How To Make Your Clothes-Swap Parties Fun

January 30, 2018
There is always that time of the year when you have too many clothes and some of them do not fit you or your tastes anymore. Instead of leaving them to gather dust or be eaten by moths, you can give them away. Better yet, you can host a clothes-swap...

5 Things to Do on Your Next Beach Holiday

January 26, 2018
For a break from your everyday schedule, wouldn’t a beach vacation help you relax and unwind? Truth is, we have all thought of relaxing and unwinding on a white sandy beach, listening to the waves as they lap against the shores and being safely sun kissed, right? Nothing compares to...

Beauty and Wellness- Benefitting from Hammam

January 26, 2018
Steam baths have been linked to several benefits since time immemorial. The Romans and Greeks were aware of how fulfilling it was to spend ample time in humid and hot rooms. Their cultures were based on activities around bath houses. Many other cultures have also been using heat and steam...

Why Do You Cry When Watching Romantic Movies?

January 25, 2018
Love is a beautiful thing. It makes the world go round. It makes time stand still. Love is this, love is the other. You must have heard all these and more on the subject of love, especially the romantic kind. Doesn’t everyone seem to be looking for that anyway? It...

Why Should Today’s Marketers Care About Conversion Rate Optimization?

January 25, 2018
Conversion rate optimization is the dynamic procedure of transfiguring, a prospective customer of your website into a potential client. The basic algorithm behind Conversion Rate Optimization is to boost the rate of clicking the link of your website by visitors. Also, CRO aims to boost your overall sale by diminishing...