A Complete Toy Safety Checklist For Newborns

October 29, 2021

Newborns are complex to handle and manage. On the surface, it seems that they need nothing more than feeding and diaper-changing. But you have to invest every waking moment looking after them and tending to their needs. At times, you may feel overwhelmed with love. On other occasions, their crankiness can irritate you. But in the end, you will always enjoy every moment you spend with your bundle of joy. While you must give them the best, safety should be your top concern. It becomes even more crucial as you choose toys for your little one. Here is a complete safety checklist you can rely on. 

Think age-appropriate 

When it comes to toy safety, picking age-appropriate ones does half the work. For a newborn, choose the simplest one because it will be the safest. Lights, colors, and sounds are enough to keep them engaged. Steer clear of extra features because the baby will not notice them anyway. As the baby grows, you can try different activities and options. Consider factors like skills, interests, and abilities to introduce more advanced options for them. 

Consider the size 

Another factor you must consider from a safety perspective is the size of the toy. As a rule, you must pick only ones bigger than the newborn’s mouth. Follow the rule even for toddlers because little ones have a knack for tasting everything they can. If the toys comprise smaller parts, check the size of every single one and ensure that it would not fit into the child’s mouth. Think big, and you can keep them safe from choking hazards.

Prioritize quality 

Quality is paramount when you choose toys for your little one. After all, you will want only the best for them, even if it means that you have to spend a little more. Be extra conscious while selecting baby activity toys and stick with the best brands. Check its edges, detachable parts, loose threads, or anything that seems like a potential hazard. For stuffed toys, ensure that their sews and seams are secure. 

Pick lightweight options

Lightweight toys make the best options for tiny tots because there is hardly a chance of getting hurt with them. Even if the kid drops the toy on their hand or feet, injury is not a reason to worry. Apart from being lightweight, ensure soft texture as well. For example, soft rattles are better than hard plastic ones that may hurt the infant if they try to chew on the piece. 

Avoid strings and cords 

As an adult, you may think that strings and cords are harmless. But they can be dangerous for little ones who can put them around their neck and strangle themselves. Double-check to eliminate the chance of a choking mishap because they are more common than you imagine. Remember to remove ribbons, tags, and plastic covers from the toy before handing it over to the baby.

Picking the right toys for your little one does not seem like a big deal, but it is. You have to make sure that your baby loves it. More importantly, you must go the extra mile with safety. 

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