The Seven Accessories You Need This Summer

July 4, 2022

Prepping for the ultimate summer in 2022 means making sure you are ready to take the streets in style. Everyone’s personal sense of style is different, which might make it tough to find really good advice or style tips from magazines or even online. However, no matter what your sense of style, there are a few items you can always add to your style repertoire to add extra oomph to your outfit.

These seven accessories will help you jazz up your fits, but remember that you can purchase these items in whichever style, color and size suit you best:

Staple Sunnies

We all need a good pair of sunglasses when summertime comes around, not only to add style to your wardrobe but to protect your eye health too — something many people neglect. Sunscreen is crucial, but we cannot put that in our eyes to protect them from harmful UV rays! Sunglasses are crucial here, but you can make sure they look good too. 

Sunglasses are often a pain in the neck for people who wear spectacles. Fortunately, we now have the option to buy stunning prescription sunglasses, which means our style does not need to be compromised by poor vision. Grab a high-quality and versatile pair of sunnies that suits your style and can be paired with any outfit. 

Statement Earrings

Every girl needs that one pair of earrings that they can turn to no matter the occasion. Statement earrings can be your signature look, and you can pair them with just about any outfit. Whether you prefer simple gold circle earrings or something fun like colourful feathers or tassels, the choice is yours.

Pairing your earrings with a simple outfit like a T-shirt and shorts will elevate your look from drab to fun, and of course, when you are dressing up for an event, attention-grabbing earrings are a must. Find a pair (or a few) that suit your style and watch your outfits start to shine. 

Hair Claws or Scrunchies

Finally, we all know that in the summer heat, long hair is going to get in the way at some point.

This is why it is important to have some stylish hair accessories to throw it up in just minutes. A cute hair claw that matches your outfit, or a few scrunchies bought from brands like will do the job!

Crossbody Bag

A small, simple handbag is a must-have for the summer. When quickly heading out to the grocery store or perhaps going out for drinks, you do not really want a big, heavy handbag weighing you down. A crossbody bag is a great solution — they are compact and comfortable and come in so many different styles.

If your look is more street and casual, you can opt for a fanny-pack type of crossbody. If you are a more light and feminine dresser, a woven basket style crossover with a leather strap will pair perfectly with your beachy looks. Pick your favourite, throw your keys inside and head out the door. 

Oversized Tote

Sometimes, a small purse is all we need. However, there will always be moments when we need to bring along a few more items than we can fit in that tiny bag. 

A big, stylish tote bag will be large enough to pack all your summer essentials when you are heading out shopping, to the beach, for a coffee date, or wherever your day might take you. Tote bags are comfortable to carry around and come in loads of different styles too, which means you will be able to find one to suit any look you might be rocking this summer. 

Simple Sandals

With the heat that the summer brings, most of us are desperate to ditch the boots and sneakers and let our feet breathe. Besides, you cannot head to the beach in your running shoes, can you?

Owning a good pair of sandals is crucial for the summertime. Find a pair that is comfy and suits your style but can be worn with just about anything. Think about the colors of your wardrobe and pick a neutral pair that will match your style. If you prefer darker colours, a black pair of sandals will be best. If you wear more whites and creams, you might pick a white or even brown pair. 

Your Favorite Hat

In the name of protecting your skin and eyes, a hat is always a good idea. Whether you choose a big floppy beach hat or something cool and casual like a black baseball cap, a summer hat is a great addition to add to your outfits when they need an extra little something.

Check out these summer hats if you need inspiration. 

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