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In June 2019, I started my journey as a new blogger printed with a top coder platform. It has become a wild trip because I developed a series of posts on data science and how to do the basics with Python. In this post, I want to share some of the lessons I have learned in conducting a series.

Here there are lessons learned:

Blogging about Python and data science sharpen my programming skills. Because topcoder members and contestants rely on blogs to help them win their competition, I am careful not to just make my example code, but provide a broad documentation in the Jupyter notebook that complements the series. I have completed the Python Programming Certificate in Isothermal Community College and requires a way to keep my python skills. So, I made a question to the topcoder and now I’m a blogger on the platform. The best way to apply what you have learned in your Python course is to build the application and post it on GitHub. This is what I did when I developed the blog post in 2019.Data science online training.

Second, in the coding Jupyter notebook for my series, I learned art often debuged my code. The debugging code is the main skill for learning not only for data science, but for general software development. The train code can cause the model to predict the wrong results or not execute at all. The worst error that can be done by a programmer is a logic error, where your code goes correctly but produces wrong results. The wrong prediction model can cost the money of the organization, so for your interest to think about the code and periodically tweak for maximum effectiveness.

Third, I learned Jupyter notebooks sometimes superior to the idea programming to execute the data science code. This notebook, if carefully designed, can mimic real life scientific notebooks. Data programming is usually carried out with Jupyter because it is a practical environment for exploration, coding, and predictive model development. One of the popular Python distributions is Anaconda Python, which includes Jupyter Plus Spyder. By using Anaconda, programmers do not have to regulate their data science programming environment because distribution has most libraries needed for analysis.

Finally, I learned that blogging was hard work and needed an understanding of my audience. Do two blogs in Tensorflow 2.0 buy this house to me as a developer / blogger. To present a way of working with Tensorflow, I have to read the documentation and play with the sample code. Blogging is good and unsuccessful at the same time. It didn’t work because the examples I wanted to include in the posts did not work and I worked against the deadline. I finally post a blog post on steps for tensorflow analysis without being able to enter code examples. However, the blog post was successful, because it introduced a library to the TOPCODER community. Whatever makes the topcoder platform better for members, bloggers, and programmers are always appreciated

The fifth lesson I learned in blogging during 2019 was to participate in the December thrive challenges. While I got a published post, I struggled to work on another post because of the grammar to mark my posts for plagiarism, even though there were no content marked. I really have an award for all members responsible for checking our posts and ensuring we issue the best content on the thrive. The challenge shows me that I can play blog posts that are well developed, no matter the results.

Although not used specifically in data science, object-oriented analysis and design will be served. Object-oriented analysis and design is a way to set up programs around the module. The vocabulary used to describe data will be explained by using the sample class. The following are Wikipedia articles that explain the concept.

The blog series then looks at the following library with a sample program that shows this library: numpy, scipy, scicit-learn, hard, and tensorflow. This library forms the basic data science using Python.

I enjoyed my blogging trip with TopCoder in 2019 and I look forward to developing content in 2020. Because blog information 2020 suggested, I would develop content for general and developing blogs. A new approach for blogging will produce new and interesting content. In my subsequent developing post, I would like to introduce an exploration data analysis using Python, which is a step-by-step approach to analyzing data before applying the data science algorithm to develop the model.

How To Use Reverse Image Search in Best Different Ways

How To Use Reverse Image Search in Best Different Ways 

There are plenty of SEO tools out there, and many are still being developed every day to boost and improve SEO to know how rewarding it can be in the end. 

Reverse Image Search is also one of those tools that have been developed to add value to how things get done online.

What is Reverse Image Search?

Reverse Image Search is an image search tool that helps users find similar photos online. It is search engine technology that enables its user to upload image files (instead of entering a text-based or voice-based keyword) to obtain relevant results related to the posted image. Results can be displayed taken from different search engines.

Mainly, you can discover everything about an image that interests you, including its sources and where else it is being used through this tool. You must know the importance of quality images in the marketing campaign if you are a marketer.

It can help improve your efforts to make sure you get the best results of every effort you make, especially on images you intend to use. 

Different ways to use it at its best, and it helps the following:                                                  

1.      Helps to ensure that you aren’t duplicating images

 If you are running a blog or a website and you post articles from different sources, then it can help you that you are not using exactly duplicated images so you can save yourself through landing in trouble. Duplicated images and copied content can inevitably cause copyright problems, so by using reverse images, one can avoid such issues. In addition to ensuring that you don’t use duplicate photos, this tool can help you figure out your original images are not being used anywhere else. The results will lead you to decide on the way forward.

2.      Helps improve linkage, so original sources are credited

 Crediting incorrect business for images isn’t an ethical thing for sure. As the marketer, therefore, you get the advantage of the image search tool as a feature to find out who the original image source is. By doing this, you can give credit to the right owners.

3.      Facilitates to track links to your original images

 Backlinks can be very beneficial in any kind of marketing strategy, and the majority of search tool can be utilized to track who links your authentic images and how. You can see how your images are performing so you can decide whether they are working according to your expectations.

4.      Detect Fake accounts

If someone is using your pictures and information on a fake social media account or you think you are a victim of cat fishing, you can easily find it by using Google image search. It will help to keep your reputation clean all the way.

5.      Find different versions of a specific image

Maybe your current version of the image is not performing well? With this tool, you may get more versions belonging to the particular image, whether it means a different format or size or the one not as blurry.

6.      Helps in Identifying

If you have a picture of a place, person, product, or anything you don’t recognize by name, you can use the image search tool. Just upload them, and this tool will help identify those as long as there are identical images or information available online. 

Top Reverse Image Search Tools available for free

1.   Reverse Image search by SmallSeoTools

This is one of the best tools available online which provides the facility of Google Search by image. You can search for reverse images with this tool in 5 ways:

  • By providing image URL
  • By uploading an image
  • By entering a keyword to search related keywords
  • By dragging an image to the required field
  • By pasting a screenshot

Users can also upload the required image directly from Google Drive or from dropbox. This tool provides results from three search engines, Google, Yandex, and Bing, so that users can get the required one.

This reverse image can be accessed by using Just open it up, upload an image, and get related images in results within seconds.

2.   TinEye Reverse Image Search

TinEye reverse image search is also considered the best tool for image search. Users can find reverse images by uploading the desired image or by pasting the URL of the image available online. This tool basically provides the facility of Google search by image, so it generates those resultant websites having that particular uploaded image or image URL. Users can open up the resultant websites to check further information regarding the image or about the site. This tool provides a complete user manual so the user can check it out in case of any difficulty in its usage. This is available online for free.


This photo search tool is another package of the best features to make an image search. This finest tool allows users to upload an image, enter an image URL, or have a search by just entering the keyword of a related image. 4 search engines provide resultant images for this tool so the user can get any of his choices. The most attractive feature of the tool is that users can do unlimited searches a day without paying a single penny.

Baby fashion trends that everyone can follow

Clothing and its trends are continuously evolving. This shift affects not just adults but also baby’s fashion. When a result, as the seasons change, so do the styles in the party wear clothes for girls and party costumes for boys. Furthermore, parents prefer to catch up with periodic trends not only for themselves but especially for their small children. We have already entered the first months of the year.  As a result, to properly clothe your babies, you must be aware of the latest children’s fashion trends from Kids Clothing Vendors. The following are baby fashion trends that everyone can follow:

Unicorn themed dresses will make your baby look more adorable:

Unicorn outfits are one of those children’s fashion fads that are primarily reserved for young females. It is also a pretty creative and adorable trend. Girls dressed in such gowns are very charming. Previously, this layout had a multi-colored skirt. It was generally done with a white t-shirt. There were also several children’s accessories. This look was undeniably stunning. However, you may also buy such gowns in primary hues. A pink dress with a touch of white and a unicorn pattern is our recommendation. As a result, you could get such baby girl party costumes rapidly. As a result, you should include it in your baby’s clothes selection.

Asymmetrical hemlines outfits:

Over the last year, there has been a wide range of sleeve layouts in baby garments. You might just have spotted chilly shoulders or bell sleeves in online children’s apparel suppliers. Whereas these babies’ fashion trends are still popular, asymmetrical hemlines are something you might see a lot of this year. Uneven hemlines add a stylish touch to any garment, whether it is a dress or a gown. A higher-top party dress is an excellent example of this.

Furthermore, you can see this trend in children’s pants these days as a result, including some similar dress selections in your baby girl’s closet. This pattern is also appropriate for young boys. Such a motif is widely available in clothing. This trend is also increasingly prominent in ethnic clothing for guys. Kurtas with this hemline will make your son look like a rock star.

Three-piece outfits:

Remember the days when interacting dress-up was reserved solely for young females. Nowadays, little boys are just as interested in dressing up as little girls. As a result, you must know children’s fashion trends to outfit your young rock star. Boy’s party costumes are widely available in several online children’s fashion stores. A three-piece set may be a good option for your boy. This is since it is available in both professional and casual attire for guys. As a result, choose anything your prince prefers and change his clothing as soon as possible.


Parents prefer to catch up with periodic trends not only for themselves but especially for their minor children. Asymmetrical hemlines are something you might see a lot of this year. Unicorn outfits are one of those children’s fashion fads that are primarily reserved for young females. A three-piece set may be a good option for your boy who likes to dress up in professional and casual attire.

Changes in the Carpet Cleaning Industry

There have been lots of people who have been working in the carpet cleaning industry for quite a number of years. However, most of them were not impressed as the routine continues to drive them crazy years and years now. But are there really changes in the carpet cleaning industry?

First of all, the era of new generations today has a different understanding as to how important carpet cleaning is. As a matter of fact, some of them have already neglected carpet cleaning which at some point has been giving them problems. Yes! Carpets can somehow be problem givers. As a matter of fact, when cleaning is neglected, health issues can be the worst problem above all. Check out this site for more info.

The advancement in technology nowadays is obviously the reason why there are a lot of changes in the industry today, to which the carpet cleaning industry is not exempted. The carpet cleaning industry changed a lot since workers swung their very first mop

As a matter of fact, in the service industry, the carpet cleaning companies were the very first in the industry to adapt to the changes. Manual cleaning was replaced with tools and equipment that made their jobs a lot easier and faster. However, knowing for a fact that tools and equipment need a huge amount of dollars for investment, the fees in carpet cleaning also changed a lot.

Nowadays, carpet cleaning is known to be one of the most expensive cleaning services. And all across the globe, such changes have been applied.

Technology didn’t stop there though. The internet has become the primary source of information and has given lots of opportunities to millions of people worldwide. Yes! Thousands of companies used the internet to make a name. They created their own websites, making them accessible to everyone in the neighborhood. Not only that, better opportunities opened to those individuals looking for jobs.

However, the internet was also one of the many reasons why the carpet cleaning industry slowed down. Social media is one of those that made a huge impact in the carpet cleaning industry. YouTube has lots of channels showing how carpet cleaning can be done by homeowners.

This has given homeowners the option of doing the work by themselves. Although it might not be as effective as hiring the professionals, it can save them a huge amount of money. However, there will always be a huge difference in the cleaning method, which is more advantageous to the professionals.

End of Lease Cleaning – Steps by Step Guide to get your Bond back 


 Steps for End of Lease Cleaning.jpg

End-of-lease cleaning generally means cleaning the property you rented before the new tenants move in. In this article, I am going to mention some of the steps for end-of-lease cleaning. By following the below-mentioned steps, you can finish your cleaning task fast, and you can get your Bond back for sure.

It’s also called move-out cleaning because we do it before moving out to get the Bond back from the landlord. It is also popular with the names tenancy and deep cleaning of the house.

The end-of-lease cleaning would primarily mean cleaning a rented property, turning it sparkling clean, and then handing it back to the owner at the end of the lease period. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that the property precisely reflects the conditions you rented.

Cleaning a rental property and making it look new for the new coming client is a tenant’s responsibility. Every tenant needs to do that at the end of the lease agreement. Otherwise, you won’t get your deposit back from the house owner.

You can use this ultimate end-of-tenancy cleaning checklist or steps to ensure you don’t miss any important parts.

Steps for end of lease cleaning 

  1. Bedrooms

Step one is to take care of the dust and dirt of the bedroom cause we spend most of our time in the bedroom and keep our clothes wherever we like.

The best way is to wipe a room from top to bottom. Do not forget to remove cobwebs from ceilings and corners. Similarly, wipe out smoothly dust reachable places like wardrobes, shelving, & cupboards.

Now, vacuum and dust both sides of curtains and blinds properly to be healthy and germs-free.

Similarly, it’s time to wipe and polish wall hangings such as mirrors, frames, pictures, etc. You can also polish other wall decorations if you have them.

It is now time to clean the things you have at the bottom, such as metal ornaments and switches. If you were staying with kids or mistakenly got dirty marks, you should clean and remove them from the walls. Finally, clean power sockets after switching off the electricity and mop hard floors and laminate them.

  1. Bathrooms

The second step of lease cleaning is bathroom cleaning. In the bathroom, dirt and mildew are most visible and least tolerable; likewise, in toilets, showers, you should clean tiles and baths and polish and wash the basins, taps, and fittings and remove hard water stains also remove limescale if present.

Wipe marks from shower screens and scrub bath marks too.

  1. Kitchens

Cleaning the kitchen is a pretty hard task. The kitchen is the room everyone uses most of the time. Start washing it from the top and clean inside cupboards and drawers.

Clean inside the window and wipe down sills, ledges, frames, and dirt from woodwork like doors, handles, doorframes, furnishing, and skirting boards. Remove dust from switches if it exists. At last, do not forget to vacuum, & polish the floors by which there will be a healthy living.

  1. Furniture

Furniture is also equally crucial for all tenants. So you must carefully wipe and clean all furnishings before leaving the house.

Wipe and polish computer and reading tables, workspaces, etc. Do not leave any existing fingerprints and marks. It is the critical thing you should know while furnishing.

  1. Carpets

Carpet cleaning is one of the vital steps for end-of-lease cleaning. It is one of the most challenging jobs to do while cleaning the house; the best way to do it is to buy or rent a carpet cleaning machine. It makes your work easier.

Don’t be lazy. Carefully vacuum all sides of the carpet, move the furniture safely (if possible), and vacuum underneath. Hand washing stains is the best alternative for a machine if it is not available.

  1. Windows

It would help if you cleaned everything within your rental property to get Bond back without any hassle. Clean windows are no exception. Do not forget to remove marks, fingerprints, and oily stains during cleaning windows, especially in kitchen windows.


  1. Drawers, Cupboards, and Shelves

Drawers, Cupboards, and Shelves are the items that every cleaning expert often forgot. Make sure you don’t make this mistake. However we already mentioned it above, if you followed our article, you won’t.


Make sure to do everything mentioned on this end-of-lease cleaning checklist to have the most excellent chance of getting your full deposit back when you move out.

If you are thinking of hiring someone for your cleaning task, make sure to hire the best one who gives a 100% bond back guarantee.

If you are in Sydney or the nearest locations, we recommend AMU Cleaning for quality and affordable cleaning services.