Beauty Treatments, Tips, and Tricks That Will Make You Feel Your Best

May 20, 2020
Some days, you wake up and feel like you could take over the world; you’re full of positive energy, your skin is glowing, your hair looks amazing, and you feel like you could dance around the office. Other days are less fun and way less glamorous: your hair is a...

How To Take Care of Human Hair Bundles With Closure

May 12, 2020
Hair bundles and waves are welcomed by many celebrities because they provide women with thicker and fuller-looking hair. The words in brazilian straight hair bundles with closure are natural-looking and gorgeous as well as smooth and shiny. This looks great on women. You must take care of hair bundles to...

Five Things To Consider Before Buying A Custom Hair System

Mens Hair
May 7, 2020
Custom hair systems and hair toupees are quickly becoming the first choice for men who want to treat hair loss without the risk of side effects. Still, when it comes to buying a custom hair system for the first time, many men are naturally full of doubts and questions.  In this blog,...

Protect Your Hair With Simple Washing Tips During Quarantine

May 1, 2020
Covid-19 is affecting everyone's life. Social Distancing, isolation, and quarantine are the ways to protect yourself from this deadly pandemic. So, in this situation, like every business, Hair Salons are also closed for the safety of their employees and the clients. And, you know you cannot go to your favorite Hair Salon for your hair...

The Curvy Girl’s Guide To Plus Size Summer Fashion

Plus Size Fashion
May 1, 2020
There is no such thing as a “Summer body.” No matter your shape or size, you have a body. Period. It is just as deserving of enjoying Summer as much as Winter, and with the same amount of comfort and pride as anyone else. This line of thought may spark the...