Effective Technique To Go From Black to Blonde Hair

November 5, 2021
Black to Blonde Hair

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Black hair can look fantastic but at some point, everyone thinks about changing their hair colour. That can mean changing from black to blond, the opposite end of the scale. After all, they say blondes have more fun!

Whatever the reason, if you have black hair that means it is heavily pigmented, you are unlikely to be able to change it to blond with one simply dying session.  Fortunately, it is possible.

Haircare First

The first step in the process is to make sure your hair is in the best possible condition. That means washing it with shampoo, undertaking a deep condition, and hydrating it if necessary. It is best to use products from the same high-quality range, such as the Keratase collection.

The natural ingredients will ensure your hair is cared for and healthy before you start the colouring process.

Bleach Your hair

The first step involves using bleaching products. These are designed to be used with dark hair when you want to go blonde. It is important to use dedicated bleaching products and not standard hair dyes, they won’t have the same effect.

You should note bleaching products contain peroxide which can damage your hair. You’ll want to use one that has as little peroxide in it as possible.

The right product will significantly lighten your hair while causing minimal damage.

At this stage, you should be aiming for yellow hair! You won’t make it all the way to blond, the yellow stage is perfect for the next step.

Dye your Hair

Once you have reached the yellow stage you can use standard hair dyes to lighten your hair from yellow to the shade of blonde you desire.

Again, it is a good idea to use a high-quality product and take your time choosing the right dye, the final colour will be your new blond look.

If you are not sure it is best to opt for a darker blond, you can always dye it again shortly after.

Look After It

To ensure your hair remains looking and feeling healthy with your new hair colour, you need to condition it and use protein treatments. This ensures it has the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

You’ll want to pick natural products to avoid placing any further strain on your hair.

Once you have made it to blonde you can maintain this with regular dyes or you can allow it to grow out and return to your original colour naturally.

Final Thoughts On Going From Black To Blonde

If your hair is damaged then it is likely the damage will be worse after you have bleached and dyed it. The best approach is to leave it until your hair has recovered. If you do decide to change the colour anyway, you’ll have to be prepared to administer a lot of repair treatments to get your hair looking and feeling good again. It’s generally easier and better for your hair to get it healthy before you start bleaching.

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