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May 15, 2020
The Kenneth Zegar Scholarship was founded to assist students in attaining their educational goals. This award of $1000 will be based on academic merit, leadership skills, and community involvement. Special consideration will be given to first-generation college students and students who have shown the ability to thrive in adversity. The student selected for this...

Info-graphic By Kenneth Zegar Basics Of Business Management Guide For Entrepreneur

March 9, 2020
Kenneth Zegar: Basics Of Business Management Guide For Entrepreneur [caption id="attachment_46242" align="alignnone" width="212"] Kenneth Zegar[/caption] Kenneth Zegar is a social media manager and has deep knowledge of technology and the business. He delights his clients by using his effective business strategies. Also, shares his informative knowledge with his friends and...

Why corporate training is important and necessary for business development

July 9, 2019
Corporate training is somewhat different from all other types of training. While other training are meant to give you the outline of all the things, corporate training will give you the complete overview and will be making you ready for work. This basic difference is made through a number of...