. 

We hope this blog has provided you with inspiration to transform your outdoor living space and turn it into something beautiful. 

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