Celebrating National Lighthouse Day With SeaPak

August 4, 2016

If you have been following My Beautiful Adventures, then you would know just how passionate I am about the ocean. Thus, I was elated when SeaPak reached out to me about joining them in support of their partnership with the United States Lighthouse Society by promoting the importance of lighthouse education and preservation in celebration of National Lighthouse Day on August 7th. The SeaPak brand has stood for all things coastal for over 65 years and, together with the USLHS, is working to contribute to and create awareness of the rich maritime legacy of American lighthouses.

I was personally asked to visit Morris Island Lighthouse, which is located on Morris Island, an 840 acre uninhabited island in Charleston Harbor in South Carolina that is accessible only by boat. This defunct lighthouse, just north of Folly Beach, stands a few hundred feet off the coast. Its light never shines, but it remains a beloved historical site for both locals and vacationers. It holds a special place in my heart, as I attended the College of Charleston and spent a lot of time on Folly Beach throughout my university years.

My visit to Morris Island Lighthouse was magical to say the least. I brought my mom, husband, and son. They were all experiencing the lighthouse for their first time. It was an especially moving experience for me, as it was my son’s first trip. He will forever be able to say that his first trip was to see a lighthouse. On a side note: it can be a little challenging to get to the part of Folly Beach that you need to be on in order to see the lighthouse. Having said that, it is worth the walk and I highly recommend going at sunset. I promise your breath will be taken away!

The 161 foot lighthouse tower was completed in 1876. Over the centuries, it has been through wars and natural disasters, yet it still remains. It is preserved by the State of South Carolina and is under a 99-year contract with Save the Light, Inc. to preserve the historical structure through stabilization, erosion, and restoration. SeaPak is also supporting these efforts with an extraordinary $10,000 grant to be awarded to the Morris Island Lighthouse this National Lighthouse Day.

Visiting a lighthouse with your family is a great addition to any vacation or weekend getaway. To make it even more fun, you can keep track of your lighthouse visits with the USLHS Passport Program. This program is a wonderful way to help preserve lighthouses and keep a pictorial history of your family’s lighthouse adventures. It is my belief that although the almost 300-year-old era of manned light stations in the United States has come to an end, these landmarks should be preserved for the enjoyment of future generations to come.

SeaPak is a seafood industry leader and the country’s No. 1-selling retail shrimp brand within the frozen specialty seafood category. The brand offers the nation’s widest variety of coastal-inspired seafood favorites. SeaPak is committed to making life for consumers a little “more coastal”, by sharing with them the best, authentic tastes and experiences of coastal living.

Want to celebrate National Lighthouse Day this year even if you live far from the water? What better way is there than to create an unforgettable family dinner with something delicious from the SeaPak Lighthouse Selections product line? What makes SeaPak great for the whole family? It is made with sustainably certified, farm-raised shrimp that are gluten-free and also free of trans fats, additives, and preservatives!

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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