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FATF- Recommendations for Anti-Money Laundering

April 26, 2021
Businesses have been exploited by money laundering for a very long time now. Fraudsters are finding new ways to carry out their illegal activities and have taken complete advantage of the rapid increase in the advent of technology. Technological advancements have paved the way for criminals to take the virtual...

Top Reasons Why Companies Should Consider Implementing A Financial Wellness Program – A Gary Saitowitz Study

Gary Saitowitz
January 29, 2021
Gary Saitowitz Financial wellness programs have moved significantly beyond just contributing to the retirement accounts of the employees to offering a well-rounded employee benefits package. They help in not only attracting and retaining quality talent, but also support them to achieve their personal goals. Some of the top reasons why...

Marcus Debaise Outlines the Challenges that Financial Services Companies Must Focus Upon During COVID-19

July 8, 2020
The toll COVID-19 has taken on the economies of the world is, according to some experts, rivalled only by the Great Depression of the late 1920s and 30s.  The ongoing economic damage, in addition to the health and societal issues present caused by COVID-19 is unprecedented, and experts are not...