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A Glimpse Into Life At A Luxury Senior Independent Living Center 

Senior Home Care
May 21, 2022
Getting older is something we all would like to put off, but it happens whether we want it to or not. These days there are some really great places to call home, when that time comes.  There are luxurious assisted living facilities that allow you to continue to lead a full...

Seven Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers
May 19, 2022
In a wedding, flowers are more than just centerpieces. They adorn the entourage, add elegance to your venue, and symbolize a bride’s beauty as she carries her bouquet down the aisle. They set the mood of your big day and add to the lasting memories. Before you embark on the...

How Water Helps You Have The Best Brain Performance

Water Drinking
May 18, 2022
Drinking water is inextricably linked to brain performance. More than 60% of an adult human body system is made up of water, and every function in the body, including the brain and nervous system functions, is dependent on optimal hydration in the body. Brain cells demand a dynamic equilibrium between...

How To Boost Your Body Confidence

Body Confidence
May 17, 2022
Our bodies go through hundreds of changes during our lifetime -- whether that be due to aging, pregnancy, hormones, or even specific health conditions. However, this does not mean that sudden weight loss or weight gain cannot change the way in which you perceive yourself, or your confidence levels. In...

Pill Planning 101: How To Never Forget A Dose Again

pill planning
May 9, 2022
If you have ever forgotten to take your daily medication, then you know what an awful feeling it can be. Not only can forgetting your daily meds lead to health problems down the road, but it can also result in serious side effects due to high or low doses of...