Julian Fashion DE Review

January 15, 2023

Compared with the original format of Julian Fashion, DE seems like an improvement, however. The order for ‘Terms and Conditions’ and ‘Rules’ has been changed and the winner gets an Instagram direct message from Julian.

The main difference between the Julian Fashion DE and its predecessor is the use of multi-category competition. The winner of DE will receive 1 piece of Julian Fashion AW16 to celebrate their success.

That is not all Julian Fashion DE has. Julian also has a worldwide competition for the winners of DE in every single country. The winners can choose between several prizes and Julian will show their creations for them to the whole world.

Meanwhile Julian Fashion DE provides you with a range of products that are meant to support the fashion designer in its creative process. Julian Fashion DE features a new line, Julian Fashion DE, which features over 30 different items, including footwear, accessories, bags, and clothes.

The Brand Also Provides You With Exclusive Julian

Founder Julian Skaleski’s commentary about their new fashion line, Julian Fashion DE, and some of the thoughts he shared in this season of Julian Fashion and Julian Fashion DE:

What I was thinking about when designing for Julian Fashion DE was a combination of feminine femininity with masculine excitement, like a kiss between two lovers. I was thinking about new things, as I always do in my designs. I love things that challenge me and that excite me. I love the outcome that the fashion show gives me. I feel like fashion is still very new and exciting and I always try to push myself as a designer. Julian Fashion DE aims to inspire us with a bit of beauty that can transform any shape, which I always try to incorporate into my designs.

Julian Fashion DE’s Mini Me Contest Has Ended

The mini me contest’s competition ended on October 31st, 2016. All mini me contest winners were asked to follow Julian Fashion on Instagram for an Instagram direct message from Julian.

The winner of the mini me contest will get an Instagram direct message from Julian Skaleski. Julian is always looking for unique designers to support and offer their support to them.

You can enter your child in the mini me contest by going to Julian’s official website or Julian’s official Instagram page and submitting a personal story about your child’s fashion journey. You can also take a photo of your child’s clothes and describe them, like what fashion looks like to your child.

The contest was judged by Julian Fashion, Julian Skaleski and Julian’s VP of Marketing Philip Tames. It’s a fun contest that is meant to encourage creative kids.

Julian Fashion DE Review

Julian Fashion DE takes inspiration from Julian Skaleski’s desire to create strong fashion lines. His work is focused on providing fashionable items that not only look good but can also help the wearer feel confident in their fashion choices.

His fashion line is best described by this fashion critic who received a free pair of Julian Fashion’s shoes to review, who found the shoes to be very comfortable, and the fit was perfect for his feet.

In contrast, we can find Julian Fashion DE’s clothes as classy, feminine and sophisticated.

The collection is divided into six categories: Covers & Coats, Covers & Bags, Dress, Denim, Folds & Wraps, Footwear.

Let us look at some of Julian’s designs in detail:

Julian Fashion AW16 – Perfect Folds

I am a big fan of Julian Fashion’s Covers & Coats collection for women, and I was excited to see that Julian added two new designs to the collection for spring 2017.

I love the idea of a minimalist dress that looks like a classic trench coat. The design of the dresses is perfect for women of all ages. There is a huge variety of styles with bold colors, bright designs and beautiful prints in Julian Fashion’s Covers & Coats collection for spring.

The dress on the left is a thick cotton blend with a hint of cream color. The sleeves are straight but the hem of the dress is a bit wider at the bottom and almost straightened out. The sleeves feature some delicate fabric, which make the dress really feminine. The shirt that I wore is a woven shirt with a denim print. I love the color and the detail of the fabric. It’s a small detail, but it’s a real attention grabber in my opinion.

The dress on the right is a super soft cotton that is mostly blue with a touch of silver to give it a little bit of extra depth. I have one more dress from Julian’s Covers & Coats collection in my closet. It is a beautiful blue dress that I bought last spring.

Julian Fashion AW16 – Perfect Folds

In contrast to the dresses, I love the designs from Julian’s Covers & Folds collection for women. It is a casual chic collection with super flattering silhouettes. The line features great cotton shirts and dresses in different types of designs, with beautiful silky fabrics. The line is divided into four different categories, all having a perfect fold.

The Dress In The Center Is A Light Blue Cotton Blend

The top right dress is an olive green fabric with a gold finish. The top left dress has a trendy pink print. The bottom right dress is a pretty light green-brown cotton print.

The two dresses on the left are a perfect fit, and they are both 100% silk, which makes them super soft and luxurious.

Julian Fashion AW16 – Dress

The last dress of the collection is one of my favorites. It’s a beautiful blue blue-black floral print. It’s a cotton blend that’s extremely soft and silky. The fabric is super comfortable and I can see myself wearing this dress to a night out, especially if I go with my boyfriend. The fit is really tight around my body and I have no doubt that the fabric of the dress can stretch out well and won’t shrink with wear.

As we can see, Julian’s products have a good price tag, which means that they are easy on your wallet. However, I think that a designer should not sell just for the money. They should try to provide creative products that look great and look good on the hanger. And Julian Fashion does both!

You can find Julian Fashion DE’s products in different stores in Paris. It is a good idea to visit their website to shop at a local store close to your home or your work.

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