Andi’s Pick: Wild Dunes Resort

Wild Dunes Resort
November 28, 2017
Wild Dunes Resort: Isle of Palms, South Carolina First Impression Charleston, South Carolina is without a doubt one of my favorite cities in the world. I treasured every second of the time that I went to college there and even more so when I moved out to the Isle of...

Celebrating National Lighthouse Day With SeaPak

Morris Island Lighthouse
August 4, 2016
If you have been following My Beautiful Adventures, then you would know just how passionate I am about the ocean. Thus, I was elated when SeaPak reached out to me about joining them in support of their partnership with the United States Lighthouse Society by promoting the importance of lighthouse education...

Charleston, South Carolina: A Walk Around The Low Country With My Camera

October 22, 2012
My deepest gratitude to the Charleston Place Hotel for graciously sponsoring a weekend getaway for my husband and I in one of my favorite city's in the world!

Andi’s Pick: Charleston Place Hotel

October 18, 2012
Charleston Place Hotel: Charleston, South Carolina First Impression Having lived in Charleston for three years, I was afforded the opportunity to stay at the Charleston Place Hotel on several occasions; one occasion, in fact, was to celebrate my graduation from the College of Charleston.  Thus, the hotel holds a special...

Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina: Sea Island Grill & Lounge

November 14, 2011
Located within The Boardwalk Inn, at the Wild Dunes Resort, on Isle of Palms, South Carolina is a restaurant that will change your life -- it is the Sea Island Grill & Lounge. I had no idea what to expect when I sat down for my meal.  It is true...