How To Get Rid Of These Three Skin Irritants That Are Probably Hiding In Your Home

September 18, 2016
While high-quality products are certainly ideal in your ongoing quest for clear skin, break-outs are simply bound to happen. If you are prone to break-outs, but remain convinced that you are doing everything right in terms of skin-care, chances are the culprits are right under your nose! If you find...

Five Ways To Enliven Your Relationship

September 15, 2016
Any relationship goes through various stages. In the very beginning, we all are immersed in our affection and see the world in pink. However, things may get completely different after a while. How do you make it right and keep the flame alive? Let us figure it out together with our...

Every Day Brings An Amazing New Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle
September 12, 2016
There is a story. The story is in a photo. It is like a poem in stanzas. A vision comes in successive sections, like a film work. The moments are rich in epiphanies, premonitions, and coincidences. At the end, when all is done, and done is all, the story or...

Joaquín’s First Trip (Day 1: Part 1)

Joaquín Alejandro Ledesma
September 11, 2016
While I was pregnant with Joaquín, I saved every single article and blog post in which I stumbled across that had to due about traveling with children. I was determined to start exploring the world with him the second he was born. His baby shower and nursery were both travel-themed and my husband and I...

Understanding The Major Benefits Of Having A Medical Billing Service

August 31, 2016
Each job has its own challenges and good times as well. If by any chance you are the owner of a business, say like a hospital, you need to know how to take full control of it. You are probably wondering why I am referring to a hospital as a...