Feeling The Stress Before Moving? Here’s What You Need To Do

January 6, 2022
Family Unpacking After Moving

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Packing all your belongings and moving from a place you’ve called home for so long isn’t easy. The process comes with heaps of emotional baggage and physical burnout between the gazillions of chores you must attend. 

The process of breaking sentimental ties and dismantling your well-decorated home is emotionally harrowing and mentally draining. The physical labor involved in removing all the fixtures and fittings and neatly packing everything in cardboard boxes makes it worse. Planning a move accompanies overwhelming bouts of mental and physical stress, which become constant companions until you’ve settled into your new home. 

Is there a stress-free strategy to plan and undertake a move? Indeed, there is, and it involves creating a strategy that systematically tackles every chore. Keep reading to explore tips and tricks to eliminate the stress of moving and find joy in relocation. 

Finding the Right Partners 

Packing and moving experts are like magicians who waltz into your home and care for everything. In today’s age of modern convenience, you don’t have to tackle every job yourself, especially when you can hire trained experts. Finding the right moving partners is of the utmost significance to ensure a stress-free and smooth transition to your new home. 

Experts handle all major and minor chores, from packing your belongings and lifting heavy furniture to transporting items to the new location. You may want to delegate some tasks and handle sensitive chores yourself, such as packing delicate items and memorabilia. It’s wise to create a checklist of things you want the professionals to handle before looking for service providers. 

Finding the right moving partners isn’t easy, and you need to scrutinize your options for credibility and experience. 

There are plenty of moving options that you can take advantage of. You should use your time wisely and get the job done quickly to avoid unnecessary stress during such a complicated process. Be sure not to neglect quality and safety along the way.

Aside from licensure and insurance, it’s crucial to verify the experience and explore client reviews to ensure credibility. The online space is brimming with client reviews and testimonials given on Google profiles and digital directories. Be sure to skim through all the reviews, and if your chosen company doesn’t have any reviews, consider that a red flag. 

Begin with a Comprehensive Checklist 

The sooner you start, the lesser stress you will experience during the last week before your move. We advise you to begin months before the moving day and start with a comprehensive checklist. Map out all the chores you must handle before moving, leaving last-minute tasks and transfers to the end. Creating a priority system always helps you organize your timeline to ensure that every chore is handled smoothly and efficiently. 

The checklist must contain everything you need to do in your current and new property to finalize the move. These chores include packing all belongings, buying cardboard boxes, printing labels, hiring movers, finalizing utility transfers, and changing your postal address. Once the checklist is made, make several print-outs to distribute amongst family members and assign duties to everyone. 

Delegate Effectively 

Delegation is the key to getting things done efficiently without overwhelming yourself with stress and anxiety. Even if you had four hands instead of two, you could not tackle everything yourself. Dividing chores between family members is crucial to avoid overwhelming one person with physical and mental stress.

The children must take responsibility for their rooms and the playroom. It’s wise to get everyone involved and ask family and friends to volunteer their time in exchange for baked goodies. Delegating chores will ease the burden and ensure all chores are handled timely and effectively. 

Declutter Extensively 

Is your garage a monument dedicated to unwanted furniture, broken appliances, hideous heirlooms, and inherited memorabilia? Is your attic packed with the dust of clutter, junk, and items you’ve outgrown and no longer use? 

It’s common for households to turn precious square footage of the attic and garage into storage space for unwanted clutter. Transforming your living space into storage space is a terrible waste of square footage that compromises your life quality. Imagine how you can repurpose the garage into a playroom or use the attic for a fitness studio. But clutter always gets in the way of your repurposing plans and life quality. 

Here’s an important question: do you intend to carry all the clutter and turn precious square footage in your new home into storage space? We advise you to declutter extensively and get rid of all items and belongings that are not useful. As the wise Mary Kondo preaches, discard everything that doesn’t spark joy in your heart. 

Decluttering will help you maximize your comfort in the new home without littering it with junk and clutter. You can round up all the unwanted furniture, appliance, and clothes and hold a yard sale to raise money. Or you can donate some items to family, friends, and welfare services. 

Final Thoughts 

If you want to plan and execute a move without stress, you must shift your mindset. The idea is to focus on the positive aspects of relocating and regard it as an exciting adventure. Focus on your life quality, comfort, and experiences in your new home, and work towards a strategy that streamlines your chores. Delegation and decluttering are essential aspects of combatting stress by reducing your workload.

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