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Diamonds: A favorite metal for rings and earrings

August 21, 2021
Diamond is a favorite metal for rings and earrings. However, another piece of jewelry has taken the central stage known as nose rings. There arenumerous designs of original diamond nose rings available to meet the requirements of today’s women. They are contemporary and trendy to align with every attire and...

Guys Are Turning More To Mens Diamond Earrings

Mens Diamond Rings
December 4, 2015
Style and fashion are constantly undergoing changes to reflect the moods and behavior of society. While in the past it may have been very rare to see a man wearing an earring or earrings, in today’s world the trend is not only perfectly acceptable, but it is an area of...

Review: UncommonGoods Earrings

UncommonGoods Earrings
October 21, 2015
One of my favorite things about blogging is that I seem to attract collaborations that truly feel like they were meant to be. A perfect example of this is when one of my favorite companies, UncommonGoods, reached out to me and asked me to select a piece from their extraordinary jewelry collection to...