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Indian Wedding Clothes


Indian weddings are some of the most beautiful in the world. The colorful clothing, traditional jewelry, and intricate embroidered designs are simply stunning. If you’re planning an Indian wedding or attending one, here’s what you need to know about what people wear:

The Indian Sari

The sari is a traditional Indian garment that has been worn since ancient times. It consists of a long piece of cloth that’s wrapped around the waist and draped over one shoulder or the other, in varying styles depending on regional customs. The sari is worn by women from all ages, including young brides on their wedding day!

The bride wears her wedding lehenga with a sari that’s intricately detailed with embroidery across its front panel.

The Indian Sherwani

The Sherwani is a long coat, which is traditionally worn with a kurta pyjama. The groom wears the sherwani during wedding ceremonies. The bridegroom’s family sends out invites to the guests and then informs them about the colour of clothes that they should wear on that particular day. If you are attending an Indian wedding, it is important for you to know what colour attire you should be wearing at different occasions.

Indian clothes are colorful and beautifully embroidered.

Indian clothes are colorful and beautifully embroidered. Indian clothes are a part of the Indian culture. They are very traditional and comfortable to wear. Indian clothes are made of cotton which makes them easy to wash and maintain their quality for years on end without any problems at all.


Indian wedding clothes are both colorful and beautifully embroidered. It’s a great way to show your culture and make a statement at your wedding.

Loc extensions 101- Everything You Need to Know About Locs

Loc extensions 101- Everything You Need to Know About Locs

How can loc extensions help?

If your hair is quite short in the start stage, you might not feel confident about your locs cause they’re still maturing. This could feel discouraging for some people. Instead of giving up on them, try a loc extension! Loc extensions are a protective style that allows your hair to grow at its natural rate and will hold your locs in place until they reach their desired length.

What are Loc Extensions?

Loc extensions are permanent sections made of 100% kinky human hair. They can be added to your natural locs to provide extra length without glue or chemicals.

Loc extensions are a type of weave that is commonly used in African-American culture. Locs comes from the word “locating” which is the act of adding hair to one’s head. They have been around for quite some time, but they have been popularized by celebrities like Beyonce and Rihanna.

The Difference Between Faux Locs & Loc Extensions

Faux locs are a temporary protective style. To install them usually involves twisting or braiding your actual hair, and wrapping locs around your braid/shaft. Faux locs are usually made of Marley hair, Kanekalon hair, or synthetic hair. While loc extensions are meant to be a permanent extension of your hair, this temporary protective style is comparable to box braids.

Loc extensions that use 100% human and the most important part is the density ratio of them matches the ratio and the density of the real hair growing from your scalp.

Some more noticeable difference of faux locks is that they normally have spirally shiny apparel. While permanent loc extensions look more like natural or real dreadlocks.


Faux locs

Loc extensions


Shiny/ Smooth/Spiral

Natural human hair dreads





Mostly scalp

Can be washed regularly

Life span:

Months/ Temporary

Years-lifelong/ Permanent

Things you need to know before you get loc extensions

1. Do loc extensions affect hair growth?

The question that people ask a lot is:

-Is loc extensions bad for your hair?

-Does loc extensions somehow affect my hair growth?

No and no, obviously. Loc extensions are not connected to your scalp and do not have any physical contact with the scalp, so applying loc extensions will not affect your hair growth. But they might stand a chance of causing hair loss by tension and traction if they are applied too tight or the locs are too heavy. But the problem will also happen to your natural locs too due to the way you do your locs.

You can start your locks with permanent lock extensions if you want to feel more ”feminism” and skip the short period.

If you are considering permanent loc extensions, please make sure to know your lock ratio.

You can make your own permanent loc extensions with afro kinky human hair bulk or you can pay the bill to get them installed. But the reason why it’s important to know your lock ratio is when you are moving forward with permanent lock extensions you might meet some trouble if someone is adding a lock onto your natural lock incorrectly.

let’s say you’re taking loc extensions, and for some reason, the ratio locks aren’t fitting well. You might find that by the time your natural hair grows, your natural loc is going to be thinner than loc extension and, as a result, the extensions will weigh it down.

This will cause a breaking point. In the middle section where it connects to your natural lock. This is why some ppl get loc extensions and wonder why their hair is either slipping out or does not grow as quickly as it should.

 loc extensions

hair growth

2. Are loc extensions permanent?

Yes, they can be permanent if you choose the correct ratio of the loc and get properly installed. Since they were made of real human hair, they can be left on your hair forever if they have good care.

Usually, the permanent loc extension hair texture can be anywhere between 4C and 4D. You can hardly tell the difference in touch feeling when you put your hands on them. Maybe just a little bit more textured than your natural locs do.

3. Avoid wrapping method— that’s not a way to have permanent locs

And something that you really want to avoid is to have a permanent loc extension with the wrapping method. If you wrap locs onto your hair, as your hair is growing, it only causes breakage on your natural lock.

Do not believe it if someone says that they can give you permanent lock extensions with the wrapping method. The wrapping method is only for faux locs which is a style that only lasts 1 or 2 months.

Make sure you are not using synthetic fake hair as loc extensions. If you want to have your hair longer than 6 months, it has to be human hair, only that you can dye it or care for it.

4. Pay attention to your fragile area

If you are adding an extension onto your nape area, and maybe your nape area is not really that Strong. Then you might want to make your natural loc thicker In that area and also bigger in the party so that way your nape area can withhold it and it doesn’t break off. And also you have to consider how strong your loc is before you get your lock extensions attached.

Loc Extension Maintenance

1. Use gentle cleansers after being installed 4 to 6 weeks:

You can cleanse your hair with extensions in your hair. However, ensure to use a gentle cleanser that is sulfate-free. As it is human hair you do not want to remove all of the oils from the hair which will leave it feeling dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. Gentle cleansers do the job of cleansing the hair and scalp without allowing it to feel stripped. As well as you don’t want to disturb the bonding process between the extensions and your natural hair.

Once you apply an ample amount to your scalp, ensure to pull the ‘sud’ from the cleanser along the extensions. This is especially important if you have used a lot of oils and butter in your weekly regimen. And rinse thoroughly before moving on to the next step.

2. Hydration is the best friend for your loc extensions:

Human hair becomes way much easier to maintain once it is hydrated at all times.

Whether you are experiencing sunny days or cold days, this affects the hydration level of your locs. As well as chlorine, salt water, and harsh bleach dyes can break down the quality of your locs.

The best way to hydrate your locs is using a water-based moisturizer/leave-in conditioner. Or you can use an aloe vera juice spritz followed up with your favorite oil. Both combinations work well to keep the hydration locked into your extensions for a longer time. It will keep frizz and flyaways at bay. As well as, maintaining the health of the locs to keep them looking ‘brand new.’ Also, you can keep a spray bottle of water with you wherever you go if you need to refresh the locs.

3. Sleep with Satin

Silk Satin Lined Sleeping Cap

When you’re going to your bed with your extensions, ensure to sleep with a satin scarf on or on a satin sheet/pillowcase. Human hair extensions are premium extensions that do not shed, tangle, or knot as much as other extensions. However, you want to ensure that you are doing your due diligence in caring for them. Also, it makes prepping your hair the next morning way easier as you do not have any detangling.

Although these extensions actually can last forever, you need to care for them at night. Before you go to bed today, ensure that your hair is being protected by satin.

Loc extensions 101

Silk Satin Lined Sleeping Cap

4. Use High-Quality Loc’d Gel–

Not every loc gel in the market is great for your extensions. You want to use high-quality gels that provide hold as well as nourishment. You can choose a gel with a soft hold or a stronghold. Most people will choose a stronghold in the beginning for the bonding process. As well as others may choose a soft hold because they want natural-looking dreadlocks.

The gel should also be rich in essential oils that contain antiseptic and anti-microbial properties to soothe and heal your inflamed scalp. Therefore, it won’t cause itchiness, flaky scalp, build-up, or any adverse reaction.

You need to use the best gel so ensure to research and watch reviews on different loc gels from different brands to hear other person’s experiences before you commit to one.

5. Do not over-manipulate your loc extensions:

This does not mean that you cannot wear your desired hairstyle. We all want eccentric, unique, and/or curly Loc’d hairstyles to wear. However, sometimes the excess manipulation involved during the styling process will affect the bonding process of the extension to your real hair. So, you want to have adequate time, especially when you have just installed it to style it in a particular way.

You can wear it the way the stylist installed it for a couple of days. But do not try to do your own thing until four to six weeks later. Or follow the time period that your loc technician has duly advised you to. After the time has passed, then you are free to do whatever style you want.

The Seven Best Things to do if you are in Baltimore

Baltimore, Maryland, also known as “Charm City,” is the harbor capital of the State with a rich historical background, a cultural hub of arts, crafts, and museums, along with it being a vital trading seaport.

While in Baltimore, there’s lots to see and explore. For starters, you have the chance to explore the National Museum to explore the undersea world and explore the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of African/American History & Culture.

Stay at Four Seasons or check into Spring Hill Suites when visiting Downtown Baltimore to explore shops, restaurants, and cafes. 

Take historical, culinary, and cultural tours around Downtown and Inner Harbor ports. To earn a personalized participation certificate, you can experience indoor skydiving. 

Go sailing in the Inner Harbor on summer wind to enjoy a variety of locally crafted beers. 

Other than that, there are endless things to do in Baltimore. Let’s look at some top destinations and activities for a wholesome family experience.

1. The Inner Harbor

You must not miss one of the most popular places in Baltimore. Enriched with history, many exciting and fun spots surround the Inner Harbor. 

If you’re traveling by your own vehicle, check out to book a safe and central parking spot. 

The waterfront oasis is home to the National Aquarium, American Visionary Arts Museum, and the Maryland Science Center. 

Being close to a seaport, you will find various restaurants serving seafood. Go for a shopping spree at Fell’s Point, Harbor Place, Harbor East, and Canton. 

These spots are located in the same line, making it easier for you to go from one place to another. Alternatively, you can hop on a scooter to take in your surroundings while you get around or hail a water cab to cross the Harbor.

2. Party like a Pirate at Fell’s Point

The British Navy named Baltimore a “Nest of Pirates” because Fell’s Point still hoists a pirate flag for others to see. 

Don’t miss the Privateer Festival with live performances. You can even dress up in pirate costumes for the complete experience and participate in parades. 

The kids can indulge in art activities while adults admire the unique and creative artwork from amateur and experienced artisans.

3 . Catch Baltimore’s Birds and Orioles in Action

Maryland sports fans show up year-round to witness ball-playing birds. Throughout the winter & fall seasons, the M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore is lit with tailgate parties to cheer for the Raven games. 

The Camden Yards in summer & spring attract baseball fans. The Camden Yards also features street wall art by artists and creatives from all around Baltimore for recognition. Their art pieces consist of famous ball players, ball pitches, and other memorabilia.

After the game, you can also explore the stadium and get a chance to meet your favorite players while admiring the grand stadium’s beauty.

4. Meet Hipsters in their Natural Environment

Located on 36th Street Hampden as “The Avenue,” you will find Hampdenfest featuring Baltimore’s best bands.

Around the Avenue are cocktail bars, coffee shops, cigar lounges, record shops, boutiques, and alternative bookstores that live up to their names. 

You can also visit the First Fridays event for stand-up comedies, live music shows, and more.

5. Head to Artscape, America’s Biggest Free Arts Festival

Every July, thousands of art enthusiasts line up at the Artscape, the largest arts festival in the US that takes place at the Station North Arts and Entertainment District of Baltimore. It is a weekend full of music, games, dance, theatre, live shows, fun, and entertainment activities for families. 

You can also buy local art pieces, while the kids can participate in the art competition, display their art pieces, or take them home with them. You can attend mini-concerts by upcoming artists across different stages.

6. Ride the Rails at B&O Railroad Museum

Board one of the museum’s historic trains at the B&O Railroad Museum with model gardens, working trains, and rides for the kids. 

You can also stop over at the Baltimore Street Car Museum to witness and experience Baltimore’s rich history and culture. 

Moreover, you can also play board games such as monopoly, UNO, Ludo, etc., while riding a train for a memorable experience. Do not miss the little café after you get off the train to cool off with coffee and drinks.

7. A Picnic at Fort McHenry, Home of the Star-Spangled Banner

The events of the 1812 war made Fort McHenry a central historical spot that thousands of tourists visit yearly. 

It is now a historic shrine, a National Monument, and the home of Francis Scott Key, who inspired the American National Anthem. 

The fort’s sprawling waterfront gardens make the perfect family picnic spot on a bright sunny day. You can even witness the skylines of Baltimore and magnificent rainbows after the rain. 


Baltimore city is full of adventure and fun activities for the entire family. The unique Inner Harbor of Baltimore, its surrounding areas, Fell’s Point, and the Privateer Festival are memorable experiences for the whole family. 

Sports fans can engage with Witness Baltimore’s baseball teams and experience the Birds and Orioles playoffs at the M&T Bank Stadium and Camden Yards. 

Music lovers can visit The Avenue and attend Hampdenfest to witness Baltimore’s best bands play to the beat. And while you’re there, do not miss the stand-up comedies and live shows. 

If you’re fond of arts and culture, attend America’s largest free arts festival at Artscape and take a rail ride at the B&O Railroad Museum. 

Lastly, don’t miss a day at Fort McHenry for a memorable family picnic.


Best Man

How To Set Successful Career Goals

Launching your career is a big step that can set you on a course for a fulfilling professional life. Some people know who they are and how they want to live from an early age, but most need to explore and enquire before they commit to a certain career path. This is okay and completely normal. Take a moment to think about setting career goals that motivate you to move forward. 

  1. Review Your Present Situation

What are the main components of your professional and personal lives? Look for the aspects of your job or educational background that excite you and spark interest. If you are employed, you may explore what is a customer data platform and use that information to move toward your goals. View your career and professional interactions from multiple perspectives.

  1. Set Aside Time to Journal

Personal journaling time gives you space to be honest about your career desires. Respond to journaling prompts about career development or engage in a freewriting exercise. Journal regularly and review your entries to discern your concerns and priorities.  

  1. Take Assessments and Quizzes

Career quizzes and personality assessments can guide you toward the right fit. Take online quizzes from reputable sources in order to better understand yourself. Quiz results may include career suggestions or highlight job duties that play toward your strengths. 

  1. Brainstorm Job Options

Keep a digital document of potential careers and job options. Search for current openings on LinkedIn and other job websites. Read through position descriptions and background requirements for your dream jobs or favorite organizations. This can guide your training or application choices.  

  1. Research Career Fields

Read about the potential and realities within multiple career fields, from medicine to marketing. Pay attention to the level of higher education that is commonly required and how much the average professional can expect to earn in each field. 

  1. List Your Lifestyle Needs and Desires

What does a work-life balance look like for you? Each person’s wants and needs vary. Factoring in this component to your career goals can assist in avoiding burnout down the road. 

  1. Follow People at The Top of Their Game

Keep an eye out for highly successful individuals in your chosen career field. These people could be known in popular culture or enjoy local success. Perhaps you know a high-flying surgeon or lawyer. Look at their education, career trajectory, habits, public relationships, and other lifestyle factors. Picture yourself in their shoes and consider if you would make similar or different decisions. 

  1. Talk to a Career Coach 

There is value in talking through your thoughts and seeking professional counsel. A career coach is experienced in evaluating choices and guiding individuals toward their best paths. 

  1. Pair Up with a Professional Mentor 

A mentor can provide a real-world perspective about making realistic career goals and what is necessary to realize your full potential. Reach out to someone through your school or professional connections. Many experienced professionals are happy to share their wisdom and provide encouragement.  

  1. Be a Shadow 

Think about shadowing at an office or clinic for a day. This is a fly-on-the-wall perspective that provides unmatched insight. Ask your career coach or mentor about such an option.

  1. Look for Volunteer Opportunities 

If you are not certain about which career ladder to climb, or how to do it, volunteer your services with a local non-profit organization. There is value in looking outside yourself and becoming an active member of your community. You can meet people from diverse backgrounds, and you may find that your passion is non-profit work.

  1. Identify Short and Long-Term Ambitions 

Set your main career goal, like being the CEO in a corner office or owning your own bakery. Then, set incremental goals throughout each year to keep you on track through the fluctuations of life.

Allow yourself to dream big and accomplish goals on the road to success. 



Some of the Best Reasons To Use a Customer Data Platform

In today’s digital marketplace, customer data platforms continue to grow in importance for several reasons. Primarily it is because customer data platforms are crucial in helping a business understand their customers, build relationships with current and potential customers, and ultimately drive more revenue to a business.

Companies currently using a customer data platform understand how much better their data management is and how much more they can deliver a personalized experience to their audience. Companies that are still wondering what is a customer data platform risk getting left behind in terms of engaging in a meaningful way with their customers. With that in mind, here are some great reasons to begin using a customer data platform.

They Help To Build a Unified Customer Profile

One of the fundamental aspects of marketing in the digital age is for companies to create a target customer persona. With so many different customers contacting companies through so many different avenues, it can often seem difficult for a company to create this type of blended persona. 

One of the true strengths of a customer data platform is that it acts as a central hub for every piece of customer data that a company receives. So no matter if companies launch campaigns through email, social media, or organic search, the customer data platform allows them to gather every piece of information in one place.

When companies go through this process, they better understand every customer’s journey from their first contact with the company until the sale of a product or service to the customer. This information allows companies to tailor their marketing strategies in a much more direct and effective way that lowers costs and increases revenue.

They Can Deliver a Very Personalized Experience

As companies receive more data about each one of their customers, they have the opportunity to provide relevant and personalized campaigns to customers. Companies soon learn that this type of personalization is precisely what customers expect and demand from companies. When customers receive a personalized experience from a company trying to sell them something, they are far more likely to engage with that company in a meaningful way.

They Can Improve Customer Satisfaction With Your Products and Services

One of the benefits of using a customer data platform is that the targeted approach it offers directly correlates to a huge increase in customer satisfaction. This change leads to first-time customers becoming repeat customers and creates tremendous viral buzz among customers singing your company’s praises. 

When this happens, companies soon see considerable increases in their annual growth. At the same time, they may quickly see their marketing budgets decline because their targeted efforts are much more cost-effective.

They Offer Automation That Saves a Company Time and Money

While the core of a customer data platform is data accumulation, it also offers the ability to utilize artificial intelligence and automation in the execution of the software. For example, a customer data platform might be able to use a shopper’s purchasing history to guess when and how much they will buy in the future.

With this kind of information in hand, companies can approach customers at the right time with just the right message. This process means that the marketing dollars spent by a company get used in a way where conversion rates are much higher, thus lowering a company’s expenditures.

They Might Be Able To Predict the Future

It is not an overstatement to suggest that a customer data platform can give companies a glimpse into the future. A customer data platform can give a company great insight into future marketing trends that will allow that company to target high-quality audiences both now and in the future. This information will allow companies to say one step ahead of their competition even while data keeps getting accumulated by the system.

While a customer data platform is not a substitute for a great marketing team at your company, it serves as an invaluable tool in assisting them in their efforts. This unique piece of software can both increase revenue and decrease expenses at precisely the same time.