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Transformative Touch: How A Hair Transplant Can Boost Your Life

November 14, 2023
In a world where first impressions matter, your overall appearance plays a key role in boosting your self-esteem and confidence. However, some problems like hair loss not only affect your confidence but also your overall quality of life. Some of the causes of hair loss are: Hormonal changes Aging Medication...

Five Effective Ways To Deal With Bald Patch Issue

June 22, 2021
Have you been noticing severe hair loss recently and scratching your head, thinking what is wrong?  Trust us; you can follow a perfect diet and hair care regime and still shed hair.  But here is the thing -- hair loss is normal. But if it is in the form of...

The Connection Between Poor Diet And Hair Loss

March 9, 2020
As the saying goes, your skin and hair are a reflection of your health. If you fail to consume a proper diet or do not manage your stress levels well, your hair will ultimately suffer. It will appear weak and malnourished.  While acne and weight gain are some of the...

Four Things You Should Think About Before Undergoing A Hair Transplant Procedure

October 1, 2018
No one ever expects that a time could come in your life when you have hair problems. These hair problems include uneven hair distribution on your head and baldness. Baldness is more common in men compared to women. When you encounter such a situation, you should not feel like you...

How Your Lifestyle Can Affect Your Follicles

November 19, 2015
Hair loss can be hereditary. In fact, around half of men experience the genetic condition male pattern baldness by the time they reach the age of 50. There is currently no cure for this problem, but there are effective hair loss treatments available. However, in other cases, the shedding of...