Local Boutiques VS Online Shops: Which Are Better?

March 3, 2020
Avid shoppers tend to have a hard time choosing between online fashion shops and local boutiques. Those who often lack the time to explore their favorite stores often look for online alternatives. On one hand, there are also individuals who do not feel confident in buying items that they cannot...

How To Use Liquid Glycerine For Hair

Liquid Glycerine For Hair
February 26, 2020
Let us be frank. Your hair takes a lot of abuse and modern technology is partly to blame. Haircare products are manufactured quickly and all kinds of chemicals and synthetic preservatives and fragrances are blended into these formulas. Also, the super hot heat coming from your blow-dryer, flat-iron, curling iron,...

Awesome Steampunk Cosplay Must-Haves For Cosplayers

February 26, 2020
Photo by Noel Nichols on Unsplash Steampunk is one of the most popular and sophisticated themes in cosplays, and it has garnered attention in cosplay conventions. Steampunk by itself is already a fascinating genre -- a science fiction based in the 19th Century, on how people from that time perceived science fiction. It...

6 Face Makeup Product Essentials You Need To Own – MyGlamm

February 25, 2020
No matter you stick to a basic makeup look every day or wish to go glam for an event, embrace these essentials in your makeup kit for easy getting-ready and no-worry touch-ups. From brushes to that of blush and everything in between, consider these beauty weapons and products the ultimate,...

Five Careers For Beauty Lovers

February 19, 2020
If you are a beauty lover, it is likely that you have considered pursuing a career of some kind in the beauty industry. There are many possibilities within this very lucrative and growing industry, so you are sure to find something that fits your background, experiences, and lifestyle.  You may...