Top Six Glimpse Of North East India

January 11, 2022

North India is the part of India that is largely unexplored. Many places you can go to within North East India still retain their natural charm and offer many things to do and for those seeking an unorthodox travel experience. 

Sikkim is one of the most recently added destinations of North East India, has been slowly growing to become one of the most destinations for snow in India. 

Assam is the most populous state in the region and has a great mix of ancient sites, historical temples, and rich diversity. 

Arunachal Pradesh, which borders China, attracts visitors with its serene lifestyle, warm and welcoming hospitality, and numerous monasteries that serve as centers of spirituality.

Additionally, there are gorgeous scenic valleys and waterfalls. 

The fascinating thing is the way that people welcome visitors to the region. They are kind, humble as well as proud of their surroundings. The people from the Northeastern part of India know how to protect and preserve the natural resources of their country for generations to come.

Kaziranga National Park

The Kaziranga National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its thick forests with meadows of elephant grass and swampy lagoons, is an important habitat for the most extensive Indian rhinoceros population. It should be a must visit destination in your North East tour.

It is among the most well-known spots for biodiversity in India that has four distinct tourist routes. Each circuit is unique in its way. The 430 square-kilometer national park also serves as the home of various other birds and animals.

Rafting In Siang River

A tributary to the Brahmaputra River, It has been able to inherit its strength from its mother. It is based on members of the Adi Tribe in Arunachal Pradesh. It is also the most popular destination to visit in the North East. 

Rafting on the river Siang River is a major attraction. It’s an adventure you must experience with your family and friends. The excitement of the Grade III and Grade IV rivers is worth the effort.


Guwahati is called the gateway to the Northeast and is also one of the biggest cities in the region. The Kamakhya Temple is sure to be a unique spiritual experience. 

Another place to visit includes the Umananda Temple located on the Brahmaputra island that can be reached via the boat ride. Numerous gardens within the city allow you to spend quality time with family and friends.

Infinity Pool: Meghalaya

It is the Old Rinnai Natural Pool. It is located in Marten Village in Meghalaya. Getting to this stunning natural pool takes around 1 1/2 hours from the top of Ur-Ringai Falls( Ghost Falling Falls) and around two hours to descend into the waterfall. 

While it is true that the South-West Khasi hills are not yet a part of Meghalaya’s tourism, there are many other destinations such as Hot Springs in Jakrem, Synrang Mawrin in Mawten, Monoliths in Mawlangwir that you’ll be in love with.


Assam Famous for its gardens, tombs, culture, mosques, gardens, and the most important thing – the tea estates. Jorhat is widely regarded as the capital of tea in India. Jorhat is a beautiful, commercial, artistically rich Jorhat city Jorhat is the second-most populous city in Assam.

The primary agricultural industry of the town is tea cultivation.It is also among the most famous tourist spots due to its rustic appeal. There are about 130 tea plants in Jorhat. Jorhat’s rich heritage and culture, along with the numerous hotspots that visitors can visit, is a major tourist attraction.


It is among the most humid and cloudy regions in the sun. The rolling hills with lush vegetation and unspoiled natural surroundings of the region make it a great place to relax and unwind. Although it is prone to lots of rain in autumn, it enjoys mild weather that keeps people energized and enthused during the early season. 

The tourist destination also has numerous waterfalls that add to the attraction of the area. The waterfalls worth visiting include Thelen Falls and NohSngithiang Falls.

Nathu La Pass

Nathu La Pass is a mountain pass located 54km from Gangtok situated in the Northeastern region of Sikkim, linking it to the Chinese Tibet Autonomous Region. It is located at an altitude of 4,310 meters above sea level. It is part of the famed Silk Route connecting India as well as Tibet. 

Nathu La is a Tibetan phrase in which Nathu refers to “listening to the ears,” and La refers to “pass.” The pass was closed temporarily by India following the 1962 Sino-Indian War and re-opened in the year 2006. It is now an exchange route for the trade of items like silk, wool hair, yak or yak tails, horses, sheep and more in between India and Tibet.

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