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Can You Kayak With a Disability?

Kayaking is a fantastic way of getting out in nature whilst keeping fit and healthy. All different abilities can enjoy the thrill of being on the water, young and old, beginners and advanced. But did you know kayaking is a great hobby for those who use a wheelchair or are disabled?

You don’t have to be able bodied to enjoy all the benefits that kayaking has to offer. There are many ways in which disabled people can make the most of paddling in rivers, lakes, and the seas. It may sound like a challenge, but with the right equipment, guidance and skill, kayaking can become a fulfilling and rewarding past time.

With a range of kayaks for sale, Cambridge Kayaks stocks many different products suitable for all abilities. Our expert team is dedicated to helping people get out and about on the water, and in this blog post we’ll be sharing some of the ways disabled people can get the most from their kayak.

Where Can You Start?

The first step is to investigate and research any disabled friendly clubs in your local area. ‘Paddle-Ability’ clubs can be found up and down the country and these organisations provide specialist support and training for people of all abilities.

If you’ve never kayaked before, investing in some lessons would be a great way to increase your confidence and improve your skills.

Do I Need a Specially Adapted Kayak?

Not necessarily. Depending on your range of movement, it is possible to use a traditional kayak. However, specialist kayaks are available which make getting in and out of the water a lot easier. These can include higher backed seats or foam blocks for extra stability.

Do I Need Special Equipment?

As mentioned above you don’t necessarily need a specially adapted kayak or equipment however there are some things which could be helpful such as a higher backed bucket seat or adaptive paddling gear such as stabilisers or outriggers.

Depending on your ability, a ‘Paddle-Ability’ instructor will be able to advise you on what you may need.

What Are the Benefits of Kayaking?

Kayaking is a great sport to partake in and can provide numerous health benefits. From increasing strength and stamina, to improving mental health by being out in nature, it’s a great option for everyone.

It can even help improve your mobility by engaging with muscles that aren’t always used on a daily basis.

What If You Can’t Swim?

It’s very unlikely that you would be required to swim when kayaking if you follow the proper safety procedures.  This is because you will aim to stay in the boat and if you were to fall out your floatation aid or life jacket will keep you out of harm’s way, ensuring that you do not go under the water.

If you’re interested in finding out more about kayaking with a disability but you’re not sure where to start, why not get in touch with one of our team members today. We can help guide you on what type of kayak to buy, any equipment required and the best way of getting out on the water.

Six Tips to Improve Your Basement Window Security

Basement window security can make or break an entire home, but many homeowners don’t consider this an essential piece of the construction puzzle. A well-constructed window will go a long way toward preventing burglars from entering your home undetected and busting open your walls. If you are trying to build up your basement security, you want to ensure that you don’t overlook any doorway to your home. Basement windows tend to be quite strong, and burglars struggle with them much more than other points of entry. This is why windows are important in the general security of your home, as they pose a serious challenge for potential intruders. 


Here are some tips that can help improve your basement window security:

Add Window Bars and Grates

Basement windows are the most common entries used by burglars to enter houses. Adding window bars and grates will close up potential entry points other home upgrades might overlook. These can be purchased at hardware stores, but they are also easily DIY-ed by anyone with some know-how. Window bars can be purchased in various lengths and configured to allow maximum light while excluding intruders. Grates are commonly installed above basement windows, though they can also be installed inside. They effectively prevent intruders from seeing around your windows and coming up behind you, making it much harder for them to gain entry into your home.

Consider Window Decals

Window decals are one of the simplest and most effective ways to boost the security of your basement windows. Even if a burglar doesn’t realize that bars and grates cover your windows, he can easily tell by the decals that windows don’t have bars. A burglar will naturally target unbarred windows instead of trouble spots with bars. A residential locksmith can help you find decals that match your windows and are also designed to be resistant to scratching and ripping.

Reinforce Safety With Window Locks

Standard window locks are designed to keep windows from opening too far, stopping burglars from reaching inside and unlocking the window. These are invisible to burglars but can still be broken with enough force. You should consider replacing these with burglar bars that run along the interior of your window and prevent intruders from kicking in your window. Additional bars can also be installed around windows that open. Residential locksmiths can help you find a safety solution that fits your home without altering the aesthetics of your home.

Install an Alarm System

A full-fledged alarm system can be incredibly expensive and require professional installation, but investing in one of these will greatly augment your basement window security. Intruders are not likely to break into a home with a loud and piercing siren going off, so installing an alarm is one of the best ways to prevent a burglar from ever breaking into your home. If an intruder does manage to break in, a loud alarm will almost certainly force him to flee. Local burglar alarm companies can help you find the right system for your home and offer expert installation services.

Use Security Film on Your Windows

Security film is designed to keep burglars from breaking your windows in the first place. The material is strong enough to prevent simple break-ins, but it isn’t strong enough to prevent a burglar from kicking, punching, or shattering your window with an object like a rock or brick. You can buy security films designed for your budget at any hardware store, but a DIY security film is also possible. You need to purchase the necessary materials and follow the easy instructions.

Install Solar-Powered Motion Sensors

Motion detectors are one of the best ways to ensure that intruders won’t get into houses through basement windows. The motion sensors will work when they detect human movement and beep locally so you can determine that an intruder is present in your house.


Burglars aren’t uncommon in our society, but you can take steps to improve your basement window security. Doing so will make it harder for them to enter your home and cause a great deal of confusion for the burglars that do break in. I hope these tips have been helpful, and I look forward to hearing from you if you have used any of these ideas to prevent burglary.

Tips for Tiny House Security

Tiny house security is important if you do not want your house to be taken away or broken into. Learn about tiny house security so that you know the steps to take to protect your living place.

Five Tips for Tiny House Security

The way that you secure a tiny house can be different from the way that you would secure another type of home. Security steps must be taken, though, to make sure that such a house is not broken into or stolen.

Install Security Cameras

Security cameras can be used by any homeowner, and they can help you know what is happening at your tiny house when you are not home. Find an affordable locksmith to set up a camera system for you, and use the cameras to make sure that no one is getting close to your house or trying to figure out a way of breaking in or taking it away.

Remove the Wheels from the Trailer Your House Sits On

When it comes to tiny house security, one of the most important things to do is make the house difficult to move away from. You might take off the wheels on the trailer that your house sits on and replace those with blocks or stands. If you don’t want to take the wheels off, you can purchase locks for them or a device to put over the trailer hitch to make things difficult for thieves.

Park Your House in a Safe Area

When you build a house, you build in an area that is known for its safety. When you park your tiny house, think about the area where you are putting it. If crime is common in the area that you are considering, think about going somewhere else. If you own the land where you are positioning your house, consider putting up a fence all around the property’s border.

Put a Good Lock on Your Tiny House’s Door

Your biggest concern is that someone will take your house away, but you also need to secure the doors on the house to protect all that is inside. Find an affordable locksmith to put good locks on the doors of your tiny house, and consider using smart locks for extra security. Always lock your doors when you are not at home and when you are inside your home.

Learn Which Neighbors You Can Trust

When you make relationships with those in your neighborhood, those people will automatically watch over your house. Learn who can be trusted in the houses surrounding your property. Let those you trust know when you are going to be away from your house for an extended period so that they can watch for anything suspicious, and consider offering to let friends stay in your house when you are gone.


Your tiny house can be secured. You shouldn’t have to be concerned about losing it or anything that you keep inside of it. With these tips you will be able to protect it when you’re there and when you’re gone.

How to Handle Children on International Journeys?

Being a parent is hard already, but the challenges they face get magnified when parents travel with their kids. What is supposed to be a relaxing and fun time with the family, turns into a harsh reality check when parents realize that managing kids while traveling can be testing if one isn’t prepared. You feel like things used to be more peaceful at home and start regretting the holiday plan as soon as your plane takes off.

But worry not fellow parents, these challenges can be overcome with resolve and patience as I help you navigate these testing times. Hopefully the solutions I propose today will make you become an expert traveler even if your beautiful creations run amok.

Why Can Managing Kids Be Hard While On Vacation?

The saying “if you want to get to know a person, travel together” speaks volumes here. It has never been more true than when traveling with kids. As you’re traveling together, you spend more time together, and there are no rooms to hide in or a boss calling you to work. You’re there for the experience, and there is no running away from it, and that includes your kids.

But it is not their fault, kids have high energy levels and can become easily bored if you do not match their energy levels. So if you can’t manage to distract them, they will become fussy and easily irritable. It is why you’d notice that the quiet ones are usually the ones thoroughly immersed in their cell phone screens.

But if you take away their gadgets or if the battery runs out, they no longer have anything interesting to do, and it is when they become tiny little monsters creating havoc on the airplane, disturbing everyone and embarrassing you, the parent, in the process.

But it is something parents don’t account for and easily overlook, especially if the family is traveling together for the first time. Plus, parents are already exhausted due to the stress of booking hotels, making all the traveling arrangements, and buying tickets.

And if you’re anything like me, you are wired to the limit thinking about the vacation or worried about missing the flight. So you don’t get any sleep the night before, and you can’t be bothered about handling kids on the plane. 

But this is natural and why most parents find it difficult to handle kids while traveling. So here’s what you need to do.

Partake in Physical Activity the Day Before Traveling

Doing some physical work the day before traveling can be wonderful as exercise can help calm the nerves and you will be tired by the time you go to bed, have a more peaceful sleep, and won’t be up all night from travel anxiety.

And this works magic for young kids too. But instead of hitting the gym or doing manual labor, you can make the activity more fun, so your kids are more likely to participate. You can play your kids’ favorite sports with them, play hide n seek, or a simple game of tag where everyone runs all over the place can work miracles.

They will be too exhausted the next day to throw tantrums on the flight because they would have spent their entire energy the day before and gone to sleep early, so they wake up hungry and tired the next day.

I do this with my kids when we are about to go on vacation. We go swimming together, and I challenge them to do laps with me. Whoever does the most laps wins and gets to eat ice cream afterward. But the best thing about this is, they are never able to beat me because I used to be a professional swimmer during college. It’s evil but not as evil as an annoying child crying during a long flight.

Ensure They Don’t Get Lost

When you’re in a foreign place, there are numerous attractions that you and your kids haven’t seen or only seen photos or videos of. And whenever there is such a sight that has taken all their attention, they are most likely going to wander off and get lost.

It can be a very stressful and even dangerous situation, given what kind of a place you’re at and what their customs are. If your kids see a candy shop, they’re gonna run off, they see a man holding some exotic animal, they will run off. The opportunities are endless. It is why you need to be ready beforehand and install the kids tracking app for Android and iOS. And the app I recommend is XNSPY.

XNSPY can track kids and help keep them safe because it is an app to monitor kids’ activities remotely. By using the application, parents will automatically get updated on all the activities on their kids’ phones. 

In our case, it is a game-changer because this kids’ tracking app for Android and iOS can keep kids out of danger by alerting parents of their exact location in real-time. If you were busy sightseeing and your kids suddenly left your sight, instead of panicking you log in to your XNSPY account, open the label marked Locations and see their location on the digital map included in the app.

It helps you catch up to them before they can go any further and get into trouble with some of the uptight locals who find it difficult to see the humor in things. I have used the app to monitor kids’ activities remotely and on many occasions, more than I’d like to admit.

It has even been lifesaving for many young travelers’ excursions to dangerous locations. Because if you just know the device’s last known location, you can open the frequently visited spots section on the app’s control panel to find nearby places the device owner might have visited. It is why it can be a great travel tech for your wilderness experiences.

Plan Activities Around Your Kids

When you’re traveling with kids, the best course of action is to plan your holiday around the hobbies and activities your kids enjoy. It means that you will have to sacrifice some of the things you enjoy for your kids’ happiness which is what being a parent is all about, isn’t it? But this way, your kids will have less to complain which is a win-win for everyone, in my opinion.

And to make them feel more welcome, include them when you’re planning your activities so they feel heard and appreciated. Since they will have something fun to look forward to, they will be in a better mood and less likely to have an outburst.

Thus the happier the kids are, the more peace and tranquility will be in your lives, but as always, it’s a balancing act, and you don’t have to give in to their every whim. Teach them how to compromise and divide the plans that you both agree on like visiting an amusement park or a safari park or going deep sea diving.

With these tips, your next trip with your kids will involve a lot less hassle and be more enjoyable and relaxing, and your kids might even learn to live without their gadgets for a while. I can’t promise the last one though.

Is Hiring An Iguana Removal Company Really Worth Paying For

If you have a house in South Florida then you already know what it feels like to get your beautiful landscape all ruined by Iguanas. It is a warlike animal that can damage your wonderfully designed garden within a single day. So you see having such animals in every corner of your house is not only irritating but harmful as well. They can ruin all the efforts of a gardener. And at the same time, they can also damage the base of your house, your beautifully painted walls and your newly installed fancy floors. So you see it’s highly important for you to get rid of such an irritating stubborn animal. But removing them from your property is a lot of hard work. And this is why we insist you go here and hire a professional team of iguana control. But before that, let’s figure out whether they are worth paying for or not.

Conducts A Proper Inspection Of The Property

If you want to catch Iguanas you have to be very careful with this trapping process. And this trapping process begins with the right inspection of a property where the Iguanas are living right now. A professional team of Iguana removal surveys a property properly and looks for the holes and nests that have been formed by Iguanas. This is the beginning process of trapping this highly intelligent animal.

Uses The Right Trapping Strategy

As we said before, catching an Iguana is not so easy. It requires one to plan the right trapping strategies and then a proper execution. Go here and hire the most trusted Iguana control company. At first, they will search for the access points to understand their movements and then they will place the cages that can perfectly catch more than 20 Iguanas at a time.

Protects Your Garden

Having a garden requires a lot of effort. You have to follow the right nurturing methods to make your garden beautiful. Now imagine your favourite Mango tree has started blooming this summer and suddenly you get to discover bite marks on the fruits. How you will feel? Isn’t it frustrating? And exactly where a professional Iguana removal company helps you out. They can protect your garden in the best ways possible. From iguana trapping to topography protection, they offer extended support to protect your garden from this super annoying animal called Iguana.

Keeps Your Property Clean

Your home’s driveway, floors, pool area, patio and car’s roof can get all dirty by Iguanas. And the only gateway to remove them from your property is calling the professionals. They will set your property free from this super annoying animal.

Thus to conclude, calling such professionals is indeed a great decision. So do not overthink it. Just go get them hired.