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Learn Why HazMat Truck Accidents Are Extremely Dangerous

October 22, 2020
Trucking companies play a significant role in our economy. It is undeniable that some businesses cannot function devoid of them. However, truck accidents are, by far, the most fatal types of crashes. The sheer size of a truck, coupled with the weight of its load leaves no chance for an...

Safety First: What To Do If Someone Is Electrocuted

September 5, 2020
Electrical currents are everywhere. In our homes, in our places of work, when we go to the shops and when we go about our day, electricity is everywhere, so much so we rarely give it a seconds thought. It is only when things go wrong, do we really understand the...

Five Handy Tools If You Have A High Risk Of Being Injured At Work

December 3, 2018
Safety hazards are present in all workplaces, mainly due to the tools used in executing day-to-day tasks. Almost all jobs call for the use of one tool or another, making it necessary to ensure that you are fully protected when working. Individuals who practice their trades in industrial workplaces, construction...