Turks And Caicos: Day 2

June 25, 2018

My favorite thing about staying in one place for at least a week while traveling is that you can take your time truly getting to know your destination. When I was younger my style of traveling was to do and see as much of a city or country as I could in just a couple of days in order to cross it off my list. As I have gotten older, I have realized that I definitely prefer “slow traveling.” Our goal for this trip was to visit a different beach every day, as on our previous visits we had only been to Grace Bay, Iguana Island, and Long Bay. There was so much more of the Turks and Caicos that we had yet to experience. On our first day we did not venture further than the grocery store and our to-die-for villa, so we awoke eager to explore! But first coffee. . .

Can you even believe this view? I promise you it is real.

Once the boys were up and we were all ready to go, we decided that our first beach of the trip would be Sapodilla Bay. The majority of people who visit the Turks and Caicos typically will stay in a resort on or near Grace Bay. Grace Bay is consistently voted “one of the most beautiful beaches in the world” on blogs, in magazines, etc. I agree it is spectacularly beautiful, however, I knew there was so much more to the TCI than just Grace Bay. Our villa was in Chaulk Sound and the main access for Taylor Bay is found off of Ocean Point Drive in the Chalk Sound region of Providenciales. A walking path lined with tropical flowers leads from Ocean Point Drive to Sapodilla Bay.

Sapodilla Bay is only about 900 feet long, but those 900 feet are guaranteed to take your breath away! I was definitely not prepared for it to have been this beautiful.

The water here is very shallow, calm and clear, and is an excellent choice for families and those visiting with small children. This beach is a 10 mile drive from the central tourism region. Sapodilla Bay offers an interesting setting. There are luxury vacation villas on the beach and surrounding coastal cliffs, private yachts anchor in the bay, and the nearby Chalk Sound area is beautiful.

The ocean water temperature in the Turks and Caicos is always great, yet the sheltered coast of Sapodilla Bay tends to have even warmer water due to localised heating by the sun.

Turks and Caicos
Prior to our trip, we bought this chocolate donut float for Joaquín, as it took up hardly any space in our luggage and we knew he would have fun playing with it in the water.

We also purchased this sand castle building kit for when Joaquín needed a beach break.

Joaquín literally could not stop smiling the entire time we were there. He was definitely in his happy place!

I left the two of them to have some alone time together, while I wandered around to take photos of my gorgeous surroundings. This was the first time in a decade that I chose to shoot solely with my iPhone, rather than with my expensive DSLR.

Before we knew it, we realized we had spent the entire day there and it was time to return home. I was so thrilled in that moment to think we still had five more days of this bliss — another perk to “slow travel.”

We returned back to our villa for dinner. Can you even imagine dining al fresco in this location? Lucas’ cooked one of his infamous asado’s, while Joaquín practiced his modeling poses, and I indulged in some much needed rosé.

After dinner, we down by the water. Joaquín seemed very contemplative. I wonder what was going through his three year old mind?

Every night we were graced with a stunning sunset. It was one of my favorite parts of the trip. What color would tonight be? Definitely yellow!

Just as we were about to call it a night, Lucas asked if he could take a picture of me. I used to love posing in front of the camera, but my postpartum depression and anxiety have robbed me off that joy. So, I am really trying hard to regain my love for being not just behind, but in front of the camera as well. I will treasure this photo of Joaquín and I forever.








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