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Up Your High in Amsterdam

August 23, 2018
Amsterdam has earned quite a reputation as the holy land for stoners. Thanks to its notably high tolerance for drug use and mainstream movies like Eurotrip and Pulp Fiction, which reference its bustling drug culture. The city definitely attracts millions of people in search of a good high. If you are...

How To Enjoy Staying In Amsterdam Hotels Without Breaking The Bank

March 13, 2018
Amsterdam is a dream destination for the tourist lovers all across the world. This city is also the break journey point of various airlines that are transporting tourists from various parts of the world to the US. Beauty of the city, the marvelous history, and exceptional physical features like elaborate...

Tips To Have A Fabulous City Break In Amsterdam On A Budget

September 7, 2017
Amsterdam is an exciting city, offering its visitors a vast history, world class art, and a lively nightlife. All this does come at a cost, but here are a few tips on how to enjoy a city break in Amsterdam on a budget. Hire A Bicycle To Get Around Save...