My Most Beautiful Adventure Day 6

May 11, 2011
Yesterday, my fiancé and I spent the day taking our engagement pictures in one of my favorite barrios of Buenos Aires, La Boca, with travel photojournalist Kirsten Alana Larsson.  The main purpose of this photo shoot was to get three perfect shots for our framed guest books.  The following three...

My Most Beautiful Adventure Day 5

May 10, 2011
Even though my family's luggage with lots of wedding stuff inside was lost, even though my fiancé's cell phone was left in a taxi and no one can get a hold of me now, even though my wedding officiant's flight was canceled, even though my Mom has laryngitis and is...

My Most Beautiful Adventure Day 4

May 9, 2011
La Dulce Vida

My Most Beautiful Adventure Day 3

May 8, 2011
Yesterday was the official "1 week until the wedding" countdown!  My fiance, Lucas, and I celebrated with our wedding planner, Julie, and her Argentine husband Seba at a restaurant that the four of us had once eaten at when Julie and Seba had just gotten married.  It seemed like the...

My Most Beautiful Adventure Day 2: My Argentina Packing List

May 7, 2011