About Andi

My name is Andrea, but everyone calls me Andi. I lead an extremely dichotomous life of both wanting to flutter my wings around the world and document my beautiful adventures through writing and photography, as well as focus on my true calling of being a Chinese Medicine Doctor. It is a constant game of tug-of-war that I play with myself and I am always working on balancing all of my passions.

I grew up in the South, however I have lived in seven states and the place that I loved living the most in was New York City, where I spent my four years of Graduate School. I returned to Charlotte, North Carolina once I graduated to be closer to my family and to open up my own Wellness Center where I practice acupuncture. I have dedicated myself to healing others through this extraordinary medicine, as I am convinced it is the most holistic and comprehensive medical system available.

When I am not treating patients, I am either traveling or dreaming of the next place to visit. Thus far, I have stepped foot in over fifty countries on six continents. To me, my country is the world and I want to explore all of it. My undying love affair with travel is due to the sheer intrigue of untrodden roads, different cultures, and life-changing encounters.

Along the way, a devastatingly gorgeous (inside and out) Argentinean man named Lucas captured my heart and after five years of a long-distance relationship, we finally realized that we were meant to spend the rest of our lives together in the same place. I had the wedding of my dreams in Buenos Aires and I find myself falling more in love with my husband/favorite travel partner with each passing day.

I can now proudly add Mom to my résumé, as I was blessed with a son on 01/05/15 named Joaquín Alejandro. He is the love of our lives and the best thing that has ever happened to Lucas and I. We cannot wait to show him the world and experience traveling through his eyes. He is truly my most beautiful adventure yet. . .


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