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Six Simple Steps You Can Take To Always Be Prepared For Whatever Life Throws At You

December 18, 2021
Hardships in life are something that you can avoid. The only thing you can do is be better prepared for these challenging times. It might need you to learn new skills. All you need to know some time is using a baton for self-defense. Gaining some basic skills will come...

A Few Reasons To Emphasize Quality Over Quantity In Your Life

April 7, 2021
There are all sorts of different ways of approaching everyday life, facing up against the challenges presented by the moment, and structuring our days in order to create the best possible outcomes for ourselves. To a pretty significant degree, though, a lot of the different things that we can choose...

How To Create An Unboring Life

Exciting Life
April 25, 2019
When you get stuck in a rut, the experience can be a bit like Groundhog Day -- every day. If you feel as though you need to change it up with some excitement, then it is high time to create an unboring life. Start by making small changes to your...

Three Ways To Make Life Your Biggest Adventure

Life Is An Adventure
April 4, 2019
Mind, body, and spirit. While we all get trapped in the hustle of everyday life, these are the things people generally recognize, time and time again, as providing lasting fulfillment. Your job, education, and most of all family and friends are of course major drivers of happiness and well-being. But...

The Simple Life: Why You Want It (And How To Get It)

February 17, 2018
Simplicity is vastly underrated. The world around us is magnificent in its detail; in its layers; in its complexity. Many of us live lives that involve constantly hopping from one task to the next, always juggling different elements, having to cope with the constant varying demands on our mind. Some...