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Here Is What Newbies Should Know About Botox And Fillers

September 7, 2023
Botox and fillers are increasingly popular non-invasive cosmetic treatments in dermatology and aesthetics. They offer a variety of benefits, from reducing signs of aging, to simply enhancing your natural beauty. For those unfamiliar with aesthetic procedures at Get Refreshed, this blog entry will delve into the essential knowledge you should have...

Fillers: All You Need To Know

January 24, 2023
The entire "filler" issue can be a little perplexing if you are not completely engaged in the beauty industry and are thus required to study dermatology as part of your job (hey, it is me). My friends frequently believe that fillers in Montclair, NJ are solely for the lips or that Botox...

Unique Treatments You May Want to Consider For Your Face

October 27, 2021
Face treatments are an essential part of maintaining healthy skin. However, there are many different facials out there, and you may not know which one to choose.  Whether you want brightening, anti-aging, or acne treatment, there is a solution for you! Check out the list below to see what is...