Top Unusual Things To Do in Rome That Aren’t On Your List

June 11, 2019
It wouldn’t be wrong to say that there’s no place like Rome on the planet Earth. There’s something very unique about this city of Italy, it’s rich in terms of culture and it’s a huge historical spot too. One thing is for sure that if you visit Rome, you’ll surely...

France & Italy With Trafalgar Tours: Day 6 (Part 5)

January 20, 2012
Despite having a five hour bus ride to Rome ahead of me, I had butterflies in my stomach -- if my unforgettable Trafalgar Tours trip needed to come to an end anywhere -- I could not think of a better place.  During the long drive an enormous full moon, which...

France & Italy With Trafalgar Tours: Day 1 (Part 1)

November 16, 2011
My first thought when I was invited to travel with Trafalgar Tours throughout France and Italy for a week was: what a trip of a lifetime!  I had been to both countries before, however it had been years and I was definitely ready to return.  The customized trip that I...