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Luxury Travel For Your Wedding In The Dominican Republic

November 15, 2016
If you are a bride who is looking forward to a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic, you want to make sure your cherished guests can make it to the ceremony and reception in style and comfort. Think about it: you have chosen a resort and settled on the venue...

Eight Tips On How To Pick The Best Men’s Wedding Band

November 14, 2016
There have been many cultural and fashion shifts through the years, but one thing that remains constant -- especially in weddings -- is the wedding band and its significance. You will also note that there is more attention placed on men’s wedding bands now more than ever. This shift has...

Give Them A Stunning Wedding Send Off Beneath A Shower Of Sparkles Not Rice

July 25, 2016
Wedding send off trends come and go, but none has remained as glamorous as the use of sparklers. There is, of course, the traditional rice shower that has stood the test of time, however still it remains messy and potentially harmful to scavenging birds. Then there was a time when...

Idyllic Destinations For The Greatest Yes Ever

Wedding Destination
June 9, 2016
Your proposal, wedding, and honeymoon is a sequence of events that change your life like no other! It is a mapping of where you declared your love to the world and ideally each experience will be better than the last, as it is the next step of your joint journey...

Choosing The Perfect Location To Propose

May 19, 2016
Planning the perfect wedding proposal means that you need to take a lot of different things into consideration and ensure that they all perfectly fit together. When it comes to putting together a proposal of marriage, popping the question is not always just about uttering those four little words --...