Stocking Stuffer Ideas For The Baseball Player In Your Life

November 2, 2021

Christmas is coming up, and there is truly no better feeling in the world than finding the perfect gift for your loved ones. However, as your children grow into teenagers, you may find it a bit more challenging trying to find gifts that they will really like. If you have a teenager who is into all things baseball, this one’s for you! Stuff their stockings with some of these items, all perfect for the baseball-obsessed teenager and even your baseball-loving spouse.

Bat Tape

There are few things more essential for a baseball player than bat tape. They wrap it around the handle of their baseball bat and instantly, they are able to maintain a better grip as they step up to bat. This Lizard Skins bat tape comes in tons of different colors and designs, making it easy to find something that they’ll love and put to good use during the season.

Glove Oil

Help them keep a well-maintained glove with glove oil! Glove oil keeps the leather soft and lightweight, making it easier to use during the game. Depending on the glove, they will want to use the oil anywhere from once a week to once a month, so you know this is something they will use regularly.

Baseball Equipment Bags

Baseball is a sport in which, you guessed it, you hit a ball with a bat. So why not purchase the gear that comes with this game to do your best? Check out some of Easton’s top baseball equipment bags and discover how they can help you be better prepared for success on the diamond!

Glove Lacing Kit

While glove relacing is commonly used for old gloves that need some freshening up, a glove lacing kit can also be a fun opportunity to use different color lacing. Maybe something in their favorite color, or something that matches their team uniform?

Titanium Rope Necklaces

Titanium rope necklaces are very popular among baseball players, and are available in a ton of different colors. They are supposed to help your body stay in alignment, but beyond that, baseball players feel incredibly cool wearing them, which is reason enough to get them as a stocking stuffer!

Baseball Gloves

A fresh set of baseball gloves make for another fantastic stocking stuffer. Paired with that bat tape, baseball gloves help the player maintain a great grip on their bat, allowing them to focus more on the task at hand. It is easy to find baseball gloves in a variety of colors, so find something that will fit his style!

Team Number Socks

A cool pair of customized socks to match their uniform and their team number? It is a total hit! You might want to snag a few pairs of these so that he can sport his number at both practices and for his games.

Baseball Wallet

And for the truly baseball obsessed, a baseball wallet. These wallets are made out of repurposed baseball gloves, giving off an incredibly cool, weathered look that would be hard to replicate otherwise.

So as the holiday season approaches and you find yourself brainstorming ideas of what you can give to your loved ones, be sure to take some of these stocking stuffers into account for the baseball player in your life! Finding the perfect gifts does not have to be challenging — get them something that they will truly love.

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