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The Worst Age For Divorce For Children: A New Guide (2020)

If you are about to get a divorce, are you worried about how it will affect your children? You might be wondering what age is the worst for your kids to experience a divorce. Is it when they are teenagers? Preschoolers? Or is any age bad for kids to go through a divorce? 

If your mind is being plagued with these thoughts, this article is for you. We will discuss the worst age for divorce for kids and what recent studies have shown.

So, what is the worst age for divorce for children?

There are many studies that show the effects of divorce on children. Psychologists differ in their views as to what is the worst age for divorce for children. For example, some psychologists believe that the worst age for divorce is between the ages of 2 and 4, because that is the age when parents play a primary role in a child’s life. At this age, a child’s environment shapes their brain and emotions. What they observe and learn during this age could affect them for the rest of their lives. Children at this age can sense their parent’s unhappiness. Kids at this age are rather selfish, so they may blame themselves if they see mommy and daddy fighting. They do not have the ability to understand what is really going on.

Children between the ages of 2 and 4 could become more clingy, tearful, and start throwing more tantrums. They might begin to regress with potty training or if they were sleeping through the night, they could begin to wake up during the night. Divorce can leave children feeling overwhelmed and insecure. This is especially true when the parents become separated and little ones have to be carted back and forth between their parents. They might not understand why mom and dad do not live together anymore. Toddlers sense change and they might feel insecure as to who will take care of them. They might feel abandoned by the parent that left home. These feelings of abandonment could affect children for the rest of their lives as feelings of insecurity become ingrained into their subconscious. The risk of this happening is even greater if a parent leaves completely.

Another factor to consider is whether or not the child comes from an abusive household. If there is abuse, most children, at any age, feel relief about getting out of the abusive home.

Other psychologists believe that the worst age for divorce is between the ages of 10 and 11, because children at this age understand everything that is going on in the household. Children understand the role of their parent’s relationship and divorce is very stressful at this age for children. When children see their parents fighting, bad-mouthing one another, and resenting one another, it causes emotional wounds. The worst thing parents can do at this age is to use their kids as bargaining chips or use them to communicate feelings with one another. This places children in the middle of their parent’s fights, which can cause huge emotional trauma that could last for many years to come. At this age, children also worry about how their friends will view their parent’s divorce. They could feel embarrassed or feel like they might need to pick a side. As a preteen, they are still very dependent on their parents and could be struggling with their own emotions, because they are trying to become independent. As a parent, expect your child to act out. They will feel angry, hurt, abandoned, and depressed. Parents will need to work together to help their children feel love and reassurance. 

According to Complete Case, you can follow these steps to help your preteen cope with your divorce:

  • Do not bad mouth the other parent in front of your child. Remember that they are half of you and half of your spouse. They love both their parents, so when you bad mouth your spouse, you are hurting your children.

When children see their parents fighting nonstop, this causes major anxiety and stress. You are also setting a bad example for your kids when it comes to their future relationships. All couples fight at some point or other, but seeing parents constantly arguing can be scary for kids and can also cause depression. If you feel the need to argue with your ex, do it when the kids are not around. You could even send your ex an email. 

  • Be honest with your children.
  • Try to keep routines as stable and normal as possible.

If you can, try to keep your children’s routines the same. Abrupt changes could affect your kids. If possible, keep them in the same schools and close to their friends and family. Trying to maintain some consistency, throughout the chaos, could do wonders for your kids. This will help your children feel secure. Also, allow your children to see your ex. They will benefit from being with each parent, and this will help them to not feel abandoned. Keep routines at home as consistent as possible. Do not become lax about bedtime or about other rules. If you and your spouse can agree on the same set of rules, that would be awesome! Children thrive on consistency. By keeping the rules the same, in both homes, your kids will feel secure.

  • If you notice that your child is struggling, see a therapist.
  • Most importantly, tell your child often that you love them and that the divorce is not their fault.

If you notice that your child is struggling, see if there is anything that you can do to make your child feel better. Their answers might surprise you. If they do not have any suggestions, perhaps you could help them with some ideas. For example, maybe offer a hug, a walk or even a short vacation. Sometimes just a change of scenery can really help children.

One last thought

Divorce is hard on children. It doesn’t matter what age children go through a divorce, it will still affect them. The best thing that you can do for your children is to keep showing them that you love them and that you will always be there for them no matter what.


Dreaming Of Greece: Top Three Greek Destinations For 2020

Right on the cusp of a new year, it is not usual to reminisce about the strongest, most moving experiences that transpired in the year that is coming to an end. At My Beautiful Adventures, I have a lot to feel grateful for, and one of those was getting to visit Greece, a destination that I have long craved. However, Greece is one of those places that instead of checking it off your Bucket List and moving on to the next item, you will want to return time and time again. Our family spent over a week in Greece last October, visiting Athens and Crete, which gave us a wonderful introduction to this phenomenal country, instilling an ardent desire to return and experience it all over again. With the exception of Athens, which we could not get enough of, we would try different island destinations the second time round. So, if you are looking for travel inspiration that has history, natural beauty, and plenty of sunshine as common denominators, then here are Greece’s top three destinations for 2020:

Athens: Soul Stirring, City Splendor

Athens city is absolutely seductive; there is no better word to describe it. Caught somewhere in between its ancient heritage that counts centuries of existence and a more raw, urban side that creates a visual contradiction to the aforementioned displays of antiquity, Athens is a place that will effortlessly enchant you. It is a city so diverse that it can offer you any kind of experience you are looking for. You can submerge yourselves into the soul-stirring, fascination of the countless ancient sites like the Acropolis and the Odeon of Herodes Atticus just at the foot of the ancient rock; then take a break in the most colourful part of the city, in Psyrri, where you can enjoy a fabulous rooftop picnic brunch with Acropolis views; next, stroll around the Ermou high-street for some shopping before dinner at one of the quaint little tavernas around Anafiotika or indulge in a gourmet dinner at one of the many awarded restaurants in Athens, if that is more your thing. Athens city should definitely not be treated as a stopover; it is a fantastic place to be treated as a destination in itself. If there is one regret we have on our recent trip to Greece, is that we did not stay in Athens for longer. There are so many things to see and do, explore and discover that a few days will simply not cut it. It will leave you wanting more!

Corfu: Bygone, Elegance Extraordinaire

The island of Corfu, the Lady of the Ionian as she is referred to by the Greeks, has been on our radar for quite some time now. The Ionian sea is found between Greece and Italy and displays a different allure to the Aegean Sea. Typically more azure waters and an intricate coast full of various sea caves and grottos, while the islands are generally more verdant compared to the mostly barren, rocky landscapes of the Aegean islands. One destination that is a paragon of the captivating beauty of the Ionian is the cosmopolitan Corfu, also combining an element of old age elegance especially at its old town. Brimming with stately manors, grandiose mansions, estate homes, aristocratic summer residences and actual palaces lived in by Princesses, old Corfu town will take you back to a time when chivalry was business as usual. Strolling through the cobblestone alleys known to the locals as ‘kantounia’ will reveal its Venetian charm corner after corner. For surrounding yourselves in elegance that is inspired by one of the most popular landmarks in Corfu, a luxury, adults-only hotel in Corfu town with amazing views of the Fortress could be just the thing. However, Corfu’s allure is of course not confined to its town by any means. Home to many blue flag beaches, for a family holiday that combines a lovely seafront resort in Corfu with all the amenities a family could ever desire, consider Agios Petros where you can soak up the sun and relax beyond measure.

Thassos: An Off-The-Beaten Track Retreat

Of course, there are those who believe that the true meaning of the holiday is to go to a place where they can completely unwind, forget about their routine and worries, where the wifi is ‘weak’ and where your senses are at their most alert. Sometimes, when visiting a place that has so much to show for, spending every waking hour out and about can be tiring both physically and mentally as you are bombarded with many visual stimulants in a short period of time. So, pace yourselves and make sure you allow for enough downtime between experiences, as to not wear yourselves down. After all, a holiday that left you feeling fatigue will not be well remembered. Unwind, unplug and log-off is the best recipe for a holiday that refuels you and rekindles your balance. If you seek a secluded retreat on a gorgeous little island that is off the beaten track that will help you to reconnect with yourselves and disconnect from the rest of the world, then Thassos island in the north Aegean might be your next holiday haven. Choose a central spot near the harbour and stay in a villa apartment in Thassos that will offer both tranquil privacy and the option of getting into town if you feel like a change of scenery. Of course, if you so wish to venture out to discover the island’s beauties, apart from a plethora of wonderful beaches, you will find the astonishing Giola rock lagoon.

Galaxy Hotel Iraklio

Andi’s Pick: Galaxy Hotel Iraklio

Galaxy Hotel Iraklio: Crete, Greece

Galaxy Hotel Iraklio

First Impression

The Galaxy Hotel Iraklio offers a sleek and sophisticated escape on the island of Crete. Whether you are visiting for business or leisure, this property promises to provide both an indulgent and relaxing experience. The luxuries are not just found in the interior design, but also its services. A friendly front desk staff ensures each and every wish is granted.

Galaxy Hotel Iraklio


Located right outside of Heraklion’s vibrant city center, and with the majority of historical sites engulfing the hotel, the contemporary venue is the ideal setting for your stay. The Galaxy Iraklio is situated on Dimokratias Avenue — one of Heraklion’s most cosmopolitan and central thoroughfares that allows for easy access to the airport, port and highways.

The Room

Since we were traveling as a family, we opted for the Family Superior Rooms. They are ideal for families, as they allow for everyone to be together thanks to an adjoining door, yet permitting privacy at the same time.

When it is time to head back to your room after a long day under the Cretan sun, you can treat yourself to quiet time in a soft bathrobe or sink into a plush king-size bed that features an incredibly comfortable Simmons mattress. The refined sophistication of these rooms guarantees a peaceful stay. With views over the city or the sapphire blue swimming pool, you can further customize your comfort levels by choosing the type of pillow you want.

The Bathroom

The ensuite bathrooms are informal, but elegant. You will find deluxe natural Sampar products for use as well.

You will also be able to choose between whether you take a bath or shower, which again is extremely helpful when traveling with children.

Galaxy Hotel Iraklio

The Extras

From the dazzling pool to the delectable restaurants to the state-of-the-art Wellness Club, this island retreat embodies laid-back chic at its best. The Galaxy Hotel Iraklio has the largest freshwater swimming pool in Heraklion and is a liquid oasis for every guest to indulge in.

Galaxy Hotel Iraklio
Galaxy Hotel Iraklio

Why It Is Andi’s Pick

In my nearly two decades of traveling around the world, I have yet to experience a property that has allergy-free rooms. I was utterly impressed when I learned about the hotel’s innovative “Pure Wellness Rooms”. The concept of these rooms has its fundamentals in the desire to satisfy even the most demanding of guests. Sleeping in a Pure Wellness Room recharges you, inside out, as you will be immersed in a pristine environment, get an even more restful sleep, and experience easier breathing than ever before. Using a special natural surface and air treatment, the rooms are purified, removing up to 99% of surface and airborne allergens, germs, bacteria, odors, dust, and microorganisms.

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Moving Abroad: How To Take The Stress Out Of Your Move And Enjoy The Experience

Relocating to a new country is often stressful and challenging, but with the right preparation it does not have to be. 

There are many ways you can prepare yourself for a move abroad, but as someone who has done it, I have some tips that could help you to keep calm and enjoy yourself. 

Research Everything You Will Need

Depending on where the country you move to you and your family may need to obtain visas, vaccinations, or other documentation. Visit the website of the country you are moving to and check what you will need, then make sure you have it ready so that you are completely prepared before you even start the process of moving abroad. 

Keep Everything Important Together

Once you have all the paperwork you need, it is important that you keep it safe so it does not get lost during your move, and so that you can easily access anything you need. Get a document walle to keep everything safe and accessible so that you are not stressed out and have everything to hand throughout your move. 

Use Lists To Stay Organized 

There is a lot to sort out when you are moving your entire life abroad, so it is important that you know exactly what you have to do and keep track of the moving process. Lists are a great way to stay on track and manage your time profitably, so that you do not get too harassed, even when you have a lot to do. If you are prone to losing bits of paper, then use an app on your phone or an online list to keep track and make sure you don’t forget anything. 

Find Somewhere To Stay

House hunting is never easy and it is even harder when you are moving to a foreign country. If you are buying a house in the country you are moving to then make sure that you take the time to understand what you will need and the house buying process, so that you do not make a costly mistake. For renters it is important that you take the time to find the property that suits your needs and has a supportive landlord, so that you will enjoy your time in your new home without the added stress of dealing with a difficult property owner. 

Work With A Professional Moving Company

Packing and moving all of your belongings and furniture is a big task, particularly if you have a family and lots of items to take with you to your new home. To help you, hire a professional firm who can provide you with a complete service and make the process of moving your possessions as smooth as possible. One example can be seen through Phillips International Moving Company who are international movers with ample experience in moving people to the US, UK, Europe, and beyond. They are affiliated with United Van Lines and can provide whatever packing and shipping options you require. 

Keep Everyone Occupied

Moving home can be hard on kids, pets and those who are not completely immersed in the process, so give everyone a task to do, no matter how simple. For little ones it could be putting toys into boxes or selecting items to take and those that are to be gotten rid of prior to your move. Pets should be given a toy to distract them, so that they do not get under your feet while you are busy. By keeping everyone busy you can carry on with the process of getting everything ready for your move safe in the knowledge that they are happy and won’t make mischief when you are not looking.  

Learn The Lingo

Moving abroad is even more stressful if you do not understand what people are saying to you, so before you go you should try to learn a few basic phrases that will help you to make the process easier. There are certain words and phrases that will help you to get what you want and make the process of settling in less stressful and daunting. 

Make The Journey As Smooth As Possible

When you’ve done all this hard work, the journey to your new home country should be the least of your worries, but any overseas trip can be tough, particularly with a family in tow. A few simple preparations and changes could make your trip a lot easier, so take the time before your flight to make sure everyone is comfortable and happy so that you start your new life in a new country on a positive note. 

Stay Calm

In any home relocation there will be challenges and last-minute changes, so it is important that you stay calm and try not to stress too much throughout the process. Take care of yourself and be sure that you get enough sleep, drink enough water, and eat nourishing foods, so that you are as prepared as possible for whatever life throws at you during your move to a new country.

Follow these tips to enjoy a pleasant experience that will allow you to settle into your new home and enjoy the experience of finding out more about the culture you will be immersed in over the coming months. 


What To Know About Planning A Trip To The Ozarks

The Ozarks are a unique part of America, and the area does often draw visitors. In particular, the theaters and shows of Branson are popular among tourists, but there is more to the Ozarks than Branson alone. 

The Ozarks is a term that refers to the Ozark Mountains. This area stretches from the southern part of Missouri to the northern area of Arkansas, and bits of the Ozarks even spread into Illinois, Oklahoma, and Kansas. 

The forested Ozark region covers around 47,000 square miles, and on the Missouri side, it is quiet and charming. The Arkansas side has actually seen a fair amount of development. 

The following are some of the places to go and things to know about a trip to the Ozarks.


Visiting Branson

It would be tough to mention Ozarks travel without talking about Branson.

Branson is a destination that is known for its many theaters, boasting more seats than Broadway in all. Many of the Branson shows and theaters feature country, bluegrass, and gospel music performances. There are also dinner theater shows like Dolly Parton’s Stampede. 

Branson has golf courses, outdoor recreation, amusement parks, and other options that are good for travelers of all ages. 

Table Rock Lake

There are numerous lakes in the Ozarks and one of the most popular is Table Rock Lake. Table Rock Lake has 800 miles of shoreline and there are several large-scale resorts in the area. There are beaches like Campbell Point and Moonshine Beach, and if you go to Branson Shores Resort, you can get your own private swimming area if you book one of their spacious five-bedroom villas. 

Scuba diving is a popular thing to do in Table Rock Lake, and you can take lessons if you head to White River Dive Company or State Park Marina. 

Camping surrounding Table Rock Lake is available at the Old Highway 86 Campground or Table Rock State Park. 


Bentonville, Arkansas, might not have been on your travel radar previously, but perhaps it should be. Bentonville is an Ozark town that for many years was known mostly as being the hub of Walmart. 

However, there has been substantial economic activity and quite a boom in recent years that has also made it a unique place to visit. 

For example, Walmart heiress Alice Walton funded the Crystal Bridges Museum of Art. The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art was designed by architect Moshe Safdie, and the building itself is stunning, set in a 120-acre Ozark forest. 

The permanent collection includes pieces from American artists like Norman Rockwell and Andy Warhol. 

If you are looking for a trendy, boutique hotel experience, there are options like the 21c Museum Hotel Bentonville. This hotel has its own art collection, and an onsite restaurant that pays homage to the Ozarks called the Hive. Another dining hotspot is the Preacher’s Son. 

Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs is a small, charming town in Northwest Arkansas. It has only around 2,000 residents, but more than 750,000 visitors each year. The entire downtown is on the National Register of Historic Places and the Victorian buildings house restaurants, shops, and more. 

If you want to get a full picture of the town’s charm and beauty, you can take a 90-minute tram tour. 

The Crescent Hotel is often called the most haunted hotel in America and it is a luxurious mountain-top resort and spa with boutique hotel rooms. There are Victorian gardens surrounding the historic property and the hotel has been featured on a number of paranormal shows. 

There is also the Basin Park Hotel, which is downtown and is often also called a haunted hotel. 

Big Cedar Lodge

A destination in and of itself is Big Cedar Lodge. It is located on the shores of Table Rock Lake and is a family-friendly resort featuring two full-service marinas, four golf courses, restaurants, and accommodations. 

The resort is located on 800 acres of Ozark Mountain preserve and the project was the brainchild of Johnny Morris, founder of Bass Pro Shops. 

Many of the rooms in the main lodge have jetted tubs and gas fireplaces, and there are also cabins available with private decks, grills, and stacked stone fireplaces. 

There is a wine cellar on the property, a natural history museum, and a floating golf course that was designed by Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, and Tom Watson. 

There is a lot to see and do in the Ozarks, ranging from the bright lights of Branson to the natural beauty of Table Rock Lake, making it an excellent family-friendly travel destination.