Tips For Family Trip In Dubai

June 11, 2024

Dubai is a place where cultural treasures and modern marvels blend together. That is why traveling to this gorgeous place with your family can turn into amazing and unforgettable adventure. You can find anything to suit the tastes, wants, ages, or preferences of your family members, and if you plan everything carefully, the whole family will enjoy this Dubai experience. We prepared some helpful tips to make it seamless and trouble-free.

How to choose a hotel

Accommodation is the key point when you travel with children, so you have to care about it beforehand. Dubai offers a vast array of hotels and safe-catering apartments for every taste and budget; However, it is quite reasonable to consider not just on prices but on the following criteria:

  • Location: This aspect includes both the convenience of getting to the hotel and its location near places that are of particular interest to you and your household, such as nice places or shopping areas. Review both points to make a flawless choice.
  • Amenities: Make sure the hotel offers enough to every member of your family. Attractions, SPA, good family restaurants, children’s clubs, and cozy pool areas are the most popular options. However, if you need something else, figure out on the hotel website or at the staff if they can provide it.
  • Lucrative Offers: Many Dubai hotels provide cost-effective deals and packages or discounts for families. Even if you don’t see such offers when you book, feel free to inquire!
  • Reliability: Checking the hotel’s reputation is crucial for an enjoyable trip to Dubai. Explore the Internet, read reviews and testimonials, and ask your friends who have been there before.

Also, you should know as much as possible about the place you book, as it helps to avoid bad surprises and feel confident.

How to rent a car

Signing up for a car in Dubai is a great idea if you want to travel with comfort and grasp the immensity of wonders across the city and its surroundings. It is also a solution if you are going to stay here longer, as you often may rent a car cheaper if you pay monthly. For example, you can any car for long-term for a big family at at the most lucrative terms.

There are a lot of companies providing car rental services, so you goal is to find a reliable company with suitable conditions and choose the perfect car. Follow these tips to rent smoothly and enjoy your drive:

  • Consider The Company: If you travel with one or two kids, a good sedan or mid-size SUV is quite enough while vans, 7- or 8-seaters are the choice for bigger families.
  • Estimate Your Luggage: Plenty of bags, sports gear, etc. means that you need a car with a big trunk. If you travel light, a spacious cabin means more than cargo space.
  • Choose According To Your Schedule: The choice of a car type for rent also depends on your plans. If you want to explore deserts or mountain roads, consider reliable SUVs which offer a lot of options to feel comfortable inside and show more power and off-road capabilities outside.

Exploring all the terms and conditions of your car rent is also important. Study all the options which the company offers for family trips and check its reliability.

Must-see places

Dubai offers myriads of places to see and to go. The list of must-see points of interest usually includes:

  • Burj Khalifa: A 828-meter skyscraper with a classy observation deck to enjoy amazing views of Dubai.
  • Jumeirah Beach: A picturesque place for swimming in crystal-clear waters, relaxing on white sand, and enjoying your favorite activities.
  • Aquarium And Underwater Zoo: a great attraction allowing kids and adults to see marine life as close as possible.
  • Dubai Mall: An outstanding and known-around-the world shopping mall with hundreds of shops and restaurants and almost all kinds of entertainment.
  • Dubai Marina: A luxurious and fashionable area at the bay for making a laid-back stroll with the family.

It is just a few points from the long list of nice places and landmarks in Dubai. Aquaventure Waterpark, desert safaris, Miracle Garden, iFly Dubai, floating in a hot air balloon, Ferrari World, and many, many other attractions give a lot of emotions and leave lasting memories for kids and adults.

Other tips

Traveling in Dubai is exciting if you and your family are alright. In conclusion, we’ll give you some tips for your safe and comfortable stay in this opulent city.

Five transportation tips

  1. Plan your routes beforehand to navigate efficiently.
  2. Make sure you know local driving terms and regulations and observe them.
  3. Keep closer all the essentials, such as documents, snacks, medications, and thrills for your kids.
  4. Use transportation apps to make more comfortable routes, discover new places and avoid jams.
  5. Feel free to ask the locals for advice if necessary.

Five Safety Tips

  1. Deal with reliable companies when booking a hotel or renting a car.
  2. Stay hydrated and protect yourself and your kids from the sun properly.
  3. Respect local traditions and customs and teach your children to do the same.
  4. Save and learn the emergency contacts and detect pharmacies and medical facilities at the places you plan to see.
  5. Consume bottled water and food from proven establishments.

Dubai is one of the most appealing places to visit for families with kids of all ages. Plan your trip thoughtfully, make sure your routes and intentions consider the interests of the whole household, explore local laws and regulations, take care of accommodation and transportation – and make your stay in Dubai fabulous!

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