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Info-graphic By Martin Polanco On Psychedelic Drugs Treat Mental Illness Differently Than Traditional Medicine

Martin Polanco: Psychedelic Drugs Treat Mental Illness Differently Than Traditional Medicine

Info-graphic By Martin Polanco On Psychedelic Drugs Treat Mental Illness Differently Than Traditional Medicine

Martin Polanco is a medical consultant. He used to write articles on various health tips. He likes to share his experiences, knowledge & skills and has written numerous articles and blog posts on topics related to health. He loves to share his knowledge with people & aware of them about health.

What Kind Of Rings Match Your Theme Wedding?

Throughout history, we have seen people celebrate their engagement and wedding day in a special way. With upcoming trends from destination weddings to backyard weddings — we have seen it all! However, many people are getting more and more creative in making their special day more special, with a themed wedding. The themes differ from person to person and come in a huge variety like nature, Hollywood, fandom, and more! Let’s take a look at what ring matches with your themed wedding as Moissanite Rings NYC have a perfect ring for every theme:

  1. Hollywood-themed

It would be an understatement to say that our dreams revolve around the glamorous Hollywood world— it’s so much more! Be it our favorite movies or celebrities, we have all secretly wanted to experience their lifestyle, even if it’s just for a day! So why not make your wedding day grand and glamourous with a Hollywood-themed wedding? That’s what convinces every couple to choose this theme and it is definitely a great choice! To match your Hollywood-themed wedding, we would suggest you to go for an eternity band or a channel setting with one or more diamonds. With more diamonds— or any gemstones for that matter, you automatically stand out and let your ring speak for itself with its shine and sparkle – what else could be more “Hollywood-style” than that?

  1. Nature-themed

We are seeing a lot of people turn into environmentalists or just nature-loving people nowadays. If you’re a couple that loves being in nature or have always been travel enthusiasts, you will surely want your wedding to reflect your common interest! This is also for couples who want a subtly-themed wedding without doing something extravagant. Yes, we are talking about nature-themed weddings! The décor can include so much, from all greens to the prettiest of flora. And as for the rings, we would suggest you check out antique/vintage ones as they have intricate designs of flowers and leaves. Many modern rings like moissanite halo engagement rings also have nature in their designs, which make the rings look elegant and delicate— just like your wedding’s theme!

  1. Fandom-themed

Talking about glamour and Hollywood, we are sure that series have no less of an impact on people. The series fandom is so huge that a lot of people connect over it. It’s impressive how many people connect on Harry Potter books and series, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, and also people who are into similar music genres, like One Direction and EST. Couples today usually have a favorite series or other similar interests to relate to and obsess over! And that’s why; many consider it a good idea to make it their wedding theme. When it comes to wedding rings in a fandom-themed wedding, there is a large variety to look at, if you’re creative enough! You can either go for an exact replica of rings from the series or something relating to it. The best way to find such a ring is to keep searching in advance/contact official sites or get a personalized one made especially for you!

Few Final Words

To conclude, we now know that the themes and ring styles are in a large number to choose from. To make things easy, we would suggest you to take your sweet time and select a theme and a ring that truly reflects who you are and your bond with your special someone, as you would have the wedding ring with you forever!

Hike in Weed Sales During Pandemic: Know Why

Recently there has been a boom in the sales of Weed in the United States. Weed sales have been skyrocketing amid coronavirus pandemic lockdown. The reason for the hike in sales is the home delivery of all types of Cannabis in most of the states. Let us know more about it and will also know if it is safe to use Cannabis during coronavirus

The Cannabis sales have increased during the coronavirus pandemic despite stay at home orders around the country. According to Detroit News, the states in which Cannabis sales are legal to have seen a 50% increase in sales across the board and some states like Michigan have around 57% increase in sales. The states which have recreational Cannabis Market like Oregon, California, Colorado, and Alaska have seen more sales during a pandemic. And there are many other states which have seen a hike in sales of approximately 20% to 30% and they are also expecting to see a 60% hike in sales by next month.

Based on a report, the sales have increased after the states declared both medical and recreational marijuana sales as essential in the legalized states, such as California. Also, some states, like Massachusetts, are only allowing medical marijuana as essential and have shut down recreational Marijuana stores. Nevada is only allowing delivery while Maine recreational stores have yet to open despite being legalized.


The Reason for Hike in Sales


The sales of weed have increased unexpectedly as there are states in which the sales have risen around 60% and people are using it more than earlier during the Covid-19 pandemic. According to experts, there are two main reasons for the hike in sales of weed, one is the states have allowed home delivery of weed and the second reason is the people are using it more for recreation purposes.

While the marijuana industry has fared well during the coronavirus pandemic, the process for customers purchasing cannabis has changed as home delivery has become more popular. If someone is going to stores to buy marijuan, they need to maintain social distancing inside the shop. People are afraid of going out to purchase anything. So most of the people are preferring the home delivery option and it is one of the reasons for the increase in sales. It gives a convenient option to the consumers. The states and stores that have options for home delivery definitely have more sales than the stores that are not allowing home delivery options.


Most of the people sitting at home, not doing much work, not going to work, or not able to meet friends and families have started buy weed online for recreational purposes also. Due to Covid-19 lockdown across the country it is not possible for anyone to step out of the house for any recreation, so people have started consuming more weed.

Is it Safe to Consume Marijuana During Covid?

Earlier some Marijuana experts said that consuming Marijuana could be riskier during coronavirus as coronavirus is a respiratory disease. So smoking marijuana may weaken our immunity system that’s why it was suggested not to consume more Marijuana. But recently, a study in Canada says that the Marijuana can help you in fighting Coronavirus. The high CBD strains can save you from coronavirus.

Most of the big medical companies are still struggling with the coronavirus vaccine and a few of them claim that they have already made the vaccine and only testing is left. At the same time Marijuana researchers are also working to know if consuming marijuan is safe or not during covid-19. Currently the experiment is done on the human tissues and now the researchers will use it on living humans to know if it really works.





We are definitely seeing the increase in sales in the marijuana market and both medical and recreational marijuana are in demand. A few stores last week said that their stores are empty because they are not getting stock properly due to lockdown. We may see more hikes in sales in the next month. As soon as the researchers come up with the positive news of using Marijuana, the sales may get double or triple. One of the Marijuana scientists suggested that Edible Marijuana is safe to consume over smoking marijuana. So if you want to have marijuana and afraid of it then you can try edible marijuana.



Three cities worth visiting in Poland

Poland is an interesting holiday destination, particularly for those who prefer sightseeing and active recreation to sunbathing at the swimming pool. Check out which cities are particularly worth visiting in Poland.

Poland is a country that has a lot to offer to travelers. Although it lacks the huge holiday resorts which can be found in other European countries, you will surely find a great deal of interesting, worth visiting places here. 

Kraków / Cracow

Kraków is a former capital city of Poland and an unquestionable number one destination in the country on the Vistula River (Polish: Wisła). For many of those who have already visited this place, it is a real gem of Central Europe. One of the most famous and most impressive sights is the Wawel Royal Castle. It is not far this place to the Main Market Square (Polish: Rynek Główny), where you can admire not only outstanding urban architecture but also eat something delicious in one of the restaurants offering the traditional Polish cuisine. The Main Market Square also hosts a renowned gothic church – Saint Mary’s Basilica (Polish: Kościół Mariacki) and an iconic market place – Cloth Hall (Polish: Sukiennice). Kraków is also a great starting point. It is located not far from the Wieliczka Salt Mine, the ruins of 14th-century Ogrodzieniec castle, or even the town of Zakopane, which tourists love so much. Yes, Kraków is definitely a must-see place in Poland! 

Warszawa / Warsaw

The capital of Poland is another place that deserves to be part of your itinerary. The city was almost totally destroyed in 1944 and later it was successively rebuilt. It is currently the biggest urban area in the country. When you are in Warsaw, it is good to visit the Old Town Market Square (Polish: Rynek Starego Miasta), where you can admire beautiful 17th – 18th-century townhouses. Another must-see is the Royal Baths Park (Polish: Park Łazienkowski, Łazienki Królewskie), which used to be a summer residence of Polish kings. Saska Kępa is another place with an amazing atmosphere. The museums which are worth visiting include the National Museum, Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów, Zachęta, Warsaw Rising Museum, Museum of Modern Art, and many others. When you need a moment of relaxation after the whole day of sightseeing, it is good to see areas near the Vistula River (Polish: Wisła).


Wroclaw is a city located not far from the German border. The most admirable place in this town is its oldest part, which is Ostrów Tumski, featuring the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, a Gothic church with neo-Gothic additions. Wroclaw is one of the leading European countries taking into account the number of … bridges. One of the most famous ones is the Penitent Bridge (Polish: Mostek Pokutnic), with a stunning view of the city. Wrocław’s dwarfs are its characteristic feature as they can be found all around the city. Their origins go back to the 1980s. The dwarfs are a symbol of the Orange Alternative, the Polish anti-communist movement, and their protest against the communist rule. 

How to prepare for a visit to Poland?

It should not be particularly difficult to communicate with the locals in Poland. In most good hotels, restaurants, or resources of cultural interest, the personnel will communicate in English without much problem. It will also be possible to meet a pedestrian capable of giving directions. When you plan sightseeing, it is reasonable to check if the site offers guided tours in English.

When it comes to commuting, the railway is one of the options, although punctuality issues are commonplace. In major cities, public transport – trams or buses – are the best means to reach any place we want. It is good to know that the underground (Metro) operates in Warsaw only. Nonetheless, we recommend renting a car when you are in Poland. It is the most convenient way of traveling, particularly between cities. Car rentals in Poland can be found online without any problem, using local services, such as Fixly, or asking local people. 

Poland is not in the Eurozone, so it is a good idea to purchase local currency – zloty [PLN]. This way you will not have any problems with payments when you are here. 



A Beginner’s Guide To Coffee – Beans & Equipments

There are far too many YouTube channels that specifically talk about how to brew a classic cup of coffee at home. However, they specialize in DIY style videos that teach one to adapt to coffee according to them. On the other hand, one of the best Toronto coffee shops that specialize in training beginners to brew coffee at home brings you tips regarding the types of equipment and coffee to use.



What it take to Make Good Coffee?

●    Coffee Beans


Always go for whole beans rather than ground coffee, and everything else depends upon your personal taste. If you prefer that your cup of coffee has a fruity floral taste, or if you prefer a nuttier chocolatey note, then the coffee beans you prefer will change accordingly. But if you’re a newbie in the coffee world, you might quite prefer a recommendation rather than choosing one for yourself. The barista at the coffee shop you frequent, might also be selling those suggested coffee beans at their shop.



●    Coffee Storage Tips


  1. Roast Date is Important – Coffee is essentially a natural product, and thus it has a shelf life as well. The shelf life of each coffee varies; however, a good rule of thumb to follow while buying coffee is to buy only as much as you’ll consume in the same week. Roasted coffee is only good between 8 to 21 days after roasting. So, don’t hold onto roasted beans longer than that duration.


  1. Always store coffee in an air-tight container – Coffee is supposed to be stored in an air-tight container at normal room temperature. The coffee must also be stored away from direct sunlight. And, remember never to store coffee in the fridge. Coffee has the tendency to absorb the aromas of all other food in the fridge.


●    Brewing Equipment



1.    Grinder – A simple grind rule suggests that the fresher the grind, the better the taste. This being the reason that you are recommended to buy only whole beans and grind them yourself, as opposed to buying ground beans.


There are two types of grinders:


●     Burr – They are considered as superior to blade ones as they grind the coffee beans more evenly, which makes for consistency in coffee taste.

●     Blade – Blade grinders, on the other hand, are more affordable. They can compromise the taste of the coffee. This is why we recommend that beginners should go for handheld burr grinders as they give a good quality grind and are also reasonably priced.


NOTE: Only grind as much as you need for your daily use.


2. Scale – Regardless of the recipe or brewing machinery you use, measure the coffee and water you use. There are two ways to measure them, either by volume or by weight. Using the weight system to measure it produces much more accuracy in the measure and consistency of the coffee than measuring by volume. Get a pair of scales that measure to 0.1g or more.


3. Thermometer – The temperature of the water used to brew your cup of coffee is also crucial, and it affects how your coffee tastes. The recommended range of temperature of the water should be between 90.5 – 96 degrees C.


4. Timer – Apart from the temperature of the water used, the measure of the volume of coffee used, the other facet that is of equal importance is brew time. It has a significant impact on the taste of the coffee. Make sure you only brew as long as the suggested timing is on the package of the coffee.


These are the few key coffee types of equipment and beans information that you should know as a beginner to coffee. However, if you think this information is too much for you to follow at home, the best alternative to going through with brewing coffee at home is heading to the best coffee roasters in Toronto. They’ll perfect the brewing, and you’ll love every sip of your coffee.