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Know About Boat Lift Maintenance Process In Detail

February 26, 2022
Boat lifts are one of the most important pieces of equipment in a boatyard. Not only do they allow access to watercraft during low tide periods, but they also provide an easy way for boaters to launch or retrieve their boat using a hydraulic system. Preparation for the boat lift...

What Are The Benefits Of Painting The Bottom Of Your Boat With Antifouling Paint?

October 19, 2021
As a boat owner, being pulled to the ocean's depths by a big sea monster is certainly the last thing on your mind. But make no mistake; there are some extremely horrible animals hiding underneath the waves. Zebra mussels, acorn barnacles, and slime-causing bacteria are microscopic sea creatures that create...

Seven Tips To Purchase The Best Boat From A Dealership

September 11, 2020
Whenever you are thinking about the process of buying a boat, the vital thing is to decide which type is the best fit for your needs. Any kind of boat is a major purchase for you, and you want to have the best boat from the dealership. There are seven...

Prepping A Boat For A Trip

Boat Prep
April 1, 2020
If you have a boat or you have rented one for a holiday or an outing, you must be eager to go out to sea and relax and enjoy the views. However, before you actually depart, you need to be sure that your boat is safe and fully operational. If...