Tips On Choosing The Best Leather Duffle Bag When Traveling

September 21, 2022

When going on a trip, the problem arises of choosing a bag that can hold all the necessary things, while not damaging or getting them wet on the way.

If women in travel bags pay great attention to shapes, colors, and style, then men are very scrupulous about quality. Leather is the best material for men’s travel bags. Combining unsurpassed protection against moisture, good capacity, and stylish appearance, they perfectly emphasize the high status of the owner. You can try here Leather bags that are incredibly durable and can last for decades with proper care. And Leather bags are timeless pieces of art that are both stylish and practical. 

In order not to make a mistake and choose a truly perfect men’s leather duffel bag, it is necessary to consider in more detail each criterion for this desired item. So, let us now find out what it means by men’s leather bags for traveling and how to choose the perfect leather duffel bag.

What does it mean by men’s leather duffel bag?

Duffle bags or duffle bags are bags that were named after a townlet where their dense cloth was initially made. This town is situated in Belgium, and its production of woolen cloth and bag coarse dates back to the middle-17th century.

Usually, the phrase “duffel bag” means one specific kind of bag: cylindrical, large, and also closed at the upper part with a zipper or drawstring. However, over time, the word duffel (or duffle) bags has grown to fit any big “holdall” bag made using thick material.

Leather Duffel Bags are mainly used to carry things. Men, unlike women, always pack everything they need on the road. Although for them, a medium-sized bag can sometimes be small.

Therefore, before deciding on the choice of the best option, evaluate the number of things that will be placed in it. The standard size for leather duffle bags is 65x34x35. In such a bag, a fairly large amount of things can fit, and it passes like hand luggage.

How to choose the best men’s leather duffel bag?

Because the bag should be comfortable, you need to pay attention to additional details. It should have enough pockets to easily place various items, such as a folder or a razor. Some bags even come with a separate shoe compartment, padded shoulder strap, removable shoulder strap, adjustable shoulder strap, two zippered exterior pockets, etc.

Organizer-pocket will help to conveniently arrange the documents that will be needed on the trip. The presence of several compartments and locks in the bag is also welcome. So, here we are listing down a few tips to choose the best men’s leather bag…

  • Appearance Of Leather

You might be thinking, “Oh, leather is leather,” but that is far from the case. There are many different types of leather. For starters, it depends on which animal was used to create the leather. It goes from buffalo to goat to cow etc. and each one is slightly different in appearance.

Then there is a general quality: words like coarse full grain leather, grain buffalo leather, and high grain may mean nothing to you, but to leather experts, it’s common knowledge and you should consider further research if you’re looking to take the plunge and invest in the best leather duffel bags.

Some real leather bags may be further wrinkled to deliver an antique appearance, while other bags will be soft and smooth. Choose the appearance as per your preference.

  • Resilience

A good duffel bag can last for years, however, to get the most durable one, you need to take into account some important aspects while purchasing one. One such aspect is the durability of the perfect duffel bag. The durability of the leather duffle bag depends on ob the type of leather used to make the bag.

Research is required before buying because a few animal skins (such as buffalo leather) are more durable than others (such as goat’s leather). The durability of the bag may even be impacted by treatment and tanning procedures.

  • Travel Convenience

Are you someone who wants to travel on night buses? Are you someone who wants to travel in their own vehicle? Or maybe you like to fly everywhere? These modes of transport will affect which bag you need.

Undoubtedly, if you travel by public transport everywhere, you probably do not want to buy a fancy leather duffel bag. Whereas, if you use your own transport or catch many flights, something a little more upmarket will suit you.

  • Wear Type

If you plan to carry the duffle bag in your hands, pay attention to the handles. They should be moderately soft and not too narrow.

Backpack straps and shoulder straps for men’s duffle bags should be comfortable and adjustable in length.

  • Size Of The Duffel Bag

Size is very important with any bag, but with leather, size is perhaps even more important. The size of a leather duffel bag will affect its value more than a nylon backpack or other synthetic material.

When it comes to leather, it is important to choose the right size because overpacking can seriously damage the bag’s structure. You do not want to stretch it or zip it up, especially if you are buying an investment property.

  • Product Shape

When choosing a bag for yourself, determine what you plan to put in it. It depends on whether you will be comfortable moving with such a product. Also, consider your parameters to choose an accessory that will be in harmony with your physique and image. Do not just buy one product that suits your friend. It may not suit you. So, always consider a shape that goes with your personality and what you can carry with ease.

  • Guarantee

Pay attention to what the manufacturer offers you in case damage is found or the item does not suit you for some reason. Find out exactly what the warranty covers and return conditions. The warranty period also shows how confident the manufacturers are with their products. So, always pay close attention to the warranty period of the leather duffel bag you are investing in.

Cost of the duffel bags

You should always remember and choose a bag within your planned budget. If you have no budget issues then go for a high-quality bag that will last for years to come. However, if you do not have much budget then you have no choice other than to buy a cheap product but in such cases, do a little research to find out a cheap yet decent quality leather duffel bag.

Final words

As you now know how to choose the best duffel bag for yourself now you might be wondering where to buy the best leather duffel bag, right? Well, I have an answer for that too. Mens Leather Overnight Bag by Woosir is the answer.

They not just offer high-quality leather duffel bags but also have a reasonable price tag. I have been purchasing from them for several years now and they are the best when it comes to buying the best duffel bag.


Q. What I should look for in The leather duffle bags?

A. The most significant thing that you must take into account in the best leather duffle bag for men is the leather quality and also the seams as they must be firm enough to endure a lot of weight. If you are looking for a top-quality leather duffel bag at an affordable price tag, then visit Woosir’s Mens Leather Weekend Bags.

Q. Is Investing In a leather duffle bag worth The Money?

A. Yes, purchasing a leather duffle bag for men is normally a great investment since as soon as it comes to leather no other fabric can last longer because of its durability, quality, and toughness. And when it comes to buying the best leather product, no one can beat the quality offered by Woosir.

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