Andi’s Pick: Half-Mile Farm

Half-Mile Farm
May 23, 2016
Half-Mile Farm: Highlands, North Carolina First Impression Half-Mile Farm had a huge reputation to live up to, as we had previously visited its sister properties Old Edwards Inn and Spa and 200 Main and had fallen in love with them both. Sure enough, the second we drove up its driveway...

Worldwidekidsco: The Luxury Resort Childcare Experts

Kids Jump
May 22, 2016
Worldwidekids (WWK) is a professional, international childcare provider company, that takes care of children between 4 months to 17 years of age the fun, safe, and educational way! WWK have four fundamentals when it comes to your child’s care: Fun, Development, Learn, and Culture. With commitment to the highest levels...

Getting The Most For Your Money With Holidayme Hotels

May 21, 2016
When planning to make a long-term trip for a vacation or even a weekend getaway, it is always sensible to find something that is less expensive and provides the best return for your money. Searching for deals on hotels and flights will give you a break in your bank and enable...

Reaping The Benefits Of Educational Travel

May 21, 2016
Experiencing educational opportunities in different areas of the world, being able to experience culture, language, and life outside of one’s comfort zone helps one grow in positive and meaningful ways. This might just be the type of experience that has students standing out in the eyes of college admission officers....

How To Keep Your Life Running While You Are Traveling

May 18, 2016
It was a while ago when traveling was (necessarily) done to get away from everything and put a pause to your life. Today, you can still disconnect from everything if that is your choice (and mostly if you are taking a trip for pleasure/ vacation), but you can also keep...