A Guide To Herb Grinders: What Do You Look For?

October 19, 2022

If you have been using a grinder for a while, you probably now take some of its benefits for granted. Even though it may sound strange to you, some people still stuff full nugs into bowls or tear them apart with sticky fingers without recognising how significantly they are undermining the effectiveness and enjoyment of their smoking experience. Purchasing a high-quality herb grinder should be a top priority whether you use marijuana for medical or recreational purposes. If you happen to be the owner of a smoke shop or dispensary then buying grinders from these guy Grinders Wholesale | MWI will help you help your clients and your pocket book.

A surprising number of parameters need to be taken into account, even though choosing the best marijuana grinder may seem obvious. Do not forget that a good grinder may make smoking much more enjoyable. Let us look at why you should grind your bud before we examine the wide range of weed grinder models that are now on the market and how to use a weed grinder in the first place.

Weed Grinder Benefits: What Are They?

Herbs are ground into fine grains that allow for optimal ventilation. A full nugget will result in harder draws, less cannabis performance, and a generally lessening of the experience. The usage of a grinder will be especially advantageous for those who prefer to vape because the finely ground herb makes it easier for the terpenes and cannabinoids to be reached during the vaporisation process. The end outcome is either more potent medication or a stronger high.

How To Use An Herb Grinder

Do not worry if you are not sure how to operate a grinder; the traditional design of the majority of herb grinders is quite simple. Your first step should be to split your nugs into bits that can usually fit between the grinder’s spokes. When the herb is reduced to a fine grain, put it into the grinding chamber, reinstall the cover piece, and turn the lid back and forth.

The flower will remain in the 2-piece grinder you are using. The ground flower will fall through to the capturing chamber as you go if you have a three-piece grinder. Additionally, if your grinder has four pieces, the extra kief will pass through a screen and into the kief-catching chamber. For the time being, let us talk about appropriate grinder maintenance, including how to clean a grinder. We will discuss more about kief catchers later.

Clean Grinders Are Happy Grinders

You will be enticed to start smoking the weed as soon as you notice it because of its fine texture. Hold on, though; your grain grinder just generated that tasty smokable grain with efficiency. It deserves some tender loving care from you. Maintain your grinder clean and, if it is made of metal, rust-free, if you want to keep getting those quality results.

Okay, so you do not have to clean it each and every time you use it, but it is still quite beneficial to clean it occasionally. You can use a few different techniques to restore your grinder’s pristine appearance. No matter which approach you decide with, you will need to start by taking the grinder apart (thus, if you are using a 4-piece herb grinder, it should be broken down to its 4 fundamental bits).

After that, clean the grinder with a secure sterilant like isopropyl alcohol. Use a paintbrush with fine bristles if necessary to reach right up close to the screen and remove any dirt and residue. You could alternatively choose to soak each piece in alcohol. Even after soaking the parts, you might still require the use of a cleaning instrument to remove the worst residue.

You will experience more resistance when attempting to rotate your marijuana grinder to ground the cannabis if you do not frequently wash it. Sticky glue will impede the design’s mechanics, and metal models could start to rust.

Although the symptoms may vary, the outcome will surely be the same: your grinder will not function to its fullest capacity, and your smoking sessions will suffer as a result. Josh Kesselman, the man behind the renowned RAW brand, has provided a video tutorial on how to clean your grinder.

Number Of Pieces A Gridner Is Made Of

How many chambers do you require when purchasing a grinder either online or in a smoke shop should be one of your first considerations. Essentially, there are two types of grinders to choose from: those with one chamber and those with many chambers.

1. Grinders with 2 pieces

In most cases, the 2-piece grinder—also known as a 1-chamber grinder—is capable of turning tough nugs into tender grain. Some smokers find that this is sufficient, particularly those who are just starting to learn how to grind weed.

Due to the lack of an integrated chamber for ground flowers or a kief collector, many users avoid the 2-piece grinder. A 2-piece grinder is not the greatest option if kief is crucial to your smoking experience. However, if you do not care about kief and just need a quick, inexpensive way to grind your marijuana, a straightforward 2-piece grinder can be ideal for you. A one chamber grinder has the added benefit of being considerably simpler to clean and maintain than grinders with numerous chambers.

2. Grinder with 4 pieces

Despite the fact that 3-piece grinder versions are also available, the 4-piece grinder is perhaps the most popular multi-chamber grinder on the market. The 4-piece has a kief catcher, whereas the 3-piece does not, and this is the primary (and essentially only) distinction between the two designs. The ground-up herb will float into a center chamber where an ultra-fine screen will separate the kief from the pulverized flower once the herb has been ground up. Therefore, the four-piece grinder’s three chambers would be employed as follows (we know, it is confusing, but keep in mind that the lid counts as a piece):

  1. Unground marijuana in the top chamber
  2. Ground buds are located in the middle chamber
  3. Your kief goes in the bottom chamber

If you have never heard of kief, it’s a highly potent result of grinding that is made up of strong trichomes (the source of all that heady THC you love so much). Kief can be used to manufacture hash using a pollen press or to provide an extra kick to your ground herb by sprinkling it on top. Most smokers and vapers will choose a 4-piece grinder if given the option between a 2-piece and a 4-piece grinder. Who can blame them when kief is so THC-rich?

Weed Grinding Tips To Get Most Kief Yield

Many people have questioned us about the best way to grind marijuana in order to extract the most kief. It makes sense because, depending on how frequently you grind, kief collecting can entail a protracted waiting game. Obviously, a built-in kief catcher will be a feature of the best herb grinder for collecting. This trick will not work for you if you do not have a herb grinder with a kief catcher.

  • Use a scraping tool to remove the built-up kief from your kief catcher; most 4-piece grinders already have one included, but you can also buy them at smoke shops. Additionally, clear the middle chamber of all ground marijuana.
  • Your center chamber should contain a coin
  • Make sure your marijuana grinder is in the freezer at all times
  • Make sure you shake your herb grinder well

How may this approach assist you in obtaining more kief? The coin will help move the kief from where it gathered in your grinder, while the cool temperature will weaken its stubborn grip. You ought to have some collected bonus kief that you may scrape out of your kief catcher when you check it again.

What Kind Of Herb Grinder Do You Use?

1. Grinder for metal

When looking for the best cannabis grinder, the material is still another important aspect to take into account. A metal grinder is frequently considered to be the most trustworthy, but numerous types of metal are utilized in grinder production, each of which offers a different set of benefits.

a. Grinder made of titanium

The titanium grinder is coveted because it has the most cutting-edge teeth. Even the toughest nugs are ground into sand-fine grain in a titanium weed grinder’s razor-lined chamber. Titanium teeth are hard to dull, even with frequent, vigorous wear. Your titanium grinder will also be surprisingly lightweight because it is not as dense as it may first appear to be. They are ideal for smokers who are constantly on the go because of how portable they are. Titanium grinders themselves aren’t particularly heavy, but their price tags can be.

b. An aluminum grinder

The aluminum grinder requires some inspection at the point of purchase but is much more prevalent and less expensive than titanium grinder variants. This is due to the broad variety of grades available for aluminum. If not properly maintained, a low-grade aluminum grinder could leave aluminum shavings in your herbs, but a high-grade aluminum grinder could last as long as the greatest titanium cannabis grinders.

It pays to attempt to ascertain the quality of the aluminum utilized in the manufacture of a weed grinder because aluminum quality might vary. To find high-quality aluminum, look for anodized aluminum. Even though one of the cleanest metals is aluminum, several types of aluminum grinders actually use medical-grade stainless steel teeth for durability. An aluminum herb grinder may be easily maintained because aluminum is a very easy metal to clean. Aluminum varieties are frequently tough choices, making them ideal for travel. If you suddenly find yourself in need of a good herb grinder, they are also rather simple to find.

c. Grinder in stainless steel

Compared to aluminum grinders, stainless steel grinders are far less common. While metal shavings will not always flakes into your marijuana when it is ground in aluminum, the blades on a stainless steel grinder are made to be more durable. Since it is a stronger metal than aluminum, it is more resistant to wear and is less likely to dull than aluminum.

2. Grinders made from wood

The skill of woodworkers allows the wooden herb grinder, which typically elevates both aesthetic and performance, to come in a variety of attractive forms. Many wooden herb grinder models have intricate carvings, which contributes to their cozy grip textures and cozy, rustic appearance. Although wood is not as hygienic as the majority of the metals used in cannabis grinders, most individuals do not have any problems using them.

3. Grinding machine for plastics

Plastic grinders struggle to match the robust durability and precise sharpness of a wooden or metal herb grinder, making them easily the least expensive but occasionally the least effective type of grinder. In light of this, these are excellent grinders for beginners to use to become familiar with a grinder without spending a fortune. You will be able to identify what you like and dislike about the plastic grinder once you have gotten the hang of it, which will allow you to identify the qualities you desire from a more expensive model.

Investing in a composite plastic grinder will frequently yield outcomes comparable to those of a metal model. If you are not familiar with how to properly maintain a cannabis grinder, you can also be confident that plastic grinders will not rust on you.

4. A grinder for acrylics

An acrylic herb grinder is made from a substance that is more durable than similar plastic products but often more cheap than the typical metal herb grinder. Acrylic grinders are similarly straightforward to keep and clean as plastic grinders are. As long as it has a magnetic seal for security, an acrylic grinder might be the ideal little, portable cannabis grinder.

Weed Grinder Teeth: The Importance Of Precision

The effectiveness of a cannabis grinder’s teeth is undoubtedly one of its most crucial components. Diamond-shaped teeth, also known simply as “diamond teeth,” are usually the best choice. When turning a bud into a granulated flower, the diamond form enables a clean, razor-like shredding with little resistance. Even though peg-style teeth are becoming less frequent, you can still find them.

Peg-toothed herb grinders are less effective than those with extremely sharp diamond teeth; they frequently function more as weed crushers than weed grinders. Additionally, the pegs are more prone to accumulate leftover herb matter, making them more difficult to clean and maintain. Some grinders have a large number of teeth, whilst others have few. Some versions even take extra care to mold the teeth into a curving shape for the best possible shredding performance.

Considerations For Buying A Marijuana Grinder

1. Closures with magnets

While we have already discussed the main things to think about when buying a cannabis grinder, there are a number of other qualities that should be taken into account while shopping for the ideal herb grinder. For users who prefer to grind a large quantity of marijuana at once but not smoke it all at once, a magnetic grinder can be especially helpful. In order to prevent spills while in transit, the magnetic seal makes sure that the cannabis grinder is locked tightly.

2. Grinder models can be used more easily

Some users of medicinal marijuana favor rotary-crank hand grinders over circular hand grinder devices, which require rotating the lid. Customers who suffer from arthritis, multiple sclerosis, dystonia, or muscular dystrophy may favor crank-operated grinders or even hand grinders with ergonomically designed, specifically textured handles. If using a manual hand grinder is too physically demanding, there are several different electric herb grinder types available. Although an electric herb grinder may be more expensive than the more widely available hand-operated models, it can offer significant relief for people whose circumstances make the manual twisting motion difficult.

3. Windows with built-in views

When using a herb grinder, it can be handy to keep track of how much ground flower has entered the chamber through built-in windows. A grinder with a view window might save you a lot of headache if you frequently find yourself opening the grinder impatiently before the flower is completely ground or perhaps grind your herb to a finer consistency than you desire.

4. Card of the grinder

Some customers are considering grinder cards rather than the standard hand grinder options. A grinder card is a paper-thin version of a marijuana grinder that functions like a cheese grater. The grinder card’s size, which is frequently similar to a credit card, makes it extremely convenient to carry it around covertly. Even though it is advised to always keep your grinder card in a sleeve to prevent accidental scrapes, you can put it in your wallet. Grinders cards are also quite simple to clean and maintain because to their thin form.

5. Weed grinder fun with a novelty

It is possible that novelty grinders will appeal to you if you place a high value on both aesthetic and content. For instance, a business recently produced a Pokeball grinder that was undoubtedly motivated by the hype around Pokemon GO in 2016. The Pokeball grinder, however, is really only the very beginning. You can readily get novelty hand grinders in the shapes of grenades, the cylinder of a revolver filled with bullets (Wiz Khalifa is known to prefer the bullet grinder), hamburgers, skulls, poker chips, the Death Star, and just about anything else.

6. The size of the grinder

The size of your herb grinder does matter, despite the fact that it may seem obvious to say so. This affects both the comfort of your grasp and your operational strategy. You can get away with using a smaller, more portable hand grinder if you’re only grinding for yourself. However, purchasing a large cannabis grinder would be in your best interest if you plan on taking your grinder to a party or are more of a sociable smoker. Larger grinders may also be more comfortable for medicinal marijuana patients with painful conditions like arthritis who find it difficult to operate them manually.

While looking for your ideal cannabis grinder, there are a surprising number of considerations to keep in mind for an object that seems so straightforward and intuitive. But after you’ve decided exactly what you want, the ideal grinder will save you time and work and enable you to start enjoying the good things right away without any fuss. Similarly, you have probably been wasting a lot of herb if you have been consuming marijuana without using a grinder. With a marijuana grinder that perfectly suits your requirements, you can avoid sticky fingers and get more for your money.

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