Review: Exposed Skincare

After becoming a Mom, I stopped wearing makeup for two reasons: 1) I had zero time to apply it and 2) I love kissing and cuddling my son and would hate to get makeup all over him. This means that my skin has to look extra good since 99% of the time I am barefaced! Unfortunately, the lack of sleep over the last six months has caught up to me. In my opinion, my skin has been looking dull because of it. Thus, I was really excited to try a new brand of skincare to see if it could bring some life back into my face.

Exposed Skincare

Exposed is a premium line of skin care products for people that want healthier skin. What makes Exposed stand out is that their products are FDA approved to help clear up your skin, but also pack in a lot of soothing natural ingredients while leaving out all the bad ingredients like sulfates and parabens.

Exposed Skincare

Their motto is: clear and beautiful skin from the unification of science and nature. Exposed combines advanced acne fighting medicine with pure natural extracts to heal your skin gently. Included in a box is: Facial Cleanser, Clearing Tonic, Acne Treatment Serum, Clear Pore Serum, Derm-X Cloth, Clarifying Mask, and Microderm Scrub. They also have a Moisture Complex, Body Wash, and Probiotic Complex. The price points are perfect such a luxury skincare line!

Exposed Skincare

Here are five skincare rules that Exposed recommends:

1) Change your pillow case every two days. It gets dirtier than you think and can cause more acne. When laundering, use a fragrance-free detergent and no fabric softener.

2) Drink plenty of water. Many people with great skin swear this is the secret. The rule is eight glasses per day.

3) Do not touch your face. This includes no picking, popping, or squeezing.

4) Sweat, then wash it off. Exercising a few times a week is great for your body and for your skin. The key is to take a shower as soon as possible after an activity.

5) Avoid sugars and dairy. It is confirmed — consuming too much sugar and dairy can make your acne worse! Numerous clinical trials found links between sugar, milk, and acne.

Exposed Skincare

I learned a lot from Exposed! Like less is more. Using more product is not better. Actually, if you use too much product you will probably make your skin worse. Start off slowly using only a small amount of each product, especially the serums. Another thing I learned is to be gentle. Irritation makes acne worse. The harder you rub and the more you touch, squeeze, or poke; the more irritated your skin will get and that means more acne. Thus, be gentle with you skin at all times, especially when washing or applying products. What did I think about the products? I loved them! I thought the packaging, the textures, the smells, and the results were superb and I am definitely a fan now. I did not have any acne to clear up, but I definitely see that my skin is glowing more now and that is exactly what I wanted and needed.

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My Beautiful Adventures

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A Cheap Accommodation In London Victoria

There are a number of things you want to make sure to consider when you are traveling to London for a leisure trip. You want to think about all of the attractions that you plan to visit during your stay, so you can be sure to budget your time appropriately. To make the most of your stay, you likely want to stay in an area of the city that is going to keep you close to all of the best attractions in the city. To really make this possible for yourself, you may want to stay in the Victoria section of London, located in Central London. When you do this you can be sure to find cheap hotels near the London Eye and Westminster Abbey, amongst other great tourist attractions.

London Victoria Accommodation

Stay Near the Attractions

Ideally you want to try to find a hotel that has easy access to attractions such as the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, and many others in Central London. If you can get a hotel that has a location near to the Victoria Underground it can make getting around the city very easy for you. You can do even better if you are lucky enough to find a hotel that you can afford that puts you within walking distance of many of these great attractions. This will not only help you to save time in getting to the places you want to see the most but it will save you money as well since you will not have to pay for a cab or public transportation to get to these locations. When you are looking a cheap accommodation in London Victoria for this type of convenience you want to look at the Victoria Inn London.

Affordability in the Heart of the City

When you decide to get a room at this hotel you will be getting one of the most affordable places in this area of the city, saving you a great deal of money over many of the other hotels in the area. Your stay here will also allow you to have an easy walk to many of the major attractions like London Eye and Westminster Abbey or just a walk of a few minutes to the local Underground stations so you can take the train wherever you want to go in the city. You will also be within walking distance of many of the best shops and dining establishments in Central London so you will always have plenty to do. When you return to the hotel, you can be sure you have a clean, comfortable place to spend the night and get a free breakfast to start off your next morning.

For a quality hotel that puts you in the center of the action in London without stretching your budget, look for the rooms available at the Victoria Inn London. You can even see their specials and promotions so that you can get even greater savings for your trip, making your stay thoroughly enjoyable and affordable for you.

Finding A Good London Hotel Accommodation

If you want to make sure that you have a good trip, whether it is strictly for pleasure or if you are traveling for business, the hotel that you select to stay at can make all of the difference to you. It can be very frustrating for you to spend a great deal of money on a hotel in London only to find that the room and hotel are subpar and the location is not ideal for you, making you feel like you wasted your hard-earned money and ruining your trip. Instead of falling into this easy trap you may want to look for a quality cheap and budget accommodation in London so you can be sure you get comfort, reliability, quality, and a great price all rolled into one.

London Accommodation

Take the Time to Look

The most important step you can take in your planning is to take the time to do your homework regarding the hotels that are in the area you want to stay in the most. Central London may be the best place for you to look, particularly if you have an interest in seeing many of the best tourist attractions in London or are in the city on business. You will want to look for a hotel that keeps you close to all of the great places to go, but you also want one that allows you to easily get around the city using the public transportation system. Choose a hotel that is near to the big transit stations like Padding Station, so you can get everywhere in the city by train or bus and have quick access to Heathrow Airport on the express trains. For the best London hotel accommodation that fits this bill with a great price you want to take a look at the Padding Hotel London.

Proximity to Where You Want to Be

One of the great things about this hotel is that it is in the perfect location in the city. Located in the Paddington area in Central London, you are within easy distance of Paddington Station and Lancaster Gate. It is also one of the best of the hotels near Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and much more. The hotel itself is in an old Victorian building and has maintained the original design and décor style to give you the feel that you want while having all of the modern amenities you need the most for a comfortable stay. Once you book your flight, you can use this time calculator found here to help figure out travel times and plan your tip accordingly!

You get an ideal combination of a great location and a high quality hotel with a helpful staff all at one of the best prices in Central London when you stay at the Paddington Hotel London. Look over the rooms available at the hotel when you are planning your trip to London, so you can find the best place to stay for your trip. You will be glad you took the time to find the right spot and will enjoy every minute of your time in London

Best Cultural Destinations In Europe

If you are looking for some culture in your next getaway, Europe is a great option. Easy accessibility, world class food, and a rich and varied history make the cities of Europe ideal for the modern traveler. If you are wondering where to start your journey, here are a few top ideas:


Amsterdam might be famous for its modern freedoms and self-expression, but it is also one of the great centers of culture in Europe. It is less well-known today, but during the 16th Century, the Netherlands was Europe’s main battleground. After succeeding in 80 years of war against Spain and the Inquisition, the country experienced a cultural explosion. Intellectuals and artists flocked to the newly liberated city of Amsterdam. The Van Gogh and Rembrandt museums are a wonderful place for travelers. There are also hidden gems such as the fluorescent light museum and the Ctaste blind-eating restaurant.


It is hard to talk about culture in Europe without mentioning Paris. Whether you are visiting the famous Louvre museum or checking out the artists’ hangouts of the Moulin Rouge and Chat Noire, you cannot escape from the history and artistic temperament of this wonderful city. Traveling around Paris is straightforward with the local metro and it is easy to get there too with affordable flights from Flybe. If you are in the region of Notre Dame (and why would you not be?) make sure to check out Shakespeare & Co., a brilliant bookshop and a famous writers’ haunt.


Madrid is one of the cultural hearts of Spain. Its emblem features a bear and strawberries, both of which were once in abundance in its nearby forests. Today things are a little less wild, but no less lively. The ‘Golden Triangle of Art’ is the go-to place for culture. It consists of three famous art museums, which feature great works from the likes of Picasso and Goya. A top tip is to book in advance for the ‘skip-the-line tour’ at the Prado, which offers a pickup service from your hotel and provides you with a great guide through an array of wonderful art, including over 9,000 paintings.


Vienna is the capital of Austria and also a major seat of European culture. It has survived plagues and battles with the Ottoman Empire to become a center of musical excellence and art. Famous composers that were born or lived in Vienna for much of their careers includes the likes of Schubert, Strauss, Beethoven, Haydn, and Liszt. Be sure to check out events during your stay; there is an extended festival of brewing from July to September and The Music Film Festival at Vienna’s City Hall Square over a similar period, which features giant screenings and performances in the large tourist plaza.

So there you have it! Four brilliant cities of culture just waiting to be explored. The best part is, it could not be easier to get to them. Check out flights and availability today and start planning your next cultural excursion.

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