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The Importance Of Life Insurance For Moms

As a mom, it is only natural to worry about what the future may hold for you and your family. 

The thought of your children losing their mom is an unbearable one and one that most of us do not want to think about. 

It is important to have a plan for if the worst were to happen to ensure the future of your family. As a single mom, it is even more important to make sure your children will be protected in a worst-case scenario.

 Life insurance helps you to protect your children when you’re no longer around to do so. 

While there is not much that can help to fill the emotional void of losing a parent, your pay out will be able to relieve any financial stress that comes along with it. What is shocking is that 61% of moms do not have life insurance. 

Award-winning UK life insurance broker, Reassured, are here to discuss the importance of life insurance for moms.

Types Of Life Insurance For Moms

There are many different life insurance options available and you can take out any cover that you see best to take care of your loved ones. However, moms most commonly take out the following types of cover:

Level Term Life Insurance

With level term life insurance, your pay out remains the same throughout the lifetime of your policy. This means that no matter when you pass away, your loved ones will receive the same amount that was agreed when you took your policy out.

Your cover will protect you for a set amount of time (the term), this can be up to 40 years. If you do not pass away before the end of your policy, it simply expires and no pay out is made.

Your lump sum pay out can be used for covering living expenses, funeral costs or leaving as inheritance for your beneficiaries.

Decreasing Term Life Insurance

Like with level term cover, your policy will cover you for a set amount of time (up to 40 years). However, the amount paid out will reduce over the course of your policy. 

This is a good type of cover for repaying debt that decreases over time, such as a mortgage.

If you do not pass away during the term, no pay out is made and your policy expires.

Family Income Benefit (FIB)

Again, with a family income benefit (also known as family income protection) you will pay a monthly premium that will cover you for a specific amount of time.

The difference is that instead of receiving a lump sum pay out upon passing away, your beneficiaries will receive a monthly (tax-free) income. These payments will run from the date of death until the end of the policy (arranged by the policy holder).

These monthly payments can be used to cover the day-to-day living expenses of your family.

How Much Cover Should A Mom Take Out?

The amount of cover that you need to take out will depend on your own personal circumstances and will all come down to what you want to protect.

You can take out more than one type of cover if you believe this to be the best for your family.

For example, you could take out decreasing term cover to help pay off your mortgage and also a family income benefit to give your family monthly payments to cover the cost of their living.

And How Long For?

This can usually be worked out by two factors.  

  1. How long you have left to pay off your mortgage
  2. The age of your children 

 If you are taking out cover to pay off your mortgage, the time period of your policy will need to mirror the length of your mortgage repayments.

If you are taking out cover to secure the financial stability of your children, you will need the time period to match up with when they will be financially stable and able to take care of themselves.

To put this into perspective the cost of raising a child in the UK, over 21 years, is £231,713. If you have very young children, it may be an idea to choose a figure close to this as your sum assured (the amount that will be paid out upon your death).

If you think your children are likely to go to university you will also need to consider this as it will increase the time it will take for them to become financially independent.

Why Is Life Insurance Important For Moms?

Whether you are a working mom or a stay at home mom, life insurance is an essential.

If you are a working mom you will need protection in place to cover the loss of your income, to ensure that your family can continue to live a comfortable life.

If you are a stay at home mom you will need cover to take care of any extra childcare expenses that will arise as a result of you passing away.

Without a pay out your family could end up in financial difficulty, struggling to cover day to day living costs and bills (let alone the cost of your funeral).

Life insurance provides security that your family’s lifestyle will be able to be maintained after your passing. You can ensure that they can stay in the family home and they will not struggle financially.

Life Insurance For Single Moms

Life insurance for single moms is even more important, not only will your child be losing a parent, but also the sole breadwinner of the family. This means that your child will be left with minimal or no financial support.

Only 42% of single parents have a life insurance policy in place to protect their children, this is because most single mothers are getting by on a single salary and think they cannot afford to take out life insurance.

But life insurance does not have to be expensive and you can secure a cost-effective price by shopping around to find the best deal. You can do this quickly and easily by using a life insurance broker, such as Reassured.

Reassured have helped to secure the lives of over 400,00 families, they are also FCA regulated and their broker service is complete free to use.

As you can see from this post life insurance is an incredibly worthwhile investment, not just for yourself, but for your family and their future. Hopefully, this post has given you some ideas about what cover is the best choice for you and your family.  


Four Essentials To Plan A Simple Birthday Party For Your Child At Home

Birthdays are very special, because it is the day you were born, and it only takes place once a year. Celebrating a child’s Birthday is significant, since it helps parents to demonstrate their love for the child. It also helps the child realize that he will be provided love and support from his parents; they also help to boost a child’s self-esteem. Let us take a look at what you need to do in order to have a simple birthday party for your child at home:


1. Plastic Utensils

Depending upon your guest list, there could be many people invited to a birthday party, and so, if you decide to take out your glass dishes and steel utensils, you would need to wash all the dishes yourself. Despite having a dishwasher, this job can be tough. The best way to avoid such a problem would be to use plastic cutlery. These are perfect for any party event because there is no washing involved. You simply throw them away and they are quite affordable too. This will also help you with your post-party clean-up which will save time and keep that sink clean.

2. Decorate

The decoration is what will make the party stand out as a ‘party’ and not something else. In order to nail the decoration, you need to follow specific tips. The first thing you would need to do is pick a theme. This theme should remain constant and every decoration item should complement this theme, including the cake, cupcakes, plastic cutlery, goody bags, and the invitation cards. Next, find a decent place to hang a ‘Happy Birthday’ sign and go crazy with the festive streamers. Last, do not forget the balloons; no birthday party is anything without balloons.

3. Birthday Cake And Food

The crux of every Birthday party is the cake and food. A great way to select the perfect Birthday cake is to match it with the party decoration. This helps to keep the central theme in place. Next, you should ensure that the flavor is what the Birthday boy/girl love. It would not be fun to eat a vanilla cake when you do not like vanilla, now would it? Since the party would be organized at home, decide on what the menu should have. You can even opt for a cheesecake or ice cream cake. We suggest your order pizza as the main course and make simple appetizers like fruits on skewers at home. 

4. Make Invitations

What is a party without guests? Before you go crazy with writing out invitations to people, you should make a guest list. You should make sure that your close family is invited and your child’s classmates. Once the file has been compiled, buy invitation cards that match the theme of the birthday party and send them over to your guests. One crucial aspect you should not ignore when making the invitation is to select a decent fate and time for the party so that all your guests can make it on time with ease. 

Reading Child

Juggling Work And Childcare

One of the toughest things about being a working parent is the strain of juggling your work and childcare. It is tough enough going back to work, but trying to make your routine work can often lead to frustration, as well as being expensive. 

Through all the chaos this can bring, it s important to remember that people make this work every day, and you can too. It can take time for a routine to fall into place, but you will get there eventually.

Take a look at these great tips for juggling work and childcare:

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Adjust Your Working Hours

One of the first things you can try to help make work and childcare more manageable is to adjust your working hours. You could go part-time, ask for condensed working hours, or even adjust your shifts to make sure you can make the school run. Asking for flexible working arrangements is becoming more popular, and can be a simple way of balancing both aspects of your life. Discuss with your employer, then consider the other options you have to make this work.

Create A Family Schedule

A family schedule can be a game-changer. It can help everyone be where they are supposed to be and on time. Creating a weekly schedule that helps you account for parent-teacher conferences, soccer games, and anything else that comes up can help you split the work between you and your partner. An online family schedule can be even better to give you those much-needed reminders throughout the day. Even the most organized of families can fail from time to time, so do not let it get to you if things occasionally slip, you can only do your best!

Make The Most Of Before And After School Programs

Before and after school programs are ideal for helping you to manage your childcare around work. This gives you the chance to be there for the drop-off and pick-up and gives your children some fun activities they can do outside of school. While after school programs can cost money, they can be more affordable than a babysitter, and means you do not have to cut down your working hours or miss crucial meetings to be there for pick-up.

Have An Emergency Contacts List

Some things can happen out of the blue and it is difficult to be prepared for that. To help you out in case of an emergency, have a list of people you can contact. Whether it is a friend, a relative or another parent at the school, it can put you at ease to know there is someone you can call to help out when you need to be in two places at once.

Juggling work and childcare is one of the many difficult things you could face after having a baby. Going back to work after maternity leave is daunting enough, without worrying how you are going to make it all work. Finding a routine and becoming more organized will help you manage, and things will soon fall into place. Life can be unpredictable and sometimes full of chaos, but is not that part of the fun?


Checks You May Need To Do Before Selling Up

If you are looking to sell your property, there are two things you will want; the first will be to get the best price you can for the property, and the second will be for the sale of the property to go as smoothly as possible.

When it comes to selling up, there are some things you should be looking at that can make your sale go as easy as possible. While you may believe it is just as easy as placing the property on the market and waiting for the sale, there is, in fact, far more to a sale than that.

Why Selling Can Be A Complicated Process

While the buying and selling flip market still seems to be popular among investors, many people who take their house to a realtor often find that the process is far more complicated and drawn out than they originally thought.

The trouble is that nowadays, people will often make changes to their homes without realizing that sometimes, the smallest changes and issues can present vast complications further down the line.

The Inside Of The Property

As we briefly mentioned earlier, there are two things that you will want when it comes to selling your property.

In this section, we are going to be concentrating on making the process as easy as possible. Out of the things you should be looking at, we will pay the most attention to the two things in the home that tend to be done under the eye of the owner, and when we undertake them ourselves, we can find that they cause huge problems during the selling process.

We are, of course, taking a look at gas and electricity. Believe it or not, while it is widely known that these two things should never be done by anybody unqualified, many people would rather undertake the tasks themselves then pay out for safety purposes.

The main issue with this is, any work that has been completed will need a completion certificate, and if you do not have one at the point of sale, it can either delay or cancel the sale completely.

The Outside

While the main levels of importance are placed on the inside, the outside can be just as important. The outside of the property, of course, is always open to the elements, and the elements can cause structural damage that you will need to keep an eye on.

In fact, there is a lot you will need to keep an eye on. You should be checking if there is any need for slab leak repair, outdoor electrical maintenance, and even basic checks for external rot.

The things mentioned in the post are extremely basic, but it is often the case that the simplest of things can place what should be a simple transaction in danger. By taking note of these, you may discover other things that need checking along the way. So hopefully, this post can save you both time and money when it comes to selling your home.

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