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Five Ways To Finance Your Dream Car

May 4, 2021
When you are trying to purchase your dream car, you may feel like it is out of reach. However, if you think you have the money there are ways to get in the car of your wildest imaginations. Life is short and if you want to drive something specific, you...

How To Buy A Car As A Christmas Gift

Christmas Car
October 3, 2018
With Christmas fast approaching, now is the time to start planning what to buy for those closest to you. One of the greatest gifts that you can buy someone is a car -- in addition to being an expensive gift, this will also give them a huge amount of freedom...

Used Car Seasonality: Is There The Perfect Season To Buy A Used Car?

April 8, 2016
Various factors contribute to the final price of a used car, including the time of year. Much like when buying real estate, sellers have certain months that benefit them, and so do buyers. Below is a detailed discussion of these factors, so that you can plan to buy your next...