Choice of Jewelry – What You Need to Know

September 16, 2019
Girls love jewelry because it is a great way to look stylish and bright without hitting the budget. Today you can see accessories from well-known brands with high-quality coating, low cost, and exclusive models. Features and Benefits Jewelry is a piece of jewelry made of non-precious materials. This can be...

CBD (Cannabidiol) Wave In Cosmetics

September 15, 2019
At present, CBD products are gradually dominating the global cosmetic market. It is possible that you have seen CBD popping up into everyday skincare products and giving a completely new facial outlook for most big cosmetic industry products during their launch.  Cannabidiol, usually referred to as CBD oil, is a...

Five Ways To Repurpose Old Wristbands

September 11, 2019
Instead of throwing away your old silicone wristbands, there a lot of other ways to use them creatively. To help you get your creative ideas flowing, we have listed five simple ways you can repurpose old wristbands: Use: Bookmarks If you are someone who loves reading a book, then you...

Review: My Own Necklace Engraved Bar Necklace

My Own Necklace Engraved Bar Necklace
September 5, 2019
I have always been a fan of engraved jewelry, especially once I became a wife and mom. I love wearing my boys initials and/or names, as a reminder of the treasures in my life. Recently, I had been on the lookout for a new engraved necklace to add to my...

Six Baseless Myths About Coloured Contact Lenses Exposed

August 23, 2019
Coloured contact lenses have been a major fashion and cosmetic accessory. When you talk about Halloween parties and cosplay convention you cannot deny the importance these Halloween and cosplay contact lenseshave.  But, for quite some time we have been hearing about these certain "myths" regarding coloured contact lenses. And now we...