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Shake Off the Winter Blues with a Midweek Trip to La Tania

September 28, 2016
Anyone can fall victim to the winter blues when the temperature drops and the days get shorter. In fact, seasonal affective disorder is a condition that affects millions of people around the world every year. Thankfully, there are some easy ways of dealing with this disorder that are fun, as...

Three Keys To Protecting Your Home During Long-term Travel

September 27, 2016
Going out of town is no big deal, right? However, have you considered what happens to your home when you leave for long periods of time, perhaps weeks or months on end? Keeping your home safe and secure is more about just locking your doors and leaving the lights off;...

Three Addictive Hobbies That Make You Want To Travel More

September 18, 2016
In the 1991 unforgettable action/thriller movie Point Break, surfer and bank robbers’ gang leader Bodhi was passionately talking about a surfer’s search for the best waves all around the world. Hunting for something that really makes your heart beat and your soul fill with joy is the curse and the...

Family Friendly Surfing Destinations To Consider

September 16, 2016
When you are young, a surfing vacation is quite simple to organize. You do not have to worry about much except how much money you save and where you can get the best waves. One of the most important things that you should consider when planning your holiday is where...

Joaquín’s First Trip (Day 1: Part 1)

Joaquín Alejandro Ledesma
September 11, 2016
While I was pregnant with Joaquín, I saved every single article and blog post in which I stumbled across that had to due about traveling with children. I was determined to start exploring the world with him the second he was born. His baby shower and nursery were both travel-themed and my husband and I...