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Style, Is A Complex Personal Journey Only You Can Take

May 28, 2020
Fashion is not style and you should never mix up the two. So what is the difference? Fashion in the world of the late great Oscar Wilde is ‘...so ugly that we have to change it with every season’. In other words, fashion is quite rotational, it goes in and...

Best Discounts On The Internet To Help You Get Your Desired Brands

May 20, 2020
Even in quarantine, we need to update our wardrobes. While we cannot wear our stunning outfits to go outside anytime soon, it is still fun to be able to purchase a few items, even if it is just to try them on and take some pictures to post on Instagram....

Protect Your Hair With Simple Washing Tips During Quarantine

May 1, 2020
Covid-19 is affecting everyone's life. Social Distancing, isolation, and quarantine are the ways to protect yourself from this deadly pandemic. So, in this situation, like every business, Hair Salons are also closed for the safety of their employees and the clients. And, you know you cannot go to your favorite Hair Salon for your hair...

The Curvy Girl’s Guide To Plus Size Summer Fashion

Plus Size Fashion
May 1, 2020
There is no such thing as a “Summer body.” No matter your shape or size, you have a body. Period. It is just as deserving of enjoying Summer as much as Winter, and with the same amount of comfort and pride as anyone else. This line of thought may spark the...

How To Get That Sassy Look You Have Always Wanted

Sassy Look
April 16, 2020
Looking stylish is actually quite easy. But looking fashionable AND sassy -- well, that is a whole different ball game.  Sassiness is all about being a bit edgy and showing some personality in what you wear. But marrying that with good style sense is a challenge. You want to bring...